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A General Guide to Digimon Links

Digimon Links is a pet simulator meets RPG in the world of Digimon. Collect dozens of different Digimon to train and battle with in order to reach their final Mega Digivolutions. The gameplay in Digimon Links is split up into two different formats. What you do on the farm map with your Digimon and the […]

Digimon Links Element and Status Debuff Guide

Digimon Links is one of the best turn-based┬ácombat games in a long time. And much like other games of the genre, it comes with a long list of strengths, weaknesses, and status debuffs. In Digimon Links, every Digimon is set in a specific Tribe that gives them an element type. The elements are listed as […]

Digimon Links Facility Guide

Digimon Links is full of ways to help make your time in the Digital World more rewarding. Specifically, the Facilities available to you are the best pieces in the game to offer mechanics that really assist your Digimon and give some needed and required practices. The Facilities are all of the different buildings you can […]