[Ultimate] Dragalia Lost Guide for New Players

[Ultimate] Dragalia Lost Guide for New Players


Welcome to the in depth guide for the awesome Dragalia Lost! This game is a stand alone game made by Nintendo with unique characters not from a franchise. The game is an action RPG that has hack and slash elements with co-op gameplay and plenty of strategies required!

The good thing about this game is that they will give you 5 good four star characters (of each element) to help you along the way. They also provide enough wyrmite(real money currency) just by farming and playing the game. You are not obligated to buy anything at all. I have not spent a dime yet and I am quite far into the game.

Controls and Gameplay Basics

The controls for this game is very simple. I will breakdown all the controls you need to know.

  • Basic Attack – Tap anywhere on the screen to attack.
  • Moving – Hold tap and rotate or swipe left/right to run around.
  • Rolling – Quickly swipe twice to the direction you want to roll. This is used to avoid attacks and spells.
  • Force Strike – Tapping and holding for a second will make your character charge their force strike. Upon releasing it, it will unleash a strong attack that can break shields. 3 star characters don’t have this feature. You will need to promote them to 4 stars to unlock this.
  • Casting Skills – You will have up to a maximum of 3 skills to cast. 2 skills from the character and 1 from a weapon.
  • Support Skills – You can get a helper and use an extra skill in single player mode. If the helper is your friend, you get 3 uses.
  • Invincibility Frame – When you cast a skill, the entire animation will make the character invulnerable to all attacks. Each skill usually has a time frame of 2-3 seconds. However, there is a short casting time where if an attack comes and interrupts it, you will take damage and your skill will not be used. Keep that in mind. You can use this to your advantage and “dodge” enemy attacks in tough situations.
  • Auto Mode – Using this will make your characters attack anyone in the way. It will not use skills or pick up chests. It will use regular attacks and rush to the boss as soon as possible. You can semi-auto and command it to pick up chests and use skills for tougher maps.
  • Might – The might on each map will tell you the required team strength to take on the quest. If you click on the magnifying glass, it will also tell you what items and rewards you will get.

As you start the game, your main goal will be to complete campaign normal mode up to chapter 6. Completing all chapters will give you the following:

  • Unlock Elemental Dragon Trials – Midgardsormr (Wind) , Mercury (Water), Brunhilda (Flame), Jupiter (Light) and Zodiark (Shadow). You fight them to get specific elemental dragon scales to unlock mana circles of your characters.
  • 4 Star Characters – Euden (Flame Swordsman), Ranzal (Wind Axe Man), Elisanne (Water Lancer), Lucas (Light Archer) and Cleo (Shadow Healer). This is your main roster you can use to build a team around it if you are unlucky with 5 star pulls.
  • Unlock Elemental Imperial Onslaught – You get to fight 5 different elemental knights for weapon upgrade material, weapon tablets and medals. They are used to craft 4 and 5 star weapons.

Alongside these key events, you also want to pay attention to the following ones:

  • Avenue of Power – Gives crystals to level up your characters. There is beginner, standard and expert. Work your way up to expert. Gold crystals give the best experience! Do it at least twice a day for about 15 gold crystals at expert level!

  • Avenue of Fortune – Gives rupies, which is used for buildings, feeding dragons, crafting and enhancing weapons. There is beginner, standard and expert. Expert gives about 7k rupies per run if you open the 2 treasure chests before the boss.

A tip is to unlock the required might to do a certain event using the 5 main characters. Then you will want to join co-op to complete the objectives for bonus wyrmites upon completion.

Characters (Might), Leveling and Re-rolling

Your characters are the bread and butter of the game. How well you level them and equipping them with the right equipment is key to a smooth progress towards end game. Might is the metric that is used to gauge how strong your character or team is.

Might increases when you do the following:

  • Level up your character with crystals from avenue of power or via missions
  • Equip a weapon
  • Equip a dragon
  • Equip a wyrmprint
  • Upgrade your character’s mana circle

I suggest wyrmprint as the last priority to upgrade as it is harder to get the upgrade materials for it. Weapons and dragons often gives you the best might increase as the upgrade materials are available via “The Imperial Onslaught” (Unlocks after Chapter 6) and “Dragon Trials” respectively.

Mana circle is given via quest rewards and you will have plenty at the start of the game. So use it on characters you use often. After that, mana gains slow down. Aside from doing missions, only the daily mission reward and item summon will give you mana. Special events will also give you some as well.

You can also promote your character by giving them eldwater. You can get eldwater from summoning characters you already have, via daily missions, special quests rewards and completing hard mode for all chapters. It costs:

  • 2500 eldwater to get a 3☆ to 4☆
  • 25000 eldwater to get a 4☆ to 5☆

Now there are primarily 2 types of leveling you will have in the game. One is the player level and the other is your character’s level. To level up your player level, you will need to complete a mission. Here is how it works so far:

  • 5 Stamina Missions – 50 exp
  • 10 Stamina Missions – 100 exp
  • 15 Stamina Missions – 150 exp
  • 20 Stamina Missions – 200 exp
  • 25 Stamina Missions – 250 exp

It is basically 10 player experience per 1 stamina. From player levels 1 to 50, it will be quite fast. After that, the player leveling slows down. Each time you gain a player level, you gain the following:

  • 50 Wyrmite
  • 6 Co-op feathers
  • Full stamina bar (it over stacks)

Co-op feathers are best used on missions where you can’t complete all mission objectives using your own AI team. A few examples would be:

  • Dragon Trials – Expert and Master
  • The Imperial Onslaught – Standard, Expert and Master
  • High Midgardsormr Trial
  • Special Events

An example on how I use my stamina and co-op feathers:

  • 30 Stamina for 2x Avenue of Power for 20 gold crystals
  • 30 Stamina for 2x Avenue of Fortune for ~40,000 rupies
  • 2-4 Co-ops for either Dragon Trials or the Imperial Onslaught
  • 30 Stamina for 2x Elemental Ruins

This will cover most of the resources you need to improve your team.


This is probably something that you might consider if you got a bad roll. As for knowing what to roll, I suggest these as priority:

  1. A 5 Star Dragon
  2. A 5 Star Character
  3. A 5 Star Wyrmprint

I rate wyrmprint the lowest since some dragons and characters are much more valuable since they will have skills that is useful in battle. Wyrmprints are more for utility and will probably come in handy later on when we start getting harder bosses.

For those that would like to know how to re-roll, check out this guide on reddit. Here is the brief steps for re-rolling:

For iOS:

  • Delete the app entirely

  • Re-download

For Android:

  • Go to Settings

  • Select Apps & notifications

  • Select Dragalia (should be near the top as a recent app)

  • Tap on Storage

  • Clear Cache

  • Clear Data (after the clear, should have roughly 187 MB remaining)

  • Start the app, you’ll need to download the data again

How to get an initial 21 free summons.

  1. Now that you’ve cleared you data and have downloaded it again, you’ll be at the main menu.
  2. Skip account linking.
  3. Use automatic settings.
  4. Go through the prologue, pressing “SKIP” at the bottom right corner whenever possible.
  5. Collect your daily and launch celebration bonuses.
  6. You’ll be prompted to do the free summon. Do that.
  7. Tutorial will now have you select “Optimize” for your team.
  8. The game will force you into the quest map.
  9. Back out of the map when you get to level select.
  10. Tap on “More” at the bottom right.
  11. Tap Friends
  12. Tap Helper Settings
  13. Set the freely summoned unit as your helper by tapping on it. There should now be a gold check mark on that unit.
  14. Press “Home” at the bottom left corner.
  15. Press the Jumpstart Endeavors button. Looks like a little paper.
  16. Go to Normal and press Accept All. This will give you 325 Wyrmite.
  17. Close the popup and close the next screen.
  18. Select Gifts at the top-right corner of the screen.
  19. Accept All gifts from Limited and No Limit sections. This will total 2800 Wyrmite.
  20. Close the screens once all are claimed. You should now have a total of 3125 Wyrmite.
  21. Go to Summon and use Tenfold Summon TWICE!
  22. Decide if you got acceptable pulls!

Characters and Dragons to Re-roll For


Hildegarde (Light 5☆) – Best healer in the game. AoE heal, a team regen heal + 30% health shield makes her one of the most popular healers in co-op. With skill prep upgraded, she can start spamming her skills early in battle if required.

Ezelith (Flame 5☆) – A fast attacker with a great debuff in Brilliant Inferno, which reduces their defense, allowing your team to deal more damage. Her first skill also deals AoE damage!

Verica (Flame 4☆) – Another great healer if you can get her. Her AoE heal also cleanses stun, which is useful in Flame Imperial Onslaught and Midgardsormr Trial. Her second skill is a single target heal. Just a great all around healer.

Xander (Water 5☆)  – Xander’s biggest strength is 2 strong AoE skills that can clear maps easily when positioned correctly. His force strike is easy to execute and can break shields easily. He also has a strength stacking buff against enemies.

Lily (Water 5☆)  – Lily has a 100% freeze chance on enemies with 0 freeze resistance. This is great against Flame Imperial Onslaught boss. Her second skill is a close range AoE attack. She does a lot of damage and is just a great utility and damage dealer.

Orsem (Water 4☆) – If you like fast attackers, Orsem is the guy. He has fast hits and can dodge things with ease. Fast hits also mean higher combo hits and faster charge on skills. Both his skills are up often and you have more invincibility frames!

Maribelle (Wind 5☆) – Maribelle’s first skill is an AoE attack with a small defense debuff on the enemy. Her second skill is a line nuke. Requires a bit of aiming but is a strong damage dealer.

Julietta (Light 5☆)  – A defensive light unit that has defense up and knockback immunity on her second skill. Her first skill is a good nuke, but can miss if you are not use to the forward dash and slam. Her strength can also stack up to 25% in regular maps, which makes her a great candidate for regular campaign maps.

Kleimann (Shadow 4☆) – A very good damage dealer much like Lily and Maribelle but without any utility. With it being a shadow element, you can bring him to any map and he does just fine.

Nefaria (Shadow 5☆) – A strong archer with a auto target skill that can also hit multiple enemies. She can also blind enemies easily as long as she is full health. Keep her at full health and you have a great utility attacker.


Phoenix (Flame 4☆) – Probably the best dragon to acquire. Upon transforming, you get a nice regen heal. She also gives a nice 30-45% HP boost to flame characters.

Zephyr (Wind 5☆) – Has a AoE attack that stuns AND a nice 40-60% strength boost to wind characters!

Leviathan (Water 5☆) – Gives a nice 40-60% strength boost to water characters and a large scale AoE water attack that slows enemies.

I think if you are able to get at least one 5 star character or dragon from two 20x multi-summons, you are good to go.

Weapons, Dragons and Wyrmprints

Weapons and Crafting

There are currently 7 weapon types and you will have to figure out 4-5 types of weapons that you prefer more than the others. Below are the key things you need to know about each weapon type:

  • Sword – Melee weapon with a decently fast swing speed and decent AoE coverage.
  • Blade – Faster attack speed than the sword. Has a nice AoE coverage. Each attack is slightly weaker than the sword.
  • Dagger – Fastest attack speed and also a good AoE coverage. Dagger users can charge up their skills faster than other weapons due to a higher combo hit count.
  • Axe – Very slow attack speed but hits a lot harder than the sword. This is the complete opposite of the dagger. Has a very large AoE coverage. Due to its slow speed, it is best to use animation canceling to dodge attacks.
  • Bow – Fast attack speed and attacks in a cone shape.
  • Wand – Longer range than the bow with decent AoE coverage.
  • Staff – Shoots single balls in a line and has poor AoE coverage.

When it comes to improving your might, weapons are your best bet. Early on in the game, you can craft 3 star weapons. It is not necessary to upgrade the weapon to the second tier as the 4 star versions give much more might. You will need a level 4 Halidom to unlock the level 4 blacksmith to craft it though.

You can also try and rush to level 6 Halidom and get your blacksmith to level 7 to unlock crafting 5 star weapons. This is where you will want to spend all your rupies and materials on the desired weapons for your main team.

Crafting 5 star weapons is expensive and requires a lot of materials. You will need to farm the following:

  • Master difficulty for “Dragon Trials”
  • Expert or higher difficulty for “The Imperial Onslaught” for medals, weapon tablets and materials


Dragons are vital as they can do a few things in battles:

  • Break enemy with blue shields
  • Deal more damage to enemies and bosses (some can stun or debuff or heal)
  • Use it to shield your character from big damaging skills (not recommended)
  • Dragons usually have a very good special skill, most of them are AoE and deal good damage
  • Bonus stats for your character

You can transform once the blue bar above your character icon in battle is half full. Transforming gives you a 1 second invincibility frame which you can use to dodge attacks you can’t dodge in time. When you use your dragon’s skill, you also get a 2-3 second invincibility frame as well.


Wyrmprints are utility cards that can further improve your might and also give you some benefits such as more skill damage, critical damage, prep skill+20% etc.

There isn’t a specific way to farm for the upgrade materials yet. You can buy 3 consecrated water from the daily shop for 30k rupies. Daily mission gives you 1 blessed water. Special events also are handed out as rewards so far. You can get 2 star wyrmprints to use as upgrade materials from regular and special event missions.

Due to limited options, this makes upgrading wyrmprints to max level a bit tough. I suggest using it on 4 wyrmprints that you use the most often.


You can unbind weapons, wyrmprints and dragons. This gives you more stat boost once it is unbinded. Once they are at unbinded 4 times, the skill or ability of the item will be enhanced. Below is a table of the max level of each star grade:


  • 2☆ Levels -> 15, 20, 25, 30
  • 3☆ Levels -> 25, 30, 35, 40
  • 4☆ Levels -> 55, 60, 65, 70
  • 5☆ Levels -> 85, 90, 95, 100

Once you have max them out, they can be further upgraded into a better weapon(3☆ or higher), it also comes with a skill. I recommend the following skills:

4☆ Weapons

  • Sword – Blade of Glory: Gives a straight line AoE skill
  • Axe – The Tyrant: Gives a decent skill that targets in front of the character
  • Lance – Ironside Lance: Decent damage
  • Blade – Masamura’s Pride: AoE circle attack
  • Dagger – Wyrmfang: Single target heal to user
  • Bow – Faerie Bow: Straight line attack
  • Staff – Beauty’s Balm: Strong single target heal
  • Wand – Rod of Alchemy: Strong AoE attack that is close to the character

5☆ Weapons

  • Sword – Hauteclaire: A decent skill that targets in front of the character
  • Blade – Souleater: A decent skill that targets in front of the character
  • Dagger – Treasure of the Iron Rose: Targets in front of the character
  • Axe – Halfling’s Broadaxe – Halfling’s Focus: 40% increased critical damage for 20 seconds. Works best with a dagger critical with +10%+ critical hit leader skill
  • Lance – Gae Bolg: AoE team heal
  • Bow – Chimera’s Guilt: +15% crit for 10 seconds and even better with a crit leader!
  • Wand – Otherworldly Bough: Strong AoE attack that is close to the character
  • Staff: Welkin Wand: Good AoE attack for healers

4☆ Tier 3 Elemental Weapon vs 5☆ Tier 2 Skill Weapon

Considering how much rupies and upgrade materials you need to farm for either one, it is vital to know that elemental weapons give +50% more stats and skill damage if it is equipped on the same element of the character.

For example, if you build a 4☆ elemental sword weapon (Level 1), it will cost you:

  • 240,000 Rupies
  • 15 Iron Ore
  • 110 Granites
  • 55 Meteorite
  • 20 Abyss stone
  • 50 Azure Insignia
  • Level 6 weapon smith requirement

A 5☆ tier 2 sword weapon (Level 1) will cost you:

  • 275,000 Rupies
  • 225 Granites
  • 65 Meteorites
  • 25 Crimson Cores
  • 25 Sword Tablets
  • 1 Twinkling Sand
  • Level 8 weapon smith requirement

As you can see, it will cost you way more to get the tier 2 5☆ weapon and less attack power. However, since it is not elemental specific, it can be used by any character. Check out the video below at about 1:30 minutes in.


  • 2☆ Levels -> 20, 30, 40, 50
  • 3☆ Levels -> 30, 40, 50, 60
  • 4☆ Levels -> 40, 50, 65, 80
  • 5☆ Levels -> 50, 60, 80, 100

At max level bind, the bonus stat of the dragon will improve.


  • 2☆ Levels -> 20, 30, 40, 50
  • 3☆ Levels -> 30, 40, 50, 60
  • 4☆ Levels -> 40, 50, 65, 80
  • 5☆ Levels -> 50, 60, 80, 100
At max level bind, the bonus stat of the wyrmprint will improve.

I suggest unbinding weapons as they give the best might gains. Weapon upgrade materials are much easier to come by with “The Imperial Onslaught” and regular weapons from missions drops.

Team Building

Now that you have a good idea on how characters work, it is time to brief you on building a good team. At the start of the game, you will have Euden (Flame). As you progress, you will start getting the other decent 4☆ characters. So at the end of chapter 5. You will have gotten:

  • Euden (Flame and Sword)
  • Elisanne (Water and Lance user)
  • Ranzal (Wind and Axe user)
  • Lucas (Light and Bow user)
  • Cleo (Shadow and Staff user)

The key goal is to build a team for each element and then a mix element team. However, when you start the game, you want to focus on 1 character of each element so that you become more useful in tougher co-op missions such as Master/Expert “Dragon Trials” and “The Imperial Onslaught”.

Castle Grounds (Halidom) and Dragon Roost

Your castle is where you can earn rupies, improve your team might by having buildings that improve your characters’s health and damage. Let’s break down the buildings you will acquire and build.

Smithwyrms – These are the dragons that will help you build your buildings. You start off with 2 and can get up to a maximum of 5. I suggest getting all 5 as you progress because as your building levels start getting higher, it will take longer to complete. Some can take days. Save up about 1200 wyrmite for the extra 3 smithwyrms.

Halidom – This is your castle. Upgrading this castle will allow sometimes unlock new buildings and also allow higher level buildings (weapon smith, rupie mine, elemental altars etc.). This will always be a top priority.

Also, you will need a set number of facilities/buildings upgraded to a certain level to be able to upgrade your Halidom. Your facility level is the total number of buildings plus how many times it has been upgraded. Each upgrade will also uncover more areas of the kingdom for you to place your buildings.

  • Level 2 – 50
  • Level 3 – 100
  • Level 4 – 150
  • Level 5 – 200
  • Level 6 – 300
  • Level 7 – 400

In addition to the facility level requirement, it will also quests elemental orbs and talonstones to upgrade it.

Rupie Mine – These generate coins for your kingdom. Upgrading them increase max rupie capacity and generation rate. I won’t upgrade them too much since you get a lot more rupies while questing or doing special events.

Elemental Altars – These are specific altars that improve the health and strength of your characters by increments of 0.5%. There are 5 types of altars (Flame, Water, Wind, Light and Shadow). I suggest you upgrading them equally as they can be resource intensive once you get to level 15+. In my case, I have a strong water team, so I tend to get them to a higher level first. These add up and your might increases overtime.

A different elemental altar is unlocked every two player levels, beginning with the flame altar at level 2, and ending with the light altar at level 10. As your player level increases, you will increase the max level limit of the altars.

Dragon Tree – This generates dragon fruits for you, which are used to upgrade dragon levels. This is great for the casual player and I suggest upgrading it when you get the chance. Every bit of fruit helps! Higher level also means better production speed and unlocks higher tier fruits that you can generate.

Smithy – This one is vital in unlocking new weapons to craft. I suggest getting this building level to at least level 6 so you can start making 4☆ elemental weapons, which is a huge boost to your offense. level 8 will allow you to start crafting tier 2 5☆ weapons.

Dojo – The dojo is unlocked once you have done chapter 6 normal. These dojo’s improve a specific weapon user’s might. You will need to farm Dyrenell Ares, which can be gotten from defeating any “The Imperial Onslaught” missions. You can then use them to upgrade the dojos.

There are 8 types, which are Sword, Blade, Dagger, Axe, Lance, Bow, Wand and Staff. I recommend that you upgrade the 4 major weapons that you always use. I tend to use Sword, Dagger, Wand and Staff users the most, so I upgrade them first. Don’t overlook upgrading this, as it helps improve overall might significantly when they add up together.

Dracolith – This increases the damage your dragon does after being transformed. You get the wind dracolith fairly early. I won’t upgrade it because the damage is negligible.

Decorative Items – Not really something that would improve stats, but it would definitely make your Halidom kingdom more beautiful.

Upgrade Priority

Here is my take on leveling your Halidom:

  • Smithy
  • Dojo
  • Elemental Altars
  • Dragon Tree
  • Rupie Mine
  • Dracolith
  • Decorations

When you are starting out, visit the castle when feeding dragons or between battles to keep upgrading your buildings as build times are short. You won’t have to do it once your buildings take 6 hours to complete. Talonstones (you randomly get these when feeding dragons) are used to upgrade the Halidom, so save some for it instead of using it all on the Dragon Tree.

Earning Rupies, Wyrmites and Mana



Earning rupies is relatively straight forward. They are vital in crafting weapons, buildings and buying stuff in the trade shop. Here are a few ways you can get rupies:

  • Completing missions
  • Collect rupies from the rupie farm
  • Complete Avenue of Fortune (1k to 7k rupie depending on difficulty)
  • Special event rewards

The fastest way is definitely doing Avenue of Fortune. The daily bonus gives about 28k rupies extra daily on expert mode. So each day you can expect to get about 42k rupies with just spending 30 stamina or 4 co-op feathers.

Earning Wyrmites

Wyrmite is the currency you can earn in game to use it for gacha summon. There are also another currency known as diamonds. Those can only be gotten if you use real money. You can use diamonds to buy skip tickets, which speeds everything up for you.

Thankfully, they are quite generous with wyrmite at the moment.

  • For each mission you complete for the first time and completing all objectives, you get 25 wyrmite.
  • Quest missions and milestones will get you some additional wyrmite. Doing co-op missions with 3 new players grants 150, but only for the short period of time. I think it caps at 2500 wyrmites.
  • Daily quests give 50 wyrmites.
  • Daily login currently gives 150 wyrmites as they are doing the launch celebration.
  • Reading adventurer and dragon stories give 10 wyrmites each, while finishing a chapter of a story gives you 25 wyrmites.

To give you a rough estimate, you should expect to have about 10k wyrmites after playing it to level 40. That gives you 6 good summons. Unless you have really bad luck, you should have pulled at least a few decent characters, dragons or cards.


This one is probably the hardest one to farm. In the beginning of the game, they will give you a nice 20k mana after completing major objectives early on in the game. This is where you want to know who to invest and use it on those characters.

The few ways you can get mana are:

  • Completing regular missions and the average is 10 mana/stamina
  • Using friends or acquaintances to fight = 25 or 50 mana
  • Teaming up again with 3 players in co-op again after 1 successful mission = 150 mana
  • Clear Avenue of Power daily = 5000 mana
  • Free item summon daily = 0- 3000 mana
  • Special events

I recommend spending your mana on at least 1 main healer. Cleo would be ideal, but if you pulled someone like Hildergarde, invest in her. If you didn’t get to pull any good 5☆ characters, you can invest in the original given 4☆ characters and you will be fine.

Main Goals and Objectives

There are a few things you want to know in order to progress to late game. Here is what I suggest you prioritise to get to late game. I define late game as having a 13000+ might team that can take on High Midgardsormr and the other high elemental dragons.

  1. Pick 5 main co-op characters for all 5 elements and invest in them (Euden for Flame, Cleo for Shadow etc.)
  2. Work your way up in might. Use your mixed element team to do chapters 1-6 normal. Utilize co-op on missions where it will be hard for your team to get all 3 mission objectives completed for the bonus 25 wyrmite. This will unlock all “Dragon Trials” and “The Imperial Onslaught”.
  3. Farm Avenue of Power and Wealth daily for the bonus 15 gold crystals and 28k rupies
  4. Start farming for dragon scales so you can upgrade your character’s mana circle to at least the 3rd level.
  5. Feed dragons 3 times daily for talonstones and bonus upgrade materials. Try to get your most used dragons to level 10 bond at least.
  6. Upgrade your buildings and Smithy level 6 to craft 4☆ elemental weapons. They will give you a nice power spike to your characters.