The New Brawler Upgrade System Explained (By Bobby)

The New Brawler Upgrade System Explained (By Bobby)

The December Update in Brawl Stars brought many new features to the game and a complete overhaul of many aspects of gameplay. With the update came not only a step towards global and Android release but revamped brawler upgrade and trophy ranking systems.

Brawler Upgrade System

Before the update, each Brawler had 3 upgrade paths (Attack, Health, Super) and 5 upgrade tiers on each path. These upgrades were bought with increasing amounts of Elixir, which could be pulled from Boxes.

Now, there are still the same 3 paths of upgrades, but with 6 tiers per upgrade. The tiers are grouped into 3 levels, Pins, Badges, and Medals. The 9 Pins are the first 3 tiers of each upgrade path, the 6 Badges are the 4th and 5th tiers of each path, and the 3 Medals are the 6th and last tier upgrades on each path.

Instead of costing Elixir, upgrades now cost Tokens. These can be pulled from Brawl Boxes, dropping in groups of as little as 15 and as much as 150. Pins cost 20 tokens each, Badges cost 50 tokens each, and Medals cost 120 tokens each.

Also, in addition to the main upgrades there are Crests, 3 for each Brawler. Each Brawler has an Attack Crest, Health Crest, and Super Crest; these give a huge boost to the specific category they are for.

Each Crest costs 300 tokens to buy, and they are unlocked progressively as the Pins/Badges/Medals are bought. The first Crest, which may be any of the three, unlocks after all 9 Pins are collected; the second Crest unlocks after the 6 Badges have been collected; and the final Crest is unlocked when you collect all 3 Medals.

After all Crests are bought, each Brawler unlocks a Star Power, which is a special passive ability that they will gain that provides a unique edge in battle. Buying the Star Power costs 720 coins and will make a huge difference in the Brawler’s play-style and your experience with it.

(We’ve also posted a 2-part guide on how to use the Star Powers, so check that out too.)

Before the update, Brawlers’ upgrade level was measured by a number in a pink circle, from 1 to 15, representing how many upgrades they bought. Now, that is represented by Power, which goes from 0 (no upgrades) to 50 (all upgrades).

Pins provide 1 Power each, Badges provide 2 Power each, Medals provide 3 Power each, Crests provide 4 Power each, and the Star Power is 8 Power to complete the 50. If a Brawler is maxed out, a small holographic Brawl Star will display in the circle underneath their Brawler in battle.

In the picture above, you can see the 3 columns of Pins, Badges, and Medals down the center. The purple column on the right is the Crests; I have one Crest, unlocked from getting all the Pins, and I need two more. On the top right corner is the Power that Crow currently has, which is 19. The yellow icon at the top of the purple column is the Star Power, and that can be purchased with 1000 Tokens after all Crests are bought.

Another great feature of the update is that Pins, Badges, Medals, Crests (if unlocked), and even the Star Power (if unlocked) can all drop from Brawl Boxes! The highest Token drop is 150, but a Crest drop is effectively 300 tokens, double that; and a Star Power drop is 1000 tokens, which is just under 7 times the best token pull!

Bonus: The New Trophy Ranking System

Now, with the new Trophy system, you will get bonuses for reaching certain Trophy milestones, or “Ranks” (for example, at 2000 trophies you get 100 coins, at 2250 trophies you get 100 coins, etc.) This motivates people to get more trophies and trophy push so they can get free rewards.

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