ShowdownTier List

Some of the best Brawlers in Showdown come down to high damage dealers such as Pam or Leon. The tankier Brawlers such as El Primo also hold their own because of their high health.

Tier List Overview

Starting off, we have Bull moving from the S tier down into the A tier. He’s just not dominant on all of the maps like he has been in the past and he is definitely not a favorable option to team with and if you’re playing competitive Showdown that means that he will be targeted very frequently by teamers.

Rico is moving from the B tier up into the A tier. He’s got sufficient DPS and potential to poker and corners that do allow him to do well on the right map with the right skill.

Barley is also moving from the B tier up into the A tier. This is simply due to the fact that he’s getting increased damage that allows him to more easily deal with the threats of a solo showdown.

Gene is also being moved up into the A tier. The fact that Gene has a longer range attack means that he’s able to deal with threats from afar.

On top of that, he can also use his super to pull brawlers up close to him for a very quick and easy kill regardless of walls.

We also have Shelley moving from the A tier down into the B tier. A lot of this is due to the fact that a lot of the more aggressive brawlers have become less of a viable option and that means that they need to be countered less frequently.

And so she’s just less useful in a solo showdown and no one is gonna team with the Shelly. Piper was removed from the B tier list and is moving into the non-ranked category because she’s just not competitive.

A lot of this is due to the fact that she’s just too vulnerable to close up brawlers and the fact that the stop the spin initiative is helping a little bit people are backstabbing a little bit more. That means that she does tend to struggle a little bit when she does a team with people.

One thing to note with Piper is that although she is not competitive on regular showdown if she is on meteor shower or if she’s on energy drink then she can be a competitive option.

The same is also true with Poco for energy drink.

Credit: Kairos