Will Brawl Stars Go Global or Be Killed? (Complete Game Review)

Will Brawl Stars Go Global or Be Killed? (Complete Game Review)

Highly recommend watching the video up. Powerbang and Clash with Ash bring up very good points for the game and dialogue make the video highly enjoyable.

Brawl Stars! Go Global or Be Killed?

Brawl Stars has been going for a decent run since its launch and has accumulated a decent sized community. Like in the video above, we’re going to talk about Brawl Stars and whether it’ll get a global release or die out like many Supercell games seem to do.

The first thing to note about Brawl Stars is how well it’s done on the iTunes store. Being the number 1 most downloaded thing on the Canadian iTunes store is a pretty impressive thing to start with.

One of the things that make’s this game so popular to so many people is because of how friendly it is too casual gamers. A lot of games take a commitment of time where you have to sit down and get invested to make any real progress.

Where as Brawl Stars plays in segments of 2 maybe 2 and a half minutes per game making it easy for anyone to pick up and play a match or two then be done til they want to play again. This style of game design and the game play itself is a huge point for this game and why it should stay alive and be released globally.

The next point to go over is the games many events. Brawl Stars has several event game modes which are very fun and engaging to the player.

One of the more popular ones is Smash and Grab. It’s an objective based game mode that really gives a new style of play to the game from the usual base game mode.

Smash and Grab is probably one of the most balanced event modes because you can pretty much play any Brawler and there not be any issue. Where as in some other events you have to play specific Brawlers in order to be effective.

This makes Smash and Grab more appealing to the casual gamers but also extremely fun to those putting time into this game. And many fans can agree on how popular Smash and Grab is.

The next event to talk about is Bounty. After Smash and Grab there is a pretty big drop off of interest in it and all the other events.

Bounty itself is all based around going after Brawler’s with the most stars which can be fun but it could benefit from some changes. One being new and interesting maps to shake things up and make it feel fresh for all players both current and new.

What makes Bounty good is its Team Death Match aspect it gives where it’s just two teams going at each other for the last man standing. If the scoring system was done a little bit better Bounty could become one of the better events in this game.

Next, we’ll be talking about Heist. The game mode itself is very good and interesting but the execution could be tweaked a little.

The main thing about Heist is getting to your enemies safe and destroying it to win. But the way the balance works in this mode makes it easy depending on whether you’re offense or defense.

Not knowing which one you’re playing until you choose your Brawler is the big issue. Cause you may pick a Brawler expecting to play offense to really push the point and do damage but then you end up defense using a useless character for that role.

Also in Heist, it is very geared towards building up your super and using that as often. So the event is definitely not for everyone but there are some fixes they could make that would make Heist more friendly to anyone who may not be good at playing defense or not good at playing offense.

The last event in Brawl Stars is Showdown. Showdown isn’t all that bad concept wise but like Bounty and Heist it’s execution could be a little better.

The main thing Showdown does is basically proving which Brawler you’re best at playing by yourself with no support. And it’s good for getting trophy levels but Showdown can sometimes make it very difficult to get them but easy to lose.

The biggest issue in Showdown is the commonly used Brawler’s that everyone uses. Typically all that gets used is Shelly, Bull, and El Primo and this makes the game mode less fun and appealing for some players.

When the game comes to global (and hopefully it does) there will obviously be some changes that are made to the game to make it better globally. Hopefully when it becomes global some of the changes to game modes they make end up making them better and more appealing for all players.

The game is great and deserves to be released globally cause it will do amazingly if it’s released for everyone. Brawl Stars is definitely still growing and giving it more room to grow is the best idea for it.

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