The Imperial Onslaught Guide [Co-op]

The Imperial Onslaught Guide [Co-op]


Welcome to the Imperial Onslaught guide. We will be going over how to defeat the 5 elemental knights. You will need to farm here quite a bit for various goodies, so you want to understand the basic mechanics of the fights.

The benefits of doing these missions will give you the following:

  • Bronze/Silver/Gold Whetstones that are used for upgrading weapons
  • Insigna Medals for crafting elemental weapons, trading for weapon buildings or wyrmprints

Difficulty Levels

  • Beginner – 10 Stamina, 1 co-op feather
  • Standard – 15 Stamina, 2 co-op feathers
  • Expert – 20 Stamina, 2 co-op feathers
  • Master – 25 Stamina, 3 co-op feathers

Only Master difficulty will give Royal Insignias. These are needed for getting the 5 star wyrmprints that reduces damage against the high dragon you are fighting (currently it is the Wind High Midgardsormr). So, wind imperial onslaught is farmed by many.

General Thoughts

For these missions, you will want a character for each element. Flame, Water, Wind, Light and Shadow against its opposite element:

  • Water > Flame > Wind > Water
  • Light <-> Shadow

This will give you a damage boost and increases your chances of successfully completing the map with your co-op teammates. Even if you have a good team with over 9000 might, doing it solo with AI teammates is very hard at Expert level.

Each elemental imperial knight will also have some sort of debuff, which we will go over individually later on. There is also a few phases that each boss will do depending on his health left.

Flame Imperial Onslaught

The flame imperial knight is quite annoying to fight against. His special attacks can stun you. Since you want to use a water character to get the best damage bonus, you won’t have any stun protection. So it is highly recommended that you dodge them when he chooses to use it.

Phase 1 – There will be nobody on the battlefield until you walk forward to trigger the first wave of mobs that spawn. Once you clear it, the boss and his bodyguards will appear.

Phase 2 – Upon defeating the first wave, the flame imperial knight will appear with his mobs. He will use his special attack, Phantom assault.It will consist of knights, sorcerer and priest. You want to take out the priests, sorcerers and knights in that order to avoid the map getting too crowded.

Phase 3 – Upon killing his initial group of guards, he will re-initiate with Phantom assault and summon wolves to attack you. Kill the wolves quickly as they are very annoying.

After phase 3, he will repeat phase 2 if you haven’t killed him after a while. Here are his moves:

Phantom Assault

Phantom Assault – 4 purple circles will target near the centre and re-appear further away in a cross shape. A shadow will attack the space at the end when the circle disappears. If you get hit by any of those shadow attacks, you will get stunned for 4-6 seconds. That is extremely deadly as you can be chain combo’ed by mobs and the imperial knight. The attack itself doesn’t hurt too much thankfully.

Flame Wave

Flame Wave – A red box appears in front of the imperial knight. After a slight delay, he unleashes 3 waves of flame in front of him. It is very easy to dodge as long as you roll to the side or back. Does decent damage.

Recommended Characters

Lily – A spammable first skill, Glacial Blossom that freezes. Granted that the imperial knight doesn’t resist, it is a free 3-4 second freeze on him. That gives you plenty of time to deal damage. If you have 2-3 lily’s in the co-op, this mission becomes very easy due to the chain freeze that you

Celliera – A free unit given on the first fire raid. Her second skill winter’s blade will allow her first skill to freeze unless resisted. Very useful like Lily. She will be the alternative to Lily. Her attacks are fast as well, allowing you to charge up your skills pretty quickly.

Water Imperial Onslaught

The water imperial knight is also a tough opponent because his attacks can freeze you. The freeze duration is very long (4-6 seconds) and requires an ally to attack you to break you free.

Phase 1 – Monsters will appear once you walk to the centre. The map has logs blocking on 4 sides. Kill the healers and bow attackers first.

Phase 2 – Once you kill all the monsters, the water imperial knight will appear with his minions and cast Phantom Assault. Getting hit by that will freeze you. You want to stay behind the logs to avoid it. Try to kill the minions, especially the healers. The knight guard can also be annoying with his guard shield.

Phase 3 – His reinforcements will show up after a while when you have killed all of his minions. At this point, you should have your dragons charged up, allowing you to transform. The dragons can destroy the logs on the map to make it easier for you to dodge his future Phantom Assaults.

Here are his moves:

Phantom Assault

Phantom Assault – A rectangular box appears with a circle after that, targeting all areas. Shadow knights will appear and cast a cyclone attack. Only the space behind the logs are safe from this attack. Getting hit by this will freeze you! Avoid at all costs. Pray for your teammate to help if you are frozen by spamming the “help” emoticon.


Cyclone – A red circle prompts an impending cyclone attack which he swirls his axe and slashes everyone around him for 2 seconds. Roll out of it as a melee attacker. As for ranged characters, this attack should not even be an issue unless you are close to him.

Axe Slam

Axe Slam – A red rectangular box shows up in front of him. After a second delay, he slams his axe on the ground in front of him. Easy to dodge as it has a long casting animation. Avoid at all costs!

Recommended Characters

For this mission, you want wind characters with high freeze resistance.

Hawk – As a 5 star, he will be hard to get. However, he has 100% freeze resistance, making him immune to the knight’s freeze. That allows you to do a lot of damage. He is also ranged, so he can stay safe from most attacks.

Aeleen – A 4 star support lancer that has 100% freeze resistance. She offers team defense buff and a decent AoE attack skill. Since she is melee, you will want to roll around to avoid any ranged attacks coming at you!

Wind Imperial Onslaught

The wind imperial knight is a master and inducing sleep. You want to avoid his attacks as possible. He uses lance as his primary weapon. His regular attacks thrust in front of him, so avoid standing in front of him as a melee character. Attack him from the side.

Phase 1 – From the starting point, you will need to run towards the centre of the bridge to trigger the first wave of monsters. Kill them and avoid standing in the bridge when the last monster is being killed. The imperial knight will appear on the bridge with a surprise attack…

Phase 2 – Once he appears, he will use his Phantom Assault, a wide screen rectangular attack that targets the entire bridge and then on either side of the bridge after. The shadows knights will dash through the bridge. If you get hit by it, you will be asleep for 4-6 seconds. He is also accompanied by his wave of minions.

Phase 3 – Once you kill all his monsters and he has taken some damage, he will summon for reinforcements. He will then re-use Phantom Assault again. Take down his minions and focus on him!

Here are his moves:

Wind Phantom Assault

Phantom Assault – You want to avoid standing at the bridge for the first cast of this skill. Later on, you want to stand by the edge of the bridge to avoid the side attacks. Getting hit by it too many times will cost you to take unnecessary damage as you will be asleep for long periods of time.

Wind Slam – A red circle will appear to the area he targets. He will then leap up and land on the circle. It has a long casting time. You only get hit when he lands, so roll out of it close to the end of the animation! Getting hit by this will also make you asleep.

Recommended Characters

Having characters with sleep resistance will help a lot. Or you can just try and ninja dodge everything so you don’t get asleep for long periods of time.

Verica – She is your safety option. As a 4 star, she is one of the few healers that offer regen heal for the team. Most people will bring offensive characters, so as a healer, you can stand at the edge of the bridge and fire away.

Naveed – The newly added 5 star sword attack is perfect for this mission. With 100% sleep resistance, you don’t have to worry too much about his attacks. Try to dodge easy attacks and do as much damage with the Radiant Bauble and Crystalline Blades combo.

Sinoa – Also added as the new 4 star. Aside from 100% sleep resistance, she has a support skill that can get defense, attack or max hp buff. Her second skill is a nuke. So she is quite versatile and useful in this mission.

Ezelith – Ezelith is also a hard to get 5 star. 100% sleep resistance + first skill can apply defense down debuff after casting her second skill, allowing your teammates to deal more damage.

Karl – Much similar to Euden, but has the 100% sleep resistance. He is the perfect candidate for this map if you can pull him. He is more of a support type. His first skill is a circle AoE attack and his second skill improves your team’s strength.

Light Imperial Onslaught

The light imperial knight’s attacks will blind you, making you miss your attacks. If anything, this map can be annoying at times.

Phase 1 – Monsters will spawn once you move. Take them out. This is fairly straight forward.

Phase 2 – Once the first wave is finished, the light imperial knight will show up with the surprise Phantom Assault. Stay behind the rocks to avoid getting hit. The knight also spawns on the top side, so you can get some damage in there.

Phase 3 – He will call for reinforcements once he has taken some damage. At this point, if you get hit by too many blinds, it takes longer to kill him and his minions.

Here are his moves:

Light Phantom Assault

Phantom Assault – Rectangular boxes will appear on both sides of the map. Shadow knights will attack the sides. Anyone caught or get hit by it will be inflicted with blind. Blind reduces your accuracy on your regular attacks.

Light Wave

Light Wave – A long rectangular box appears in front of the knight. He will then jump up in the air to unleash a light wave. It can also blind you. It does have a long casting time, so it is quite easy to dodge.

Recommended Characters

You want characters that have high blind resistance. This will improve your damage significantly.

Kleimann – A raw damage character with some utility (and 100% blind resistance!). His first skill does good AoE damage. His second skill can induce sleep on the enemy. As a ranged character, you can be safe from most of the knight’s attacks.

Beserker – A more tanky utility member that has 100% blind resistance. Try to cast his second skill for the 5-10% bonus max hp boost. His first skill is a good AoE circle attack that also reduces enemy’s strength by 5%.

Shadow Imperial Onslaught

The shadow imperial knight has a more trap based map. A plus shape trap with spikes will be in the map. If you get hit by the spikes, you will be poisoned. The imperial knight can also inflict poison on you as well. He is the only ranged knight.

Phase 1 – Monsters will spawn right at the get go. The tough part is looking at the timing of the spike traps. As a melee, you will need to roll around and try to kill minions.

Phase 2 – Once the first round of monsters are dead, the shadow imperial knight will appear with his wave of minions. He will also cast his version of Phantom Assault. Try to kill his minions to take less damage from an already crowded map full of annoying traps.

Phase 3 – Once you damage him enough, he will summon his reinforcements. If you opt to focus on the knight himself, it is doable but his reinforcements are very annoying alongside the traps. Clear at least half of the reinforcements before focusing on the knight again.

Here is his move:

Dark Phantom Assault

Phantom Assault – Purple circles will form randomly close to him. It has a slight delay before it hits the circles, so you have some time to roll around and dodge it. It only gets tricky if you are close by the spike traps.

Thankfully, he doesn’t have any annoying attacks. The main objective to him is to avoid his pesky traps and try to lock him down in one spot as he tends to run away from you.

Recommended Characters

This map needs sustain and bringing healers is your best bet for the long fight.

Hildegarde – Top 5 star healer and MvP of this map. With her team AoE heal and a shield that blocks regular attacks, she helps the entire team mitigate a lot of damage. It also solves the sustain issue due to poison from traps and the boss. With skill prep, you can sustain your team very early on, which is very useful when your team goes to offensive and forgot to avoid traps. 🙂

Julietta – A 5 star beefy tank with regen and great defense. Her first skill dashes forward and deals good damage. It helps you close in on the enemy quicker. Her second skill is a defense buff + knockback immunity. She is also has 100% poison resistance, making her a monster for this map.

Estelle – Budget 3 star option for this map. She has a team regenl heal and a single target heal. The only downside to her is she has no poison resistance nor any skill prep advantage. But she does the job just fine!