Top Healing Characters For Your Team (Flame, Water, Wind, Light, Shadow)

Top Healing Characters For Your Team (Flame, Water, Wind, Light, Shadow)


This guide goes over the importance of having a healer and why they are key to winning co-op missions such as Expert/Master “Dragon Trials”, “Imperial Onslaught” or “High Dragon Trials”. Most of the time, your co-op team members will bring offensive characters and it is inevitable that people will make mistakes and die in co-op. That is where you come in to heal them. 🙂

Healer Skills

Let’s look at the key skills that healers offer. Their leader skill is recovery potency.

  • 3☆ – Recovery Potency 2%, No Skill Prep
  • 4☆ – Recovery Potency 6% , 50-75% Skill Prep
  • 5☆ – Recovery Potency 10%, 75-100% Skill Prep

So Skill Prep is a very useful mana circle upgrade to have. That is the major selling point of 4☆ or 5☆ healers over 3☆ ones. Skill Prep allows you to use your skills earlier and requires less attacking charge ups. This is especially vital for tougher bosses such as “The Imperial Onslaught” and “High Midgardsormr Trial”.

The best healing skills to look for are:

  • Team AoE Heal
  • Team AoE Regen Heal
  • Single Target Heal

Some healers have a combination of 2 out of the 3, well some others have 1 healing skill and 1 offensive skill. I personally prefer dedicated healers as most people love bringing offensive in co-op missions.

Staff Weapon Choices

When it comes to choosing a staff, you will want to pick the weapon with a single target heal if you want a full dedicated healer for tough missions. Currently, the few options for healing are the tier two 4☆ and 5☆ staff.

Beauty’s Balm (4☆) – Single Target Heal

Requires a total of 20,000 rupies, 15x bat’s wing and 10x ancient’s bird’s feather to create one. I suggest unbinding this staff to the max for the level 2 healing skill.

Rainbow Spirit (5☆) – Increase Recovery Potency by 10-15% for 5 seconds

Requires 125,000 rupies, 75x ancient bird’s feather, 15x bewitching wings, 5x crimson cores and 5x staff tablets.

As you can see, this staff is expensive and I suggest sticking with the 4☆ weapon unless you are loaded and can grind these materials with ease.

Top Healer

At the current available characters, Hildegarde is the best the game has right now.  She has an strong AoE heal, a team regen heal with +30% health shield. That makes her one of the most popular healers in co-op. With skill prep upgraded, she can start spamming her skills early in battle if required. She is also light element, so no attack damage penalties.

Possible Replacements

Since not everyone is going to be lucky at pulling Hildegarde, your best bet is to pull competent 3☆/4☆ healers from the list below.

Let’s look at all the viable 3☆ and 4☆ healers from each element.


Verica – Probably one of the most vital healers, especially for “High Midgardsormr Trial”. You will need her to have about 1845 hp and the fully upgraded “Greatwyrm Midgardsormr” wyrmprint to survive the dragon’s first attack and utilize her heal to get your team back to full health. It is best to promote her to 5 stars for this.

However, for regular co-op, she will do fine as a 4☆. Let’s break down skill set.

  • Blessings of Destiny – Team heal + regen and cures stun (when upgraded)
  • Time’s Respite – Single target heal

She also does best when she has full hp as it improves her healing by 13-15%. She also has stun resist skill(100% resist when fully upgraded). This is very useful against Midgardsormr. And that makes her the best healer for wind related events.

Aurien – The budget healer for wind missions. Aurien is a decent backup healer if you need one. Below is his skill set:

  • Healer’s Luck – Team AoE heal
  • Red Hot Jackpit – AoE melee attack

He is a hybrid healer, so not the most ideal for pure sustain, but does the job fine in regular co-op missions. I don’t suggest you promote him to 4☆ or 5☆.


Thaniel – A decent healer that is excellent for flame related missions. Thaniel has the all important burn cure. Very useful against bosses that inflict burn.

  • Healing Wave – Team AoE heal with burn cure (when upgraded)
  • Seafarer’s Pride – Increase whole party’s defense by 15-20% for 15 seconds

With 50-100% burn resistance in his skill kit, he will be immune to burn effects from any flame based enemy.

Ricardt – The underrated dedicated healer and is very easy to get. He has a great skill set:

  • Measure of Mercy – Team AoE heal
  • Holy Water – Team AoE regen heal

He also comes with a 25-50% stun resistance when upgraded. At full health, he gets +15-20% bonus defense.

The only downside to him is that he doesn’t have skill prep. Still a good all around healer. Worthy of a promotion to 4☆ if you want to use him in Master “The Flame Imperial Onslaught” as the dedicated healer.


Sophie – Currently the only option for wind healer. I am sure they will come up with a 4☆ or 5☆ healer soon. Below is her skillset:

  • Aspen Balm – Team AoE heal
  • Angry Gale – Melee AoE attack

She has a similar skillset to Aurien. Not the best dedicated healer. However, she has the all important freeze resistance +25-75% from her mana circle. This is very useful in wind missions, especially in “The Water Imperial Onslaught”, where the boss and his minions can actually freeze you. Getting frozen means no heal!

Not worthy of a promotion, but you can consider promoting her to 4☆ if you want to farm “The Water Imperial Onslaught”.


Halloween Althemia – The latest add to the already stacked light healers. Unlike Sophie and Aurien, she has a better skillset:

  • Sweet Treat – Team AoE heal
  • Bitter Treat – Melee AoE attack with 4-5% life steal

With skill prep 50%-75%, you can utilize her as an offensive healer. She does best at full heal as she gets strength+10% for better attacks. She also has 100% curse resistance when fully upgraded. That is vital in taking in shadow enemies that curse, such as Zodiark.

Estelle – The light budget version of Ricardt. Very good budget dedicated healer:

  • Healing Faith – Team AoE heal
  • Guardian’s Grace – Team AoE regen heal

She is excellent against Zodiark and  “Shadow Imperial Onslaught” co-op missions. I call her the budget Hildegarde healer. As a 3☆ healer, she won’t have skill prep, which is a pity. Has 50% curse resistance 25% sleep resistance.

I do recommend promoting her to 4☆ and used as a primary healer for all kinds of missions since she doesn’t suffer damage penalties.

Hope – He is a bit similar to Cleo and Thaniel that he provides heal and defence. Below is his skill set:

  • Healing Hand – Team AoE heal
  • Blessed Wall – Increase team defense by 10-15% for 15 seconds

His heal is better at full health (+10%). He also has 75% poison resistance. Decent option for “The Shadow Imperial Onslaught”. Not worthy enough for a promotion to 4☆ though.


Cleo – She is free and therefore should be your default healer unless you pulled a better healer like Hildegarde, Thaniel or Verica. Her skillset:

  • Elder Cure – Team AoE heal with paralysis cure (when upgraded)
  • Ancient Aegis – Team defense buff by 15-20% for 15 seconds

She has 100% paralysis resistance, making her a great candidate for Jupiter. As long as she is above 70% health, she gets a small defense bonus of 8%. Not bad for a free 4☆ healer. Not recommended to promote her to 5☆ though.

Edward – The budget dark version of Hildegarde. With Cleo around, he may not be the best choice, but his skillset is quite good:

  • Impeccable Service – Team AoE heal
  • Butler’s Guard – 15-20% health shield against 1 attack

He heals better at full health and has 75% blind resistance. Keep in mind that his Butler’s Guard only blocks attack that doesn’t exceed 15-20% of the character’s health. Not worthy of a promotion to 4☆, but you can use him as a backup healer if you don’t like Cleo.