Dragalia Lost Dragon Trials Guide[Co-op vs 5 Elemental Dragons]

Dragalia Lost Dragon Trials Guide[Co-op vs 5 Elemental Dragons]


Welcome to the Dragon Trials guide! This will be a comprehensive guide for players to take on these pesky dragons after each chapter.

  • Midgardsormr(Wind) – Unlocks after Chapter 1
  • Mercury(Water) – Unlocks after Chapter 2
  • Brunhilda (Flame) – Unlocks after Chapter 3
  • Jupiter (Light) – Unlocks after Chapter 4
  • Zodiark (Shadow) – Unlocks after Chapter 5

Chapter 6 unlocks the Imperial Onslaught. Upon unlocking the dragon trial, you get to challenge a specific elemental dragon via 4 difficulty levels. Each difficulty has a certain might requirement:

  • Beginner – 2000 Might (5 Stamina)
  • Standard – 4500 Might (10 Stamina)
  • Expert – 7000 Might (15 Stamina)
  • Master – 9000 Might (20 Stamina)

You overall team might will need to hit those thresholds in order to start participating in those difficulties. I suggest building 1 main character for Mercury (bring ranged wind attacker/healer) and Zodiark (ranged light attacker/healer) to take advantage of the elemental bonus damage.

You will then want to join co-op to take on Expert and Master difficulties since AI for solo play is quite bad and your AI teammates will eventually die, even if you have enough might to take on the dragons.


You get dragon fruits (used for upgrading dragon levels), materials, dragon scales and dragon spheres that you can use to exchange in the trade treasure section for the specific elemental dragon you want. You can also view all the items in game by tapping on the magnifying glass of the event.

The daily bonuses (max of 3 times) you get for taking down the dragons are the following:

  • Beginner – x2 regular dragon scale, x1 ripe dragon fruit, x1 dragon sphere
  • Standard –  x2 regular dragon scale, x1 ripe dragon fruit
  • Expert – x2 high dragon scale, x1 ripe dragon fruit
  • Master – x2 high dragon scale, x1 rip dragon fruit

MvP Character for Dragon Trials

No question that Hildegarde is the MvP for these maps. Since most people will bring offensive characters, bringing a healer like Hildegarde means everyone one else can go ham and not get punished too hard for not avoiding attacks.

Unfortunately, she is a 5 star unit and luck is required to pull her. However, fear not, there are other options such as Estelle that is a budget option to take her role.

Her first skill is an AoE heal with curse removal. Her second provides a 30% shield against weaker attacks and team regen. Add on a nice staff with single target heal and you have a lot of survivability. The only downside to her is her poor attack. But if you have 3 other attackers, this will not be an issue.

Now on to dealing with each dragon…


Midgardsormr’s attacks are all about stunning and are hard hitting. This dragon specializes in strong melee attacks and also has the potential to stun your character for 3-5 seconds with certain attacks. It is best to bring characters with +stun resistance to reduce the odds of getting stun-locked and taking a lot of damage.

Tail Swipe – Swipes his tail in front of him. This will knock you back. Roll behind him to avoid it.

Quick Dash – He charges forward. Anyone in the path will be knocked back.

Tornado Blast

Tornado Blast – He shoots a whirling tornado from range. The tornado will stay in the spot he blasted to for about 6-8 seconds. Getting hit by this can stun you and deal a lot of damage. Since this attack has no channelling time, you will want avoid standing in front of him at a distance. This is more of an attack that will catch ranged characters.

Summon Help – Summons mobs to attack you. They summon mini tornadoes at you. Quickly dispose them to avoid annoyance and more damage to you.

Whirling Tail

Whirling Tail – He channels his attack for a short 1 second and whirl his tail like a tornado around him. Getting hit by this will cause you to get stunned for a good 3-5 seconds. Probably his most deadly attack. Just avoid at all costs by rolling around like a boss.

Trident Tempest

Trident Tempest – This attack will hit anything in front of him with 3 giant rectangular purple boxes. Very deadly attack. It takes him about 3 seconds to charge up. Avoid by rolling behind him. If you don’t have time to dodge it, then dragon transformation is your other option.

I suggest ranged fire attackers for this dragon. Melee requires faster reflexes to roll out of his whirling tail attack.

Recommended Characters

Any 5 star characters will do the job here, but I will only recommend easily attainable characters.

Euden (4 Star) – Your main flame character will be a good candidate to use in co-op. His first skill is a melee AoE circle attack and his second skill is a ranged line attack. He has the all important stun resistance, which reduces the odds he gets stun-locked, allowing him to put out more damage.

Xania (3 Star)  – The 3 star mage is ranged and can do good damage with her nuking spells. Both of her spells require some aiming, so make sure to time them well!

Aurien (3 Star) – A good team healer with a nuke. Being ranged and a hybrid healer, you can equip him with a healing 4 star rod for another additional heal.


Mercury is also a tricky dragon to fight. He punishes you if you don’t avoid his biggest attacks and also slow you down. Just stay focused and avoid his big attacks and you will come out victorious.

Quick Dash – Mercury charges forward. Anyone in the path will be knocked back.

Giant Slam

Giant Slam – Mercury aims right in front of him with a giant red circle and slams it. It has a 2 second delay. As a melee character, you want to roll behind him to avoid the damage.

Summon Help – He summons some snakes that does cold AoE damage with a cone area of effect. Kill them quickly. It can freeze you and is deadly when combo’ed with the following giant attack, Aqua Spiral.

Aqua Spiral

Aqua Spiral – Mercury charges up for a few seconds and unleashes a blizzard storm around him. Once he casts the storm, it will stay for 2 seconds. Don’t be hasty like me and run into it just so you can try and get in a few hits. This attack does quite a bit of damage and can KO characters if they don’t have more than 500 health. Also, the larger AoE version of this attack will spawn big round bubbles. Running into these bubbles will also be deadly and it hurts.

Recommended Characters

Ranzal (4 Star) – He has some hard hitting attacks, but axe users have slow swing speed. You can use animation cancelling to dodge Mercury’s attack. His first skill tornado bash locks you in the spot for 2 seconds, so it can be dangerous. His second skill can be used to mitigate weaker attacks.

Sophie (3 Star) – A good team healer with a nuke. You can equip her with a healing 4 star rod for another additional heal.

Philia (3 Star) – The bow attacker with 2 aiming nukes and her second skill can paralysis for bonus damage. She can stay safe from a distance and nuke away while avoiding Aqua Spiral.


Probably the easiest dragon among the 5 dragons. Brunhilda has a few notable attacks that is very easy to dodge.

Melee Attack – Brunhilda swipes with his claw in front of him. Has a 1 second delay. Roll away if you are melee. Easy for ranged characters but being melee will require a bit of dodging.

Sky Missiles

Sky Missiles – He shoots flame balls in the air and after a 2-3 second delay, 3 fireballs will land on your position where you are standing. Just run away or roll away.

Flame Breath

Flame Breath – He charges up and prepares to unleash a flame breath in a large cone shape area, starting from his left side and firing towards his right. As a melee character, you want to roll towards his back to avoid taking damage. For ranged characters, you will want to make sure you are on his right side so you have time to avoid his attack.

Sky Attack

Sky Attack – Once he drops to 75% health, he will fly away and start creating a cross flame that will reduce your battle area. The attack is easy to dodge. You want to stay at the bottom corner as you have more space to dodge his following attack. The cross flame will inflict burn if you step onto it.

Crimson Inferno

Crimson Inferno – He will use this attack once he lands after using Sky attack. You want to run or roll out of the large purple area. You have about 2-3 seconds to do so. This is probably his most dangerous attack.

Brunhilda will use Sky Attack often once you whittle down his health. Fight is pretty straight forward. For co-op, I suggest using pure water characters. You take a bit less damage and deal more damage to him.

Recommended Characters

Elisanne (4 Star) – She has a team strength buff that is going to increase the damage output of your entire team for 10-15 seconds. Her second skill is an AoE attack. Very well rounded and great for this map.


Jupiter is quite easy if you have a ranged attacker. His attacks are easy to avoid and very obvious when he performs them.

Melee Attack – Jupiter pecks you with his beak. Has a 1 second delay. Try to roll around and attack him from the back.

Forward Charge

Forward Charge  – This is his most used attack. He prepares to charge straight forward and a red rectangular box will show up. Avoid standing in it and you will be fine. Very easy to dodge. When he is in overdrive mode, lightning strikes will appear on the side.

Lightning Rod

Lightning Road – Jupiter charges up a cross attack with a 2 second delay. As long as stay outside of the red cross box, you will be safe. Roll out of it.



Primal Thunder

Primal Thunder – He summons multiple lightning strikes close to him. This attack does quite a bit of damage if it hits you. Avoid it by staying far away from him. The lightning strikes tend to be close to him.

I recommend using ranged attackers since as a melee character, you will always end up chasing him around. You will also be able to dodge most of his attacks with ease since most of his attacks are more dangerous in melee range.

Recommended Characters

Cleo (4 Star) – Free character that has an AoE heal with paralysis cure and a defensive buff for the entire team. Pair that with a good healing staff and she will do the job very well.

Althemia (3 Star)  – A good nuker with 2 strong spells. First skill requires some aiming and can miss often with Jupiter loving to run around.

Zodiark (Shadow)

Probably the hardest dragon out of the 5. He has very hard hitting attacks and some very punishing moves if you happen to take a hit or two from his attacks.

He also has a high chance to inflict curse on you, disabling you from using dragon transformation and skills. Very deadly if you need a heal at low life. Below is his move set:

Dash – A short dash forward. You will need to roll behind or sideways to dodge it.

Forward Charge

Forward Charge – Zodiark does a charge forward after preparing for a few seconds. Getting hit by it will knock you back. Just avoid the red box. Standing behind him also works.

Summon Help – Summon mobs that can use a small AoE cone that can also curse you. Try to kill them quickly after they are summoned. The last thing you want is to get cursed by their attacks.

Dark Cone Breath - Zodiark's Trial

Dark Cone Breath

Dark Cone Breath – Deals heavy shadow damage in a cone area. It starts from the left and ends on the right. This channel skill is harder to dodge for ranged characters if you happen to be attacking him. Just avoid standing in dead corners to make sure you have plenty of room to dodge it when he channels it.

Accursed Venom

Accursed Venom – He spits out a pile of shadow vomit in front of him. The shadow vomit will stay there for a while before it disappears. This attack will 1-hit KO most characters if you step on it or happen to stand in it. This is a must dodge attack. Once you see the name of the attack appear on screen, run as far away from it! Do not stand right in front of it.

Chaos Cage

Chaos Cage – A purple circle will show up where you stand and try to capture you with a bone looking cage. If you get trapped, you will need your teammates to come save you. Otherwise, it will take a long time to attack the cage and break free yourself. If you are unlucky and didn’t dodge this, you can get combo’ed by Accursed Venom and you are dead.

I suggest bringing at least 1 healer and have a weapon that gives a single target heal.

I recommend using ranged attackers since as a melee character, you will always end up chasing him around. You will also be able to dodge most of his attacks with ease since most of his attacks are more dangerous in melee range.

Recommended Characters

Luca (4 Star) – Good range and a very good auto single target nuke as the first skill. This gives you a nice advantage of not needing to aim. His second skill does require aiming.

Estelle (3 Star) – 1 strong single target heal + a regen heal as the second skill. Add in a healing staff means she has 2 strong single target heals! The only downside is she doesn’t have skill prep like Hildegarde, which means she will need to charge up her heals. But as a 3 star unit, you can’t complain.