Digimon Links Facility Guide

Digimon Links Facility Guide

Digimon Links is full of ways to help make your time in the Digital World more rewarding. Specifically, the Facilities available to you are the best pieces in the game to offer mechanics that really assist your Digimon and give some needed and required practices.

What are Facilities?

The Facilities are all of the different buildings you can place on your farm. Each one of them is unlocked as you continue through the Normal Missions.

Each Facility has its own unique purpose and uses that makes it important to your farm. Once you’ve unlocked a Facility you can place it anywhere you want on the farm.

Visually, the Facilities affect the way your farm looks by setting them up where ever you want on your farm. It’s a little touch of customization you can do to your farm especially when adding in the Decorations in the Facility menu.

Note: Decorations have no actual functions or use other than adding a visual item to your farm.

Now, to what the Facilities actually do is different for each one. But each Facility is almost essential to the game’s progression and all should be used as needed.

To enhance the effect of the Facility’s you can upgrade them through the game’s currencies and time. Facilities take Clusters or DigiStones in order to upgrade, then once paid you’re given a time limit you must wait.

The first few levels of a Facility gives a pretty low time limit, anywhere from 5 Minutes to 3 Hours. But once it starts getting higher you’ll be looking at full 3 day waits for a facility to be upgraded.

And of course, you can use DigiStones to skip the wait time if you so choose. But to save those DigiStones for other uses waiting isn’t that big of an issue in the long run.


Each Facility is different and has a unique purpose dedicated to it. Most of them hold game functions you can’t otherwise access until you’ve unlocked that Facility. Below is a list of every in-game Facility and what they’re purpose is.


The Lab is the first Facility you get at the very beginning of the game’s tutorial. It probably has one of the most important functions because it’s what allows you to hatch Digi-Eggs and Digivolve them.

When you use the Capture system through link points you’ll be given an In-Training Digimon. In order to Digivolve it, you need to place it in the Lab’s garden.

Once there it will Digivolve when a specific amount of time passes. Once it reaches Rookie it’ll move to the House with the rest of the Digimon.

The Lab is also where you go to awaken Digimon through research. By combining two Mega Digimon you lose them and in return are given a Digi-Egg.

This egg will be a +(Plus) Digimon with a value number from 1-4. You can raise this Digimon like normal then once it’s a Mega do the research again to raise the value number until it hits +4 to have a fully Awakened Digimon.

Meat Field

Possibly one of the most important Facilities in the game. The Meat Field is given to you during the tutorial so you have it from the very beginning.

Meat Field produces meat for your Digimon to feed on and this is extremely important because feeding them Meat raises their level. So the more meat you have the more levels your Digimon can get and that gets them closer to Digivolving.

By upgrading the Meat Field it starts producing far more Meat at once. So the more meat it starts making you’re gonna need more space to hold it all.


The Warehouse is your meat storage and determines how much meat you can hold at one time. At early levels, it starts around the low hundreds but when maxed level at lv.10 you can hold up to 1000 meat.


The Restaurant, much like the meat field, might be one of the most important Facilities in the game. It’s whole purposes is to increase your maximum Stamina.

Stamina, of course, is the number of points each Missions requires to play it. Once you run out of stamina you have to wait until it’s recharged to do any more missions.

The Restaurant gives you a lot more to work with and also fully restores it all when you upgrade it to the next level. So getting this Facility upgraded is a major priority.


The House is similar to the Warehouse but instead of meat it holds your Digimon. At level 1 you can only hold up to 50 Digimon at a time.

So if you reach that max you can’t play missions or do Captures until you either get rid of Digimon or increase your house size. Now, 50 sounds like a big number but you will quickly reach this amount through Captures so definitely upgrade this one as much as possible.


The Exchange is a building used specifically for item exchanges. Things like ticket vouchers and event items gotten through special missions.

You can trade these items in for a various number of things. Digivolution fuel, Chips, DigiStones, Clusters, etc.


The Dojo is an important Facility when it comes to buffing up your Digimon team used for missions. Its main functions are Legacy Skills and Resistance Upgrades.

The Legacy Skills allows you to replace the Legacy Skill one Digimon has with another, giving them a completely new attack. This gives you a bit of control and choice for what kind of attacks you want your Digimon to have.

The Resistance Upgrades are also helpful because they increase your Digimon resistances by using plugins which are typically used for Digivolution. This gives them a nice secondary use.

Chip Factory

The Chip Factory is the only place in the game you can go to install Chips onto your Digimon. Chips are special equipment that can boost attack, defense, and have other uses for your Digimon.

You can also enhance your Chips here to make them stronger and their effects much better. This is one of the facilities you’ll be given late through the normal missions where it’s more important to focus on chips.