HeistTier List

Heist is best suited for the close-range damaging characters or any with good damage output. Bull is a great example for the close range damage but Barley works well too for the range he has plus his damage.

Tier List Overview

Starting off we have Bull actually taking Darryl’s position as the golden S tier brawler for Heist. Both Darryl and bolt are really fantastic options in Heist.

The one thing is that Darryl recently got a nerf and that means he’s not able to super in on the safe as frequently as he used to be able to and Bull has just so much more of a threat. He has more DPS, he has more health, He’s an absolute beast in Heist and definitely deserves that golden S tier position.

Barley’s also moving from the A tier up into the S tier. Throwers have always been really powerful in Heist it’s due to their control that they offer and also the fact that they can actually build damage while hiding behind the safe and from walls as well.

A buff is just what Barley needed to move it from the A tier up into the S tier.

Brock Is also moving from the A tier up into the S tier. Brock represents the most dominant ranged threat in Heist.

He can deal massive amounts of damage with his regular attack and once he turns up his super he can deal tons of damage to enemy brawlers and the Heist safe at the same time.

Colt is moving from the S tier down into the A tier. He’s simply just overshadowed by Brock he has less range, It’s more difficult to for him to land his shots and quite frankly He’s just not as cool as Brock.

Jessie is moving from the B tier up into the A tier.  She’s definitely one of those brawlers that have been considered underrated in previous meta’s and now more and more people are recognizing how strong she actually can be.

When going on the offense or going on the defense the fact that you only have to hit one brawler for her to attack to bounce off two other brawlers or possibly even the enemy safe means that she has one of the highest DPS in the game and that makes for a very strong option even if you do not have her star power. Though, that does make her an even stronger option

El Primo’s also moving from B tier up into the A tier. He’s certainly not as strong as Bull or Darryll but he’s still a great option due to the fact that he has an insanely large amount of health and the fact that you can jump onto the enemy safe which provides a great opportunity for your team as a whole to really push and take out the safe.

Spike has moved from the A tier down to the B tier. While he is still a good option the fact that we have more prevalence of throwers including Barley and Dynamike means he’s just too vulnerable because he has a difficult time dealing with them.

Poco is also moving from the A tier down into the B tier. Where he used to do really well at supporting some friendly tanks on his team and those are becoming a little bit less prevalent due to the long-range nature of Heist now and that makes him more team dependent which is definitely justifiable for the B tier.

Leon’s also moving from the A tier down to the B tier due to the fact that his DPS nerf was just enough for him to drop down against enemy tanks because he’s not able to deal with them on a close-range like he used to be able to.

Piper is also being removed from the competitive Heist tier list due to the fact that we have growers like El Primo and Darryl that are so prevalent in the meta. Piper is almost guaranteed to come within close range combat of an enemy brawler. She suffers a lot defensively when an enemy player is doing a push against her and the fact that she has such a slow reload speed just makes a very poor option overall in Heist.

Credit: Kairos