(Top 10) Tips to Earn More Trophies

(Top 10) Tips to Earn More Trophies

This is a guest post written by: The Brawling Bro

Howdy Brawlers!  I know that all of us have one pretty important priority as bandits playing the game.  We want to increase our trophies to show our friends, band, and enemies who’s boss! Sometimes though, it is not always easy to constantly be climbing up the ladder of success. I will teach you how to limit the amount of trophies you lose and how to recover even if it does happen. This article will be about how you can earn more trophies as a player in the game.  

1) Play With Skilled Players!

In Brawl Stars, having a reliable and strong team that can work together is incredibly important.  Winning is a difficult task when you are the one that has to carry your team to victory every time; sometimes the players you get paired up with are not the most desirable.  This is why I recommend playing with your friends in person or by video chatting with them; if your friends aren’t available or don’t play the game (Please convince them to play) then you can create or join a game room in your band.  This way you are playing with a set of players that you can build a relationship with will probably take the game as seriously as you, and you can strategize together.

2) Be An Unselfish Brawler!

When you are playing Brawl Stars treat winning as the most important priority.  It doesn’t matter who got the most kills, who got the most crystals, or who destroyed the safe the most.  What matters most is that everyone does their part to help their team win and the team’s success is the most important thing.  In Smash and Grab, maybe you should let your team get the crystals if you have lower health.  In Bounty, maybe you should defend your teammates if they have a lot of stars.  In Heist, maybe you should wait for your teammates to come near you so that you can charge in the enemy’s base together.

3) Go With Your Gut!

If you lose trophies a couple of times it’s no big deal, but when you start to lose a lot more than that there is a bit of a worry.  You should not gamble and try to “win back” whatever you lost because most likely what you are doing now is not working.  Sometimes it helps for me to take a break for a little bit or maybe if you are playing in a team mode, different teammates could be better suited to your play.  If you think you are in a problematic brawling situation, it’s best to get out of it before it gets worse.  This happened to my Shelly and I kept on digging myself into a bigger hole.  Later on, I played some games with new teammates who were really good and I played a few games where I camped in Showdown.  I was easily able to recover the trophies that I lost.

4) Don’t Make Silly Mistakes!

Some of the time when I play Brawl Stars, I see people on my team make mistakes that cause our team to lose after we dominated the whole game.  Some mistakes I see are when my teammates are hanging around in the enemy’s base when they have 10 crystals or they are risking their life to get kills when we are winning by a small margin with five seconds left.  Making no silly mistakes and making silly mistakes are what separates the great players from the good players.

5) Don’t Show Up Expecting To Win!

Please don’t go to your first Brawl Stars battle with a new group of people and choose the brawler that you are least comfortable with.  You have no idea how great your team is so why would you pick the brawler you are the worst with right from the get go.  You should start off with a character that you are reasonably good with, and only if you start winning ask your team if you can switch.  Don’t forget to tell them you want to try this character out and they may need to help you out a bit.  This way your team will have a lower chance of losing because they know they need to cover for you; even if you do lose they won’t be as upset with you because of the element of friendship and trust that you built earlier on when you guys were winning.

6) Communicate and Work Together!

As you probably have figured out by now, Brawl Stars is a lot about teamwork.  In your game room, you can strategize ways to beat the other team, you can coordinate which characters each of you should use, and lastly you guys can crack a few jokes to ease the tension that comes with hardcore battles in Brawl Stars.  Finding a way to communicate while the actual game is happening is even better (whether it be video chat, phone call, or talking in person).  You can warn your teammates that there is a Shelly hiding behind a bush on the left side, the Mortis on the other team has all of the crystals, etc.  Communicating and working together is especially important for recovering for a couple of hard losses.  

7) Practice Against Bots!

Most players don’t enjoy doing this, but sometimes playing with bots is a great way to gain experience playing with teammates, playing with a new character, or just practicing in an already familiar situation.  If you lose the bot brawl, trophies do not get removed from your account and hopefully you learn how to win next time in a real match that counts.  It never hurts to practice!  Like in life, practice really does make perfect…well almost perfect!

8) Get Comfortable Playing With All Your Brawlers!

It’s pretty important to get as good as you can with your brawlers.  The better you are with your brawlers the more trophies you’ll earn because of all the weapons available in your arsenal.  You should not rule out any of the brawlers right away; give all of your brawlers a chance and give yourself a chance to learn how to play with them.  With each brawler comes a different play style.  It’s important you switch your play style accordingly.  For example, Piper does really well when she hangs out near her team’s base and snipes her enemies; Shelly does better when she blasts enemy’s up close.  

9) Set Goals For Yourself!

Let’s be realistic here; you’re not going to get to 2000 trophies overnight if you have 500 at the moment.  It’s going to be a grind to get to 2000.  It would be more attainable and less discouraging to try and get 30 trophies each day, and hopefully, you would reach your goal of 2000 trophies in approximately two months.

10) Contribute and Be a Part of a Positive Band!

The most important thing in Brawl Stars is having fun. When you are having fun you are enjoying the game and you tend to do better in matches; thus, you earn more trophies. Plus, when everything is going great (your teammates like you and you can work together) you will start earning more trophies. You do not want any negative talk in your band. You want a supportive environment where there is lots of room to grow.

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