A General Guide to Digimon Links

A General Guide to Digimon Links

Digimon Links

Digimon Links is a pet simulator meets RPG in the world of Digimon. Collect dozens of different Digimon to train and battle with in order to reach their final Mega Digivolutions.

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay in Digimon Links is split up into two different formats. What you do on the farm map with your Digimon and the battle system in the mission mode.

We’ll start with the farm and your Digimon. The main hub world of the game is a farm where all of your Facilities are along with whatever three Digimon are on your current team.

On the farm, you have access to all the games menus and functions through the Facilities or your Digivice. This is where all the management happens and it is highly important to the game’s formula.

Using your Digivice you can train Digimon by feeding them to give them levels and you can Digivolve them to the next stage as long as you meet the requirements. You can also use the Facilities for a variety of different purposes.

To build Facilities you hit the facility button and go to the shop. Inside will be all the available Facilities you can put on your farm.

You can also go to the Capture screen from the farm. The Capture system is where you spend DigiStones to buy Digimon Captures and get new Digimon.

Now we’ll talk about the games second mechanic system in the Mission modes. In the Explore tab, you get brought to the mission screen where you select what kind of missions you wanna do.

When you enter a mission you’ll bring a team of Digimon with you. The battle system in missions uses a turn-based system where each Digimon goes through a turn roster in order to take an action.

When it’s your Digimon turn you can have them use their basic attack or one of their skills for more damage. Once every Digimon has taken a turn the round will end and the next round will begin.

In the battle system, the Digimon go by an attribute system that determines strengths and weaknesses depending on the attribute of the Digimon involved. Each Digimon is also part of a Tribe that is tied to an attribute and these Tribes determine their types and what materials are needed to help them Digivolve.

By completing missions you get rewards and these are the main reason to go through missions. You often get plugins from missions and plugins are used to Digivolve your Digimon.

Digivolution and Digimon Stats

To make your Digimon Digivolve you need a couple of things. First, their level must be maxed out and you can do this by feeding them meat from your meat farm or by grinding in the missions.

Second, you need plugins of the specific type described in the Digimon Digivolution screen. Once you have all of these you can Digivolve your Digimon to the next stage.

Now, this only applies to Digimon that aren’t Ultimates because to Digivolve and Ultimate Digimon you need one more material that is more difficult to come across.

Ultimates need Digivolution Fuel to reach their Mega stages. The Digivolution Fuel is a special item that can be gotten through the Exchange Facility or events.

Each Ultimate has a specific number of Mega Digimon they can Digivolve into. And you need at least 7 Digivolution Fuel for that specific Mega.

This is where the hard grind comes in because it can take a lot of work to get 7 of one Fuel piece for your Digimon. But with the events that happen all the time and the Exchange being there it makes it a whole lot easier.

A big part of Digivolution is the effect it has on Digimon stats. The stats of every Digimon increase when they Digivolve and higher stats mean the better chance they’ll stand in more difficult missions.

Every Digimon has seven stats. Max Hp, ATK, DEF, S-ATK, S-DEF, SPD, and Luck. Each one of these stats has their own purposes but their usefulness all depends on the kind of Digimon you’re putting your focus into.

This also comes into play when trying to Awaken Digimon and increasing their level cap. But you need two Mega’s in order to Awakening a Digimon.

Status Ailments

In Digimon Links, there are certain status’s that Digimon can undergo during battles. These range from different effects like being poisoned or stunned.

The infliction of these statuses is through certain Digimon skills or attacks. Usually, a Legacy or Signature skill will have the effect to put a status on a Digimon.

But sometimes Digimon can have the base skill to afflict one by chance when they attack normally. So it’s a good idea to learn each ailment and know what moves can cause it.


Now we will talk about the Facilities. These are the highly important buildings you can put on your farm for their own specific purposes.

Every facility is important in their own way. In the tutorial, you’re given a Meat Farm and this might be the absolute most important one you have.

There is the Restaurant which boosts your max Stamina, the House which increases the number of Digimon you can have, the Chip Factory for installing and enhancing chips, the Warehouse to increase how much meat you can hold at once, the Dojo to get new Legacies and Resistance upgrades, and the Lab where you can hold Digi-eggs to Digivolve, Research to awaken Digimon, and do Ability Seeding.

There are quite a few Facilities and all of them can be upgraded to make their functions better. It takes Clusters and time to upgrade your Facilities.

The first few times you upgrade a Facility it’s a few Clusters and a small chunk of time. But the higher in level they get you’ll be looking at a lot of clusters and literal days worth of wait time.

You can also use DigiStones to speed up wait time if you really want to. Though I recommend keeping a hold of those stones for Captures.

Capturing Digimon

The Capture system in Digimon is very simple and just a character pull RNG mechanic. You pay your DigiStones whether its 20 for 1 pull or 200 for 10.

When you do a Capture you have a chance to get a number of different Digimon at random. You can get Digimon from Rookie all the way up to Mega if you’re lucky.

And there are always different Capture events going on that change the kind of Digimon available. So make sure to always check back and see what Captures are in circulation.