Brawl BallTier List

Brawl Ball is a mode where Spike is exceptionally useful from the range he has and his super making it very easy to push the enemy team. Darryl has gotten a bit less useful due to his super not being able to be used as much and falling victim to the more control types such as Tara.

Tier List Overview

We got Spike from the S tier replacing Darryl as the golden S tier brawler for brawl ball. First of all, Darryl’s not quite as good in brawl ball as he used to be due to his nerf.

But second of all, Spike is just so incredibly dominating across all brawl ball maps. His range DPS, the fact that his super creates great opportunities for your team to actually make a push makes him a solid option in brawl ball.

Darryl’s going from the golden S tier position down into the A tier. The fact that his super got nerfed means that he’s going to be able to use it less frequently. And while he still is an incredibly strong a brawler for brawl ball he’s not nearly the powerhouse that he used to be. Especially because he really struggles against some of the more control type comps like Tara.

We also have Poco moving from the A tier down into B tier. The fact that some of these more aggressive brawlers have been nerfed means that Poco is just less impactful. He definitely requires a more specific comp which justifies moving him down into the B tier.

Shelly’s also moving from the A tier down into the B tier. Most of this is actually due to the fact that Darryl got a nerf and is no longer the prevalent powerhouse that he used to be. Shelly acted as a really strong counter against Darryl and with less Darryl’s being played in Brawl ball there’s less of a need to play Shelly.

Gean is being added into the B tier for brawl ball. Gene is kind of like a lesser version of Tara, he does less DPS but he can pull one brawler away from a specific location from a very long range away and he can also use them to break walls. But most of the time you’re better off going with Tara.

Credit: Kairos