(Top 7) Brawlers to Use for Beginners

(Top 7) Brawlers to Use for Beginners

Now you can’t really choose who you will get from the Brawl Boxes, but you can strategize what events are better depending on the Brawler you pull initially. Since the only way to get Brawlers currently is Brawl Boxes (costs 100 coins or 10 gems), you will want to earn as many coins as possible to unlock Brawl Boxes often.

Most casual players will not be spending any money on the game. So planning around the team you have is something you want to pay attention to.

Rating Metrics

Let’s look at some important metrics on how we rate various Brawlers in the Game. Each Brawler is given a rating from 1 to 10 for specific areas of utility. The total rating is calculated by the average of all ratings. Also, Brawlers can either be ranged or melee.

  • Ease of Use: How easy it is to become proficient with the Brawler.
  • Range: Distance from target at which brawler can be effective.
  • Accuracy: Ability to hit target consistently.
  • Power: Damage dealing capability.
  • Mobility: Agility and movement speed of brawler.
  • Stamina: Hit points and survivability.
  • Utility: Usefulness to a team.
  • Crowd Control: Ability to impact enemy movement.


There are 4 rarities in the game:

  • Common – Green
  • Rare – Blue
  • Epic – Purple
  • Legendary – Orange

Brawlers to Pay Attention to

Let’s take a look at some Common and Rare and Epic Brawlers that you have better odds of pulling.


Brock is extremely easy to pick up and use. Not only is he has a long range attack, allowing him to stay safe against melee attackers. He is best used in maps that have walls that can protect melee attackers from approaching fast. However, like any other ranged unit, he suffers from low hit points and is unlikely to survive attacks.

El Primo

Ah, El Primo is probably one of the easiest melee characters to use. He has great health, decent speed, meaning he can close in relatively quickly in an open field. While he may not be effective in maps like Smash & Grab, he is highly effective in the other 3 modes – Bounty, Heist and Showdown.


Jessie has the ability to create a turret with her special move. That means more fire power! That means she is highly versatile in a map like Smash & Grab. If you ever get her early on, utilize her in that map to farm coins! She is on the better side of the ranged attackers though. She has slightly more health than the average ranged character (700 instead of 600).


The cool thing about Barley is that he is a strong AoE attacker with crowd control abilities. His regular attack does damage over time and his special ignites a huge area of flames to deal massive damage if you stay on it. Barley is best used in Heist and Smash & Grab. Try to have your melee teammates bundle up opponent allies together safely to deal massive AoE damage. Keep in mind his health is low, so he cant take all that much damage.


Bo is one of the first two epic Brawlers, with more to come. He is the jack of all trades. He is good at everything and is extremely well balanced. His special is a bomb that explodes upon impact dealing tonnes of damage. Utilize him Smash & Grab for some good AoE damage. He definitely is a great pull if you manage to summon him.


Ah, Mortis is a melee powerhouse. You want to be very careful if you are ranged. He has a great dash skill that allows him to close the gap. His special allows him to drain health from you. It is best used when enemies are clustered together so he will absorb other enemy member’s health as well. As an “assassin” type Brawler, he doesn’t have the best health and will require some life steal to survive versus multiple ranged DPS.

He is best used in Bounty, Showdown and Smash & Grab.

The Legendary Brawlers?

Crow is a great ranged assassin with plenty of poison (damage over time) attacks. He can melt tanks like El Primo and he is a fast unit. That means you can kite your enemies. The only downside is his relatively low health, so keep him away from melee threats like Mortis and El Primo!


Spike has a strong AoE attack and his AoE special slows enemy as well. He is very well balanced and does well in most events. He does have some low health though, so be careful with your movements.

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