(Top 5) Tips For Becoming A Better Brawler (1,000 win special) – CWA

(Top 5) Tips For Becoming A Better Brawler (1,000 win special) – CWA


The guide below is a small guide explaining some tips on bettering yourself in Brawl Stars courtesy by Clash with Ash.

Top 5 Tips

The first tip we’re going to talk about is knowing the range and spread of every single Brawler in the game. Even if you don’t play some of the other Brawler’s you’re gonna wanna know what their range is going to be before you go head to head against them.

For example, a Ricochet or a Brock can out range a Colt or a Bo. That’s important to know in case you have to go against them.

And as for Spread you’re looking at Brawler’s like Shelly, Poco, and Bull who all have wide area’s of attack where they can damage multiple enemies. Brawler’s like them have less range than Ricochet or Brock but can end up hitting more enemies because of the spread.

So knowing each Brawler’s range and spread is very important for both playing them and playing against them. It’ll be a very helpful tactic for you as you progress.

The second tip is about knowing how and when to die strategically. Dying typically is not a good thing in this game but in some modes like Heist or Smash and Grab if you wanna make sure that you can protect your team mates then knowing how to be extra aggressive because you’re not a priority for the opposite team is really important.

It’s a simple concept but also fundamental in playing this game and having success with it. For example lets use the Bounty mode.

In Bounty if you end up being a 1 star while your teams are 4 or 5 stars and its close to the end of the match you wanna start playing aggressively. You’ll act as a buffer and get between the enemies and your team mates to give them more of a chance to survive while you take the heat off of them.

The third tip is Maps because maps make a huge difference when it comes to the game. Whether it’s the strategy you wanna use for your Brawler or the Brawler selection for the specific map.

For example, maps with a lot of grass you want to use Brawler’s like Crow who has a DoT to really make the most of it. Or like Jessie and Nina who can summon a turret or Nina’s bear to help you identify where your opponent is.

Also Bull is really good because of his high HP and his spread shot making it easy to clear out enemies hiding in the grass. Or say you have a wide open map with not a lot of obstruction.

That’s where you wanna use your Piper, Brock, Colt, or even Jessie or Bo. Playing any kind of control character and sniping from a difference.

Tip number four is all about trophy pushing. A good method of trophy pushing is only using Brawlers with under 100 trophies in Showdown to level them up quickly and get them more trophies.

Even if you don’t do to well you can easily with a 3rd or 4th place finish you can still get your trophies up to 100. And then you can skip over to team mode on your higher trophy Brawlers.

And the final fifth tip is knowing what Brawler can beat any other Brawler in a 1 on 1 situation. You don’t wanna go against a Brawler 1 on 1 with your Brawler unless you know you can beat them.

Using your team of 3 working a triangle formation always account where they are on the map is incredibly crucial. You don’t wanna charge into opponents if you don’t have your super or know they can beat you in a 1 on 1 situation.

The best way to figure out how to beat someone in a 1 on 1 is knowing the correct distance of your opponent. If you’re a Shelly against an El Primo you can basically be right on top of him and completely out of his range but have him in your range to mess him up bad.

If you’re a long range like Brock or Bo and you’re going against a Shelly you want to stay out of her range but keeping her in yours. It also goes back to knowing the range and spread of each character to help you know whose good against who in a 1 on 1 situation.

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