BountyTier List

Some of the best Brawlers in Bounty definitely fall to Brock and Pam. Brock all around has good damage output and close up range whereas Pam works well for damage, support, healer, etc. whatever you wanna use her as she's good for it in this mode.

Tier List Overview

We’ve got Brock going from the S tier replacing Mortis as the golden S tier brawler for Bounty. This is partly due to the fact that Mortis received a nerf and that other assassin type of brawlers are no longer as prevalent as they were and it’s also partly due to the fact that Brock is just an incredible brawler for Bounty.

Pam is moving up from the A tier up into the S tier. She is versatile as a long-range brawler, as a tank, as a Support healer, as a shield to protect teammates. I mean she is so great in long-range comps, in aggressive comps, Pam is just OP.

We also have Piper moving from the A tier up into the S tier. She has returned to Bounty and a lot of this is really just due to the fact that these more aggressive assassin brawlers have become less prevalent and they were really good counters against Piper and so she’s definitely sitting high as the queen of bounty.

Penny’s also moving from the A tier up into the S tier. Penny prevents enemy camping forcing players to come out from hiding behind walls and since she has respectable range, she definitely deserves that S tier position.

We also have Mortis moving from the S tier position down to the A tier. Like I mentioned his nerf made him much less prevalent. It’s a lot more difficult for you to maintain aggression like he used to have in Bounty.

Darryl is also moving from the S Tier to the A Tier. The fact that his super charges much slower means that he has fewer opportunities to use it and get up close to counter those long-range brawlers.

Leon is also moving from the S Tier to the A tier. These poor assassin brawlers got hit hard. His damage nerfs made it a little bit more difficult for him to really feel at a distance which makes it all so difficult for him to charge up his super over a long period of time and he’s just not nearly as strong as he used to be.

Poco’s moving from the A tear down into the B tier. Bounty has shifted from an aggressive meta where Poco thrived and being able to support his tankier teammates to a meta where Poco doesn’t really have as much of an option. He’s still good if you have the right team comp, but he’s not great.

Being removed from the competitive tier list we have Spike. Moving from the B tier to the non-ranks tier, Spike just lacks the HP and the consistent damage output from a distance to thrive well in Bounty and he’s just not as good as we thought that he was.

Credit: Kairos