Ultimate Guide to Pam

Ultimate Guide to Pam

Hey Brawlers! Worldpeece here with a guide to Pam! Pam can seem like a hard character to use, and may not seem that good, but with a little bit of practice, Pam can become a monster. In this guide we will be going over who Pam is, her stats, how to play her in every gamemode, and tips and tricks

Who Is Pam?

Pam is a brawler that was introduced on September 4th, 2017, along with Tara. Pam is an epic brawler, and is a combination of a tank and a mid range brawler. She shoots an array of bullets, and her super is to place a healing station.


Buff Nerf Neither/Neutral
● On September 9th, 2017, Pam’s main attack had its spread reduced and its reload time decreased to 1.6 seconds (from 1.8) and the number of hits necessary to charge her Super was decreased to 20 (from 21). In addition, her Healing Station’s healing radius was increased and its heal per second was increased to 80 (from 60).

Pam’s Stats

Attack (per bullet)HealthSuper Heal Health
Base40100080      900
242105084      945
344110088      990
446115092      1035
548120096      1080
Max501250100      1125

Speed: 650 or 2.5 Tiles per second
Upgrade Priority: Super, Health, Attack
Attack Range: 8 Tiles
Attack Recharge: 1.8 Seconds
Super Range: 4.5 Tiles
Super Delay/Tick time: 0.2 Seconds

How to play Pam in every Gamemode

Smash And Grab:

Pam is very good at Smash and Grab because of her super ability. When starting out, try to get some chip damage off on the enemy, and generate your super. When you have your super ready, place it behind a wall. After, defend your super with your life, since it provides a healing source for all of your fellow teammates.

Place your super as close to the gem mine as possible, but still conceal it so it is not easy prey for brawlers such as Colt or Piper. As a hybrid tank, you can push up a little bit, but still be sure you can be able to defend your super ability.

A good team composition for Pam in smash and grab is Pam, Mortis and Barley. The closer you go to the enemy, the more damage you will do. If the enemy is on their countdown, play aggressive, since you have nothing to lose. If there is no Tanky brawler or Mortis on your team, you will most likely be the primary gem carrier.


Pam is good at bounty because of her healing ability. When playing Pam in Bounty, it is a good idea to take cover behind walls, pick at enemies, and charge your super, which will provide great healing ability for Pam and her teammates.

Always be sure to throw you super behind the walls, because as I said in the previous guide if you throw your super out in the open, it makes an easy target for brawlers such as Brock and Piper. A good strategy is to hide in the bushes, and wait until a low health brawler comes closer and attack them.


Pam is an Okay brawler for Heist. On offense, pick at the enemy team as always until you have your super, and instead of placing your super in a defensive position, place it offensively to give your team the extra boost. When attacking the safe, try to get close to the safe, in order to maximize the damage. Up close, Pam can deal about 500 damage if all her shots make contact. On defense, set up a wall that consists of the healing station and her, and provide Area coverage in order to keep the enemy from advancing.


In showdown, destroy a few boxes, then move in on boxes in the middle, slowly gaining power. Team with Brawlers such as crow and spike, as well as other Pams. Once you have enough power ups, set up a camping spot with your healing station in the middle of the map, so you will have the advantage while fighting. Beware of dynamikes and Barleys, they are the bane of your existence since they can destroy you and your healing station easily.

Brawl Ball:

In brawl ball, shoot at the middle, denying the area and allowing your teammates to get the ball. Set up your healing station in the back near your goal, so in case your team has to drop back to defend the enemy push, you have an advantage.

It is not very important to put your healing station on their side of the map, since when they push past the healing station you and your team are in deep trouble. Note: After either team scores, your healing station is destroyed, so if your team is about to score, do not place your station down.

Tips & Tricks
● Try to place your super behind walls, so it is not destroyed so easily.
● Your main goal as a Pam player is to try to charge your super because that is
the most important part of Pam.
● Drop your super in zone control areas, giving you and your team a significant
● She is bad against brawlers with high health, such as El Primo

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