Weapon Guide [Types, Combos, Force Strike, Buildings, Upgrading]

Weapon Guide [Types, Combos, Force Strike, Buildings, Upgrading]


Welcome to the weapon guide! In this tutorial, we will go over all the nitty gritty details of weapons and how they will affect your game play. There are some very intricate things that you need to know and they can really help improve your damage output!

There are currently 8 weapon types.

  • Melee – Sword, Blade, Dagger, Axe and Lance
  • Ranged – Bow, Staff and Wand (Deals less damage at melee range)

Each of them have their own unique way of attacking and some requires a bit of practice to become good at it. Here is a short summary of all the minor details you need to know about teach weapon:

  • Sword – Most balanced weapon. Has good attack speed and a fast force strike. This is highly recommended as it is the easiest weapon to use.
  • Blade – Has good AoE range and you can use the force strike for closing distance or escaping.
  • Dagger – Very good AoE range and very fast attack speed. The force strike has great AoE range as well. This is the fastest attacking weapon and requires a bit of practice to get used to it.
  • Axe – The slowest attacking weapon, but also has the best AoE range among all the melee weapons. The force strike covers a large range and is best used for clearing many enemies.
  • Lance – Longest frontal range with little AoE coverage. The force strike is a frontal attack and is best used against bosses due to the safe range it provides. Not very good against many surrounding enemies though.
  • Bow – Good attack speed with a cone AoE range but poor force strike that requires aiming and has a long casting time. Deals less damage in melee range. Very useful if you like kiting from range.
  • Wand – Wands got homing attacks and also deals less damage in melee range. Has decent frontal attacks that can hit multiple enemies. The force strike is generally a bit better than the Bow since it charges faster and the casting is instant.
  • Staff – Poorest damage of them all. Has a poor AoE coverage but its strike force can pierce through enemies. The normal attacks are used to charge up your skills so you can spam them all the time.

Weapons Attack Style

We will go over all the little details of each weapon below. Special thanks to Brotel for the wonderful video and please visit his channel for more useful Dragalia Lost information.


Basic 5 Hits

Let’s start with the sword. It has a five-hit combo, the first three slashes are decently fast with some range and the fourth attack goes airborne in an uppercut motion and finishes with a slam.

Sword force strike

Tapping and holding perform a Force strike attack which provides good range and moves the character slightly forward. For those unaware, Force strike attacks deal more damage than regular attacks and even more to bosses in overdrive mode.

They also build your skill meter up faster too. So you want to incorporate Force Strikes into your combos as much as possible. Now that you understand the basics lets get into some combos.

One of the best combos for clearing mobs is doing the first three slashes of the combo then going into a dodge to cancel the animation. This three hit combo has everything you want, good speed, range, and animation cancel.

If you want to output more damage then instead of dodging after the third slash you can use Force Strike. This is a good way to reposition your character while dealing damage at the same time.

You can even perform a Force Strike after the second attack instead if you’re fluent at using them. It’s a lot harder to do because the second slash animation is faster than the third slash.

The full five combo is something I’d only recommend doing against single enemies or small mobs. The fourth and fifth airborne moves are very slow and short range and you can dodge out of the animation.

However, it does provide good damage and is easy to perform. Which is why I recommend to use it against single enemies mostly.

Another note is that at the end of the combo when you knock enemies on the ground they become invulnerable for a few seconds. It’s not a big issue just somewhat annoying at times.

Sword in action

Also, whenever you send an enemy airborne you are able to attack them while they are still in the air and falling. This goes for all weapons in the game.

The sword is probably the most balanced weapon in the game. Having great range and damage output making it great for clearing mobs and enemies.


Blade Basic 5 Hit Combo

The first four attacks of the five-hit combo cover the front and small areas on the left and right side of the character. After the fourth attack the character will perform a sheath animation and if you tap right away during this animation you’ll do a spinning slash that covers all sides.

Blade Longer Dash

If you wait and tap when the sheath closes you’ll perform the same attack but with more range, damage, and it moves your character further forward. The Blade’s Force Strike attack seems to cover the same amount of distance as the Sheath attack and it charges quickly.

You can Force Strike after any attack in the four-hit combo so it’s great for clearing distance between attacks. You can also use it as a good escape route as well because using a Force Strike and dodge rolling after covers about the same distance as three dodge rolls.

Blade Force Strike

As for combos, there is not really much for the Blade. The only fluid combo I like is using Force Strike after the fourth attack.

It doesn’t deal as much damage or cover as the full sheath attack but Force Strike comes out quicker and lets you get into your next combo faster. The Blade is slightly slower than the sword but has much more reach.

It’s about as balanced as the sword is but has a bit faster combo time due to canceling with the Force Strike and jumping right into the next combo.


Axe Basic 5 Hit Combo

If you’re looking for a weapon with great range and area then this is the one. The five-hit combo is very slow and starts off with three cleaves that cover all sides but the back.

It’s followed by a spinning slash and finishes with an AoE ground smash. Its Force Strike has a much longer wind-up than the Blade and Sword but the area range is longer than all weapons.

Axe Force Strike

With that said it’s not really a bad idea to just go into a fight and start spamming the Force Strike attack. It’s a very effective tool for damage large amounts of enemies.

For combos other than the normal five-hit combo there are a few. First, since the first two attacks are the fastest among the five I think the best time to implement for Force Strike is after that second attack.

Axe 6 Hit Force Strike Combo


If your character is safe and you wanna get fancy then attack four times and charge your Force Strike while your character is in the air for the fifth attack. It’s difficult to get the timing down but when you do you’ll do a stronger ground smash attack.

The Axe is very slow but has really good reach. It’s not as good as other weapons against single targets but it is one of the best against enemy mobs.


This weapon focuses on offense and mobility. Basically, every attack in this combo set moves the character forward.

Dagger Basic 5 Hits

The combo starts off with three swift strikes that have similar range to the sword, followed by a short spinning slash and finishes with a backflip. Due to how fast this combo is there are often players spamming this combo and not noticing the amount of damage they’re taking while performing it.

Versus high health targets, once you close the distance you should dodge roll behind them then begin your combo. That way the target will have to turn around when they attack and this will give you a window to dodge roll back behind them when they do.

Dagger Force Strike

Moving onto the Force Strike, it’s similar to the fourth attack in the combo but its range is much larger. It also moves the character forward but not far enough to be used as an escape tool.

There are two combos for this weapon. The first, if you’re facing a large group of enemies, Force Striking after the fourth attack is a good option.

This combo gives you two AoE attacks in a row. Keep in mind that you can reposition yourself using Force Strike so in case an enemy spawns behind you mid-combo you can Force strike backward.

Dagger 6 Hit Combo

Secondly, the fifth attack which is the backflip has a long animation and gives you plenty of time to charge your Force Strike. Daggers have no problems with gap closing since the first attack charges them forward toward enemies.

So this combo is just a fancy way to incorporate Force Strikes into the combo to do more damage. Force Striking at the end is also a nice escape tool in cases where you’re backflipping into an enemies attack.

The dagger is probably the most offensive weapon out there. It’s got quick attacks with decent range and it’s very good against all types of enemies.

But it is very easy for you to lose track of your character. You really have to be aware of your surroundings and dodge roll when needed.


This weapon is the melee weapon with the longest reach and attacks fairly fast. The downside is that its attacks don’t cover wide areas.

Lance Basic 5 Hit Combo

The first, second, third, and fifth attack only strike in front of the character while the fourth is a long cleave that sends enemies airborne. The Force Strike, like most of its other attacks, only strikes the front.

But it moves the character forward similar to the Blades Force Strike. So this means you have the option to use it offensively or defensively.

Lance Force Strike

For combos, I think the normal five-hit combo is solid. If you want to extend the combo then using Force Strike after the fifth attack acts as a good finisher.

Otherwise, using Force Strike as a gap closer in-between any attacks in the combo is fine. The Lance is very defensive and is not the best versus an army of enemies but is great against single targets like bosses.

Lance Airborne Strikes

Lance vs Bosses 

Bosses such as Dragons often have these instant attack moves that are hard to dodge. With the Lance, you can attack from a range which gives you a long window in which you can dodge.


The first thing to say about the Bow and the other two Ranged weapons is that they all do less damage if your character is in Melee range. I don’t think most players will have an issue with this cause if you’re using one of these weapons you’ll be at a range distance.

Bow Basic 5 Hit

So onto the five-hit combo, the move set is quite simple. The first attack is a three arrow spread shot, the second attack fires two single arrows in quick succession, the third is the same as the first and fourth is the same as the second and lastly the fifth is a five arrow spread shot.

Its Force Strike attack is somewhat weird. Your character will charge up and fire a volley of arrows in a small circular area in any direction of your choosing.

Bow Force Strike

It’s pretty hard to land so I wouldn’t recommend using it in-between attacks. However, it does have a slightly longer range than the normal attacks so in cases where normal attacks may not reach their mark the Force Strike is a good substitute.

With that being said, the normal five-hit combo is solid and good for DPS. Just dodge roll in-between attacks and only use Force Strike if you’re out of range.

The bow deals significantly less damage than the Melee weapons. However, in a team where the Melee characters take aggro, the range characters can attack from a damage and output constant damage.

If your play style is to carry the team from dealing damage from afar then the bow characters might be for you.


Wand 5 Hit Attack

The character fires a single projectile then two more, followed by three more, than two big ones, then finishes with five. The projectiles fire at a slower rate than the Bow but they’re slightly easier to hit enemies with because they have a homing feature.

So if the enemies move around the attacks will redirect themselves and go for the moving target. The Force Strike is similar to the Bows except that the attack comes out much faster.

Wand Force Strike

Wand Force Strike

Again, I wouldn’t use it in-between attacks because you have to take time to aim. I’d only use it as a combo starter or in cases where your enemies are far away.

No combos for this weapon either. Just spam your attacks and dodge roll accordingly. The Wand is also very strong at a range like a bow but for different reasons.

Range Bonus

The Bow focuses on inflicting status ailments and dealing more damage to those affected foes. The Wand is all about skills and skill damage.


Obviously, everything about the Staff will be worse offensively than everything else because Staff characters are the healers. The five-hit combo is really simple and very straightforward.

Staff 5 Hit Attack

The first attack fires a small slow projectile forward, tapping again shoots out a second one of the same size, then the third attack shoots two larger ones, the fourth attack fires another big one, then the fifth attack finish is an even bigger projectile.

Do keep in mind that these attacks do have the homing feature like the Wand. So if you face an agile foe, the projectiles will go toward them.

The Staffs Force Strike is a linear laser that hits about four times and has the same charge indicator as the sword, blade, and lance but the charge up time is slightly longer. The range is really good though.

Staff Force Strike Pierce

It has a considerable amount of range over the normal attacks so again if you’re staff characters normal attacks aren’t in range feel free to use the Force Strike instead. Also, the Force Strike pierces enemies so it’s good for dealing damage to several enemies in a line.

It’s kind of difficult dealing damage to multiple foes with normal attacks because projectiles disappear after making contact. As for combos, there aren’t many useful Force Strike combos for the Staff.

I’d just use attacks and Force Strike separately depending on the situation. If you’re facing mobs or at low health and you’re trying to hit from a longer distance, use Force Strike. Otherwise just spamming normal attacks is the way to go.

Staff weapons are weak and deal little damage and they are terrible against mobs. But the point of them is to deal damage to increase their skill meter so they can provide healing for the team.

Weapon Dojos

Now that you have a good idea on how each weapon attacks, it is time to talk about your top 4 favorite weapons to use and scale your character’s Hp and strength via weapon dojos! You can access the weapon dojo once you have completed chapter 6 normal mode and unlocked “The Imperial Onslaught”.

You will need to farm the bronze/silver imperial medals (called Dyrenell Aes or Argenteus) to get 4 of the weapon dojos you prefer. Since I have chosen Sword, Dagger, Wand and Staff as my preferred weapons due to luck at pulling adventurers of these types, I will first get the 4 weapon dojos of my choice.

  1. Sword Dojo
  2. Dagger Dojo
  3. Wand Dojo
  4. Staff Dojo
  5. Axe Dojo
  6. Blade Dojo
  7. Lance Dojo
  8. Bow Dojo

Once you have gotten your top 4 options, you then proceed to get the rest of the dojo buildings. Keep in mind that eventually you will have 2 of each type.

You will need a lot of upgrade materials from “The Imperial Onslaught”, so try to farm these maps daily. Level 1-10 requires only Dyrenell Aes (bronze). Level 11+ requires Dyrenell Aes, Argenteus (silver) and elemental medals. Upgrade all your preferred weapon dojos. This is vital especially if you want to farm the high midgardsormr and the other high elemental dragons eventually.

The buildings boost the hp and strength of your adventurers by a small percentage. Stack that with the elemental altars and you will have enough hp to survive the high midgardsormr’s full screen attack. Currently, your flame character will need the high midgardsormr wyrmprint that reduces his damage by 20% and at least 1500 hp to survive. Damage will depend on you and your co-op team members.

Weapon Crafting Options

Crafting is essential to improving the might of your time. Since high level crafting (tier 3 weapons of 4/5☆) require a lot of materials, you will want to decide early on who you are choosing as the designated “main” flame adventurer to take on high midgardsormr. If you were lucky enough to pull 5☆ flame characters like Mikoto or the 4☆ healer Verica, then they will probably be your main character to use in the co-op.

You also need to plan who are the main 4 characters that you use to clear daily missions and easy events. That way you only craft weapons you need.

Weapon Tiers

There are currently 3 tiers a weapon can have.

  • Tier 1 – Base weapon
  • Tier 2 – Upgraded with a skill to use
  • Tier 3 (elemental) – Grants 50% elemental skill damage and bonus stats if used on the same element character

As you can see, it is great to get your weapon to tier 3 if you want to get some bonus stats and damage. My suggestion for you is this. Craft 5☆ weapons to tier 2 (costs more but better for late game) or craft 4☆ weapons and get them to tier 3 (better for the mid game) with the desired element you want.

4☆ Tier 3 Elemental Weapon vs 5☆ Tier 2 Skill Weapon

A 4☆ tier 3 elemental sword weapon (Level 1), it will cost you:

  • 240,000 Rupies
  • 15 Iron Ores
  • 110 Granites
  • 55 Meteorite
  • 20 Abyss stone
  • 50 Azure Insignia
  • Level 6 weapon smith requirement

A 5☆ tier 2 sword weapon (Level 1) will cost you:

  • 275,000 Rupies
  • 225 Granites
  • 65 Meteorites
  • 25 Crimson Cores
  • 25 Sword Tablets
  • 1 Twinkling Sand (usually only available in special events)
  • Level 8 weapon smith requirement

Skip to about 1:24 minutes in the video and Mogawty will talk about this.

So if you have no intention of farming the high elemental dragons, then 4☆ tier 3 weapons are much more cost effective. Keep this into consideration when you are crafting weapons!