(Top 10) Tips to Win Showdown with Low-Health Brawlers

(Top 10) Tips to Win Showdown with Low-Health Brawlers


Showdown is a really great way to gain trophies your brawlers, but it is also a way to lose a lot of trophies really quickly if not played properly.  For some characters with lower-health, we have a harder time winning in showdown (those brawlers include Spike, Crow, Colt, Piper, Dynamike, Brock, Ricochet, and Barley).  I will tell you some tips so you can gain trophies in showdowns with your low-health brawlers.

1. Don’t Team with Tanks!

First things first, some of you guys might not like teaming in showdown, but teaming is probably here to stay.  For the people that do team, I will give you guys some tips.  As a low-health brawler, don’t team with tanky characters like Bull, Shelly, or El Primo.  This is because those characters have a really high attack and when you guys are teaming and happen to be close together they could backstab you.  You do not want to team with characters that could put you in a bad position.  Remember, you don’t know these people in person; you’re not forming a friendship-you’re forming a temporary alliance.

2. Stay on the Outside of the Map for Most of the Game!

As a low-health brawler, you should try to stay on the outside of the map.  There are fewer people that hang out around the edges of the map and you can hang out there while you wait for other players to fight amongst themselves.  When the other players fight, there’s a good chance that some brawlers will die and you can easily make the outcome of your Showdown game much better.  If you go into the middle of the map, you can easily find yourself surrounded by brawlers and they can all shoot at you.  For example, you (a low-health brawler) go into the middle of the map and get chased by a Bull.  You escape the Bull with low health, but then a Shelly starts chasing you.  You also see a Dynamike chucking dynamites over the wall at you.  You can easily get overwhelmed and die in the middle of the map as a low-health brawler.  This is why you should stay around the edges of the map.

3. Don’t play too aggressively!

I see people who are overaggressive as a low-health brawler all the time.  Be smart; don’t try and fight off a Shelly from close range if you’re Brock. As well, don’t be overaggressive and keep on clearing out a box if you see a tank running towards you.  You should get out as soon as possible and just let the tank take the box.  It’s better if the El Primo takes the box, instead of taking your life.  You also should save your ammunition when clearing out boxes; a Shelly or Bull can suddenly appear and you have nothing to defend yourself with.  My rule is that I always have to have at least two full bars of reloads sitting on my character at a time.  If an El Primo jumps out at me, I have something to keep him at bay while I flee.

4. Charge up your Super!

Low-health brawlers are not very powerful when firing up close, but their Supers can get you out of a pinch or help you destroy another brawler.  That’s why charging up your Super is important.  A lot of the time, low-health brawlers’ Supers are useful for winning the battle when there are two brawlers left.  To charge up your Super, try and hit enemies from afar while they’re distractedly fighting another brawler or busy clearing out a box.  Sometimes you can bait a tank to chase you, and you can shoot the tank continuously while running away.  This will force the Shelly, El Primo or other enemy brawlers to retreat and it will get your Super up.

5. Have an Escape Plan!

I see low-health brawlers get cornered way too often when the poisonous clouds get brought closer to the center of the map, and it can be prevented most of the time.  As a low-health brawler, you should always have more than one path out of your hideout.  If a Shelly comes and finds you, you need more than one path to run away.  If you happen to be in an area of a map that only has one way in and out you better leave quickly before you get cornered.

6. Test the bushes!

Sometimes tanky characters could be hiding in the bushes and wait for you to come near.  This way they could attack you when you’re least expecting it.  Tanks have huge close-up damage and they can camp and prey upon low-health brawlers that come too close.  To reveal a potential threat/ predator, you should stand far away and test a bush by shooting at it.  If you hit no other players, you know the bush is safe; you can hide in it and you don’t have to worry about other players attacking you.  If you hit a tank like Bull or El Primo, make sure you keep your distance from them while you inflict damage.

7. Save your Supers!

It might be tempting to use your Super on a brawler that’s harassing you, but you should try to save your Super for when you really need it.  Maybe you need it to escape/ protect yourself when you’re about to die or you need your Super to get a really important kill.  You should also save your Super because tanks will stay away from you when they see the double-circle around your character; other players will be especially scared if your Super is really powerful (e.g. Jesse, Spike, Dynamike, etc.)

8. Camp and let others fight!

As a low-health brawler, you should try to play safe.  Remember, your number of kills or the number of power-ups you collect doesn’t equal your rank.  To do well in Showdown you have to stay alive.  If you stay alive very, very well, you should gain trophies most of the time.  Getting other brawlers to fight over the boxes while you hide in a bush on the side of the map is a great strategy.  This strategy prevents those horrific mistakes players make where they lose 50 trophies in a span of five minutes.  Losing a ton of trophies quickly happens because of risky play where you fight other brawlers early in the game.

9. Finish off the last brawler!

When I play with my low-health brawlers I find myself getting 2nd place very often, but it is possible to get 1st place.  You just have to be a bit lucky and play extremely smart.  As I said earlier, it is important that you save your Super.  You can use your Super to take out the last brawler if your Super is powerful enough.  I have another important tip that will help you in finishing off the last brawler.  When there are three brawlers left, I like to get the other two brawlers to fight while I hide in the bushes.  When they fight, one brawler will die and the other one could lose a lot of health.  You can take out the weakened brawler and claim an easy victory.

10. Experiment!

I know a lot about Brawl Stars because I am a gamer that has played for many months, but I don’t know everything.  I am sure that you can come up with better ideas than me.  I have just provided some advice using my experience to prevent you from making the common mistakes that I made.  The best tips I can give to you are: have fun with the game and try your best.  Please don’t be afraid to experiment at all. If you have any other tips for new players, feel free to drop a comment down below.  Thanks for reading!  Brawl On!

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