SiegeTier List

Bull and Pam are two of the best Brawlers for Siege. Pam mostly due to her versatility and how much she can do making her the top Brawler for Siege. Whereas Bull is the best at pushing enemies back and keeping pressure on the enemy team with his damage.

Tier List Overview

Starting off, we have a Pam actually taking Jessie’s spot as the golden as tier Brawler. Now there was a lot of debate between the pros regarding which Brawler should have that number one position for Siege and it was really close.

Ultimately, we decided to go with Pam over Jessie because of the prevalence of throwers that do such a good job at countering Jessie’s turret. We also decided to move Bull from the A tier up into the S tier.

Bull is able to completely position brawlers and keep them pushed back without even having to fire a shot because he just cannot get up close to him. He has the greatest diving potential out of all of the brawlers being able to go until 31% damage to an enemy Ike turret by himself and his high damage against the enemy bots makes him a very strong option.

We’re also moving Brock from the B tier up into the A tier. a lot of this is due to the fact that Brock can actually outrange the Ike turret and while he isn’t dominant on all of the maps he does have that unique ability to reshape the map into an arranged playground.

Therefore allowing him to be a solid option. We also decided to move Gene from the non-competitive tier up into the B tier.

Gene really struggles with having a really low DPS but we did discover that he does have at least some viability in being able to actually pull enemy brawlers into his turret area so that they get taken out as well as he can actually remove the robot from close up to the ike turret to the outer perimeter of the ike’s range which means that the ike will then quickly target other enemy brawlers.

He has really low DPS but if you’re playing him with a really good team comp of other players that are also in the S tier then he does serve somewhat of a purpose.

After a lot of discussions, we also decided to move Mortis up into the B tier. It really comes down to the fact that has really high mobility and being able to pick up those bolts but he lacks in almost every other area of Siege.

So he does require two teammates on his team to really beat high DPS brawlers that are also able to control the center and if you have that then Mortis can be a very solid option.