Event Application

A few legal basics before we get started. We need these policies in place in order to sponsor you (otherwise you would have to sign a contract). This is here so there aren’t any misunderstandings if we end up doing an event similar to something you may have wanted to do.

  1. We use your pitches to evaluate possible events with content creators. We cannot respond to every idea, and submitting an idea doesn’t mean we’ll get a chance to work together.
  2. We receive a lot of ideas. Many of them are similar. Any submission you make becomes the property of Plexchat, with no compensation or rights from this submission due to you.
  3. If we like the event or your content, we’ll reach out about working together.

Ok, that was fun. Now let’s talk about what our goals are in making this document available:

  • There are a lot of content creators that are trying to get noticed and build a community. We want to have a way to connect with these creators and work with them.
  • Generally, we want to support new types of content because it excites the community. This document gives us an opportunity to figure out what type of creator you are and what makes you different than other creators. We also use this to figure out who we should have you collaborate with on our end.
  • Events are fun to watch and participate in. We like watching them. This document will help us support more of them.

Some tips for a successful pitch:

  • Be specific and be narrow. Do not pitch a general idea “a 10v10 tournament” when you can pitch a specific one “a double elimination 10v10 tournament for new players that use preset bases”.
  • Be detailed. It makes it easier to evaluate the pitch and also indicates to us how serious you are about it.
  • Try to find a way to involve your audience. Events that bring in the community perform better and reinforce the relationship between the content creator and the viewers.
  • Take the game seriously. We like pitches that embrace the complexity or competitive nature of the game. These games are intense. We want the events to be as well.

Okay, that’s enough of that. On to the pitch document.

Here’s how you submit:

Simpley fill out this form.

You can chat with us in PlexChat

  1. Download PlexChat here
  2. Open the app and join the PlexChat Events group using the code below.
  • Plex code: 9e80c