The Reason Behind Getting Spawn Killed(For Players Under 500 Cups)

The Reason Behind Getting Spawn Killed(For Players Under 500 Cups)

Hi, I’m TrainerJJYT and in this post, I will be talking about spawn kills and how to avoid them. Spawn kills are when you die almost right after you get spawned back on the map. This personally happened to me various times, and I’ve finally figured out a detailed answer to this problem. Stay tuned to know why.

Spawn Kills…

Spawn Kills often happen in two different situations. One, you run into the center of the map without any support(unless you use Mortis), and two, multiple opponents aim at you towards the end of the match. We’ll be looking at both and see how to avoid those situations.

1. You Run Into the Center of the Map.

Multiple times players will go straight towards the center, letting the opponents predict their shots on you. What you need to do, is that you have to either wait for them to use some of their ammo and then go in or choose a different route. Maybe you want to go to the sides and sneak up on someone. Either way is very effective and I recommend using these techniques.

2.Multiple Opponents Aim at You.

There could be times when players will aim at you as soon as your shield disappears after spawning. As you can probably tell, this can’t happen when you start the game, because there is no way your opponents could make it to your base that quickly. To prevent this, there are multiple ways to avoid this. You can establish a solid position for map control. More description is available

More description is available in This Link. You can play more offensively if you feel like your team is being pushed towards your base. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to be careful about how you will push back. If you play too offensively, you are risking a death, which your opponents are going to see this as an opportunity to push even more. This is a highly risky

This is a highly risky move and I don’t recommend it. Another way is that when they (the opponents team) are already at your base, and you and your team is trapped, you have to go run to the sides. After doing that, based on your brawler’s abilities, you have to make a decision. Are you going to try to snipe them from an angle? Are you going to try and sneak up on them with a tanky brawler? Your decision might heavily affect the game and it might even lead you to victory. Choose well.

Entering the Map

In the game, there are many maps that players can play on, different in every game mode. Some of them are easy to get spawn killed because of the way they are made. Let’s look at some of them.

This map is called the Crystal Cavern and it is a Smash & Grab map. As you can see, there are 4 main blocks of stones and bush surrounding the gem mine, which means that there are 4 ways you can enter the center of the map.

It is easy to get spawn killed because if you charge into the south entrance, your opponents will most likely spam at your direction, which will automatically eliminate you. What you have to do is either go around and use the other entrances or go slower than your other teammates. This aquires to any maps with multiple entrances.

This is a map called Shooting Star and it is a bounty map. As you can see, there is one shared entrance for both opponents and you and your teammates. It would be a very bad idea to try to go through the middle entrance because most opponents will aim at you. You need to go around or stay behind.


Spawn kills don’t happen that often but when they do, they can be very annoying, especially if it is a repeated spawn kill. This was a short article but hopefully, it was helpful for some of you and remember to Brawl away!!

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