Team ShowdownTier List

Team Showdown is best used with a good mixture of high damage characters and some of the best range characters. Being able to do high damage from up close like Pam but also get the range with characters like Gene and Bo.

Tier List Overview

We’ve got Barley moving from the A tier up into the S tier. In solo showdown Barley struggles against those aggressive type brawlers but with a teammate in duo showdown he’s able to overcome those aggressive brawlers much easier.

His recent buff the fact that he’s able to deal damage to brawlers from a long distance away is what makes him such an incredible option.

Also moving from the A tier up into the S tier is Crow. The fact that his poison helps to prevent healing deters enemies and also helps to protect against crucial susceptibility to pinching from enemy teams.

His recent buff wasn’t super strong but it was just enough to justify bringing him up into the S tier.

Moving from the B tier up into the A tier we have Rico due to his great damage output and range which does make him very versatile on many maps.

We also have Bull moving from the B tier up into the A tier due to the fact he’s able to zone enemies out of grass and away from boxes. He can also establish an area for his teammates who have longer range than him to operate optimally.

Gene is being added into the A tier. His super provides a lethal opportunity to isolate one enemy and force a 2v1 situation which is what Gean is the best at.

Credit: Kairos