Ultimate Guide to Piper

Ultimate Guide to Piper

Hello Brawlers! Worldpeece here and today we will we going over a very good brawler in Brawl Stars, that also requires a lot of skill to use properly.

We will go over who she is and general facts, her stats,  standings among other brawlers, and how to play her in each game mode.  Now without further ado, let’s get into how to use Piper!

Who Is Piper?

Piper de la Prim was a brawler that was introduced to brawlstars on July 3rd, 2017. She is an Epic brawler,  and she requires 60 chips to unlock.

She is a sniper character and does more damage the longer her range. For example, say I was Piper, and I was shooting at a Bull from 6 tiles.

I would do more damage shooting from  6 tiles than I would shoot from 3 tiles. This encourages players to stay    back   while using   Piper, because she is NOT meant to be in the middle of the fighting. We will go over this in more detail  later on.


  • On July 6th, 2017, Piper’s Super was  made to charge 25%
  • On August 16th, 2017 , Piper’s main attack damage was decreased to 440

(from 460) and her super damage was  decreased to  200(from 300) per grenade.

  • On September 4th, 2017, Piper’s main attack damage was decreased. From 440 to 420

What Are Her Stats?

Damage Min MaxHealthSuper
Base130      420600200
2137      441630210
3143      462660220
4150      483690230
5156      504720240
Max163      525750250

Speed: 650 or 2.5 Tiles Per Second

Upgrade Priority: Attack, Health, Super

Attack Range: 10.5 Tiles

Attack Reload Time: 3 Seconds

Super Range: 8 Tiles

How Does She Rank Among Others?

Piper is one of the best sniper brawlers, since her bullets travel extremely fast and do a lot of damage,  so the enemy will    have a hard time dodging out of the way of bullets. For info, visit the Brawl Stars tier list at Mobile Gamer Hub, but down below I will put how she compares to other snipers ( long range, high damage)        characters   in   Brawl  Stars.

Key: ↑= Piper is Better than this brawler. = Piper is worse than this brawler

Piper is worse than Colt since Colt has more health, and the potential to do more damage. Colt also shoots a series of bullets, which means he can more accurately hit the target partially, while Piper either hits or misses.

Piper is better than Brock since Piper does more damage, and her bullets have more velocity than Brock. Piper’s super also allows her to escape difficult situations, which is key for a sniper, and Brock does not have that ability.

Overall, Brock is good in some situations but Piper outclasses brock 1 on 1.

Piper is better than Ricochet for most of the same reasons she is better than Brock. She has a faster bullet velocity, but Ricochet makes up for that by having multiple bullets, but they are harder to land than  Colt. Ricochet and Piper also have similar health. The reason Piper is better than Rico however is the fact that Piper’s super is way better than Ricochet’s super.

How To Play Piper In Each Gamemode?

Piper can be good in most game modes, so I will go over how to play her in each and every gamemode.


Piper is very good at bounty. When starting out, fire a shot where the enemy would most likely be coming, to land a shot.

Stay back, and take shots at the enemy to charge your super. The more stars you have, the more cautious you  should be. If you are in critical condition and/or in immediate danger, use your  super to drop back.

When you use your super, try to land behind a wall if you can so that the enemy does not attack you as soon as you land. You  can do this to other Piper’s too, predicting where they are going to land and shooting there, in hopes you will kill them. You can learn this skill with practice.

If you know there is someone you can reliably hit without missing, spam your attack and fire 2 shots at them, almost always killing them. This works if they are hiding in a bush, and they do not think you know where they are, but you do.   


Piper is an OK brawler in Heist. When defending the safe, use your attack on threats to the safe such as Barley and   Dynamike.

Never use your super near walls, because breaking a wall opens up a new passage for the enemy to come through, making you and your team much more likely to lose. On offense, do the opposite. Use your super to destroy walls, and then shoot the safe from a long distance.

A good strategy is to use your super to blow up the wall guarding the safe, then fly back so you do not have to waste time getting into position to shoot the safe. Piper is a good/Ok choice for Heist, but there are much better choices.

Smash And Grab:

Piper is good at Smash and Grab. When starting, the same with Bounty, fire a preemptive shot at where you think the enemy will be.

Stay on your side of the map, unless the enemy team is on their countdown. Try not to stand in the middle or collect gems unless you have your super ready,  since Piper is a very fragile character and can go down very easily.

If you are on your countdown and do not have any gems, sacrifice yourself to slow down the enemy, since you distracting will actually help out your team. You can also use your super to blow up obstacles, this benefits you by clearing the path, allowing more opportunities to shoot.


Piper is a bad choice in Showdown. There are many videos about winning with Piper, but she is a bad choice because Showdown focuses mainly on 1 versus 1 action and close range action.

If you do decide to play Piper in Showdown, however, stay along the sides, and do not go near bushes in which you do not know if there is someone in them. Team only with other sniper characters, and never with Shellys, Bulls, or El Primos.

One of the main reasons Piper is bad in Showdown is because she requires long range to be effective, and while destroying boxes, and enemy can easily steal from you.

Brawl Ball:

Piper can be good in Brawl Ball. At the beginning of the match, fire at the   enemy, keeping them away from the ball. Normally Piper should not take the ball in Brawl Ball,  since she is very fragile and can not sustain that much damage.

When playing brawl ball, use your super to blow up walls. This is good for two reasons, you clear up the map allowing easier shots, and you clear up the map making it easier for your teammates to score.

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