Digimon Links Element and Status Debuff Guide

Digimon Links Element and Status Debuff Guide

Digimon Links is one of the best turn-based combat games in a long time. And much like other games of the genre, it comes with a long list of strengths, weaknesses, and status debuffs.

What are the Elements?

In Digimon Links, every Digimon is set in a specific Tribe that gives them an element type. The elements are listed as Null, Fire, Water, Nature, Thunder, Darkness, and Light.

Each element is strong against one and weak to another, in a very rock, paper, scissors fashion but a bit more complex. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your Digimon element is highly important in a fight.

If your Digimon faces an enemy with an element it’s strong against then you’ll be given a Blue ring around your enemy indicating that they are weak to your attack. But, if your enemy is strong against your element then the ring will be Red indicating that you’re weaker and will do less damage and take more damage from them.

The Elemental wheel can often be the deciding factor in a mission to whether you win or lose. So really understanding them is the best way to become effective.

Below is a table listing out each Element lining their strengths and weaknesses.

Tribe Names Null Fire Water Thunder Plant Holy Darkness
Mirage/Null Weak Weak
Blazing/Fire Resist Weak Weak
Glacier/Water Weak Resist Weak
Electric/Thunder Weak Resist Weak
Earth/Plant Weak Weak Resist
Bright/Holy Weak Resist Weak
Abyss/Darkness Weak Weak Resist

Knowing the Digimon Elements can really be a lifesaver in missions. Having a team of one Digimon element won’t get you far if you’re against a team of different types that outclasses the ones you have.

It’s always smart to have a variety of your team and there are plenty of Digimon to choose from in order to build an ideal team. So look into their Elements and find the team that’s right for you.

Next, we’ll go over the status debuffs in the game. These are conditions put on Digimon that harm them and are typically caused by special attacks.

What are Status Debuffs?

Status Debuffs are special conditions put on Digimon when hit by an attack with the added effect. Some Legacy and Signature Skills have these debuffs as secondary effects along with their main damaging one.

Where some moves, like the attack Panic, specifically inflict these debuffs as their sole purpose. And depending on what you get hit with it can be a real hassle in the middle of a fight.

Each debuff has a different effect and therefore has its own strategic uses. Below is a list of each one and what their effects are.

Stun: Digimon is stunned, similar to Paralysis but not as extreme.

Skill Lock: Digimon Legacy and Signature skills are locked keeping them from using anything other than basic attack

Sleep: Digimon is put to sleep and skipping its turn

Paralysis: Digimon is completely immobilized and unable to make any actions

Confusion: Digimon will act on its own and attack either the enemy, ally Digimon or itself

Poison: Digimon will gradually lose health over time

Instant Death: Digimon immediately dies

Each of these debuffs is an issue in its own right. But much like the elements, Digimon have resistances against the Debuffs.

Knowing what Digimon resists what is a great way to build your team if you know you’re going to a mission where Digimon will have these. It really lets you pre-plan if you understand the Elements = Debuff resistances.

Below is a table that will outline the resistances that Elemental Tribes have to the Debuffs.

 Tribe Names Stun Skill Lock Sleep Paralysis Confusion Poison Insta-Death
Mirage/Null Weak Resist Resist Weak
Blazing/Fire Weak Resist Weak
Glacier/Water Resist Weak Weak
Electric/Thunder Weak Weak Resist
Earth/Plant Resist Weak Weak
Bright/Holy Resist Weak Weak
Abyss/Darkness Weak Resist Weak

Much like the elemental table, it is important to really learn and understand this table because it can be very helpful in the long run.

Digimon Debuffs can often be the deciding factor in who wins a battle. You could be taking the lead and get hit by Confusion or Instant Death and you’ll suddenly be in a really tight spot.

So it’s important to really outfit your team with Digimon that have good Debuff resistances and Elemental type advantage depending on what Mission your doing. Always pre-plan and be prepared for what you’re going into before taking that first step.