Clash of Clans Builder Base Tutorial [May New Update]

Clash of Clans Builder Base Tutorial [May New Update]

Welcome to the new Clash of Clans update. We will be going over some of the cool stuff that they are slowing rolling out.

Game Play

To get to the Battlegrounds, you will want to click on the boat. Now you can only see the boat after you get to town hall level 4. You get to repair it and head over to the Battlegrounds. There will be new units and PvP adventures awaiting you there.

The boat will take you to a new spot. You literally get to play a brand new Clash of Clans, with your familiar characters from the Clash Royale series and also some variation of the original units from Clash of Clans.

The same mechanics still apply. The base building is the same, but you now have access to new buildings, characters and traps. Battles are slightly different. Each character has a special ability that you will want to take advantage off, so it is not just a point and drop. You have to figure out the best places to put your characters to utilize their special abilities.

Winning Condition

In order to win, you have to score the highest percentage to win. Both you and your opponent get to showcase who has the better base defense and also the strategy to defeat your opponent’s base. After you are done raiding your opponent’s base, they get to raid yours. Then the damage tally is totaled and a winner is declared depending on who has done more damage. You also win resources and win/lose trophies.

Below are some things that are worthy of mentioning in the new update…


Guard Post

This is a cool building that puts out defensive units like rage barbarians and archers to defend your base. Try to put them in the center. Troops that spawn get to defend whichever side the enemy is coming from.


Clock Tower

The clock tower allows you to speed up your building/training troop process 10x faster. Use this when you are active and you want to speed things up.


Star Laboratory

The star laboratory is the place where you do all your research your troop and upgrade them. At the first level, they do not have any special ability. You get to unlock each character’s special ability at level 2. I recommend upgrading all units you unlock to at least level 2.


Double Cannon

The Double Cannon is great at killing ground units and much more potent than the regular cannon. It has the same range as the Fast Attack Archer Tower.



Archer’s Tower

The cool thing about the archer tower is you can toggle its range. Fast Attack has shorter range, but more attacks, while Long Range gives you more attack range to start wailing at incoming enemies. It depends on your strategy on how you want to deploy this.

Multi Mortar

Much like the regular Mortar, but this one shoots out multiple ones. It is best to have them close to the Builder Hall, as you cover the entire base.




This is primarily for air units like Baby Dragon and Beta Minions. You will want to use Boxer Giants or Barbarians to take them out before sending out your flying units. They can decimate any air unit very quickly, so beware!


Raged Barbarian

The Raged Barbarians start of the battle with a bonus speed and damage for the first few seconds. It is vital that they hit a building during that time to get the bonus. They are your best bet for soaking up defensive building aggro while you deploy other ranged or air units such as Sneaky Archers, Beta Minions and Baby Dragons. As


Sneaky Archer

The Sneaky Archers are cloaked and are invisible for the first few seconds. They are great to be deployed after other units such as Boxer Giants or Rage Barbarians taking tower aggro. They are squishy and cannot afford to be targeted right away. As you upgrade them, the time they stay cloaked will increase.


Boxer Giant

The Boxer Giant, unlike the regular ones, have a bit more punch to them. They deal 250% bonus damage to the first building they encounter. They still love to target buildings, so make sure to have them soak up damage first!



Beta Minion

The cool thing about the Beta Minions is that they get their first few attacks from range! This changes the way you deploy these units, as they can get some damage in from range before they run into any danger of getting attacked. They are best put in areas where there are no Air Defense, as they easily get decimated by those rockets.


The Bomber is great versus walls. The good thing is they don’t die after throwing their bombs! This is an adaptation from the Clash Royale Bomber. They are squishy though, so only utilize them for walls if you have a beefy target like the Rage Barbarian, Battle Machine or Boxer Giant soaking up damage.


Baby Dragon

The Baby Dragon can do splash damage. Much like the one from Clash Royale, he is a bit slow. However, he is like a jack of all trades. He has everything you want. AoE damage, ability to target.


Cannon Cart

Cannon Card does a lot of damage. While fragile, they are less “sneaky” than the archers. Use them alongside the Battle Machine so they can safely deal damage from a distance. Once a cannon locks on this thing, its pretty much over.


Battle Machine

The Battle Machine is the first hero available in Battle Grounds. He is tanky and he can call forth a lightning to zap nearby enemies. It only hurts enemy units though, so it is quite good for fighting Guard Post units. He also can destroy buildings effectively as long as he is alive.



Mega Mine

This thing deals a lot of damage to troops that come to it. Place them close to your defensive buildings to maximize their chances of triggering.


Push Trap

Push trap works best vs ground troops.


Spring Trap

Push trap works best vs ground troops, particularly barbarians or any ground troop.



So far, there aren’t any spells you can use, but I am sure SuperCell will add them as the game progresses.