1.3 Update

1.3 Update

The 1.3 update went live at the beginning of May. Discover here what’s new!


New arena ranking system


The reward system got changed. Now the tier are relevant since the rewards you get depend on the tier you end in.

See the table for more details. For instance if you’re among the top 10% of the players in tier 11, you’ll go in tier 14 next season. However, if you’re in the last 20%, you’ll go in tier 10.

The defense rewards got expanded. Now you can get up to 900 feathers each season. And now bonus heroes also double your defense scores, so use them to get more feathers!

According to simulations, you should be able to stay in tier 17 if you’re among the top half of the players. This new system will give less feathers to the top players but more to low ones, and overall the arena scoring became less competitive, so hopefully more enjoyable.

New arena maps with defensive tiles


Arena now has a brand new batch of maps introducing a new type of tiles. These tiles increase the Def and Res of the units standing on it by 30%.

These tiles tend to make KO more difficult, making distant counter defensive units more prevalent. Don’t hesitate to try new heroes, and abuse those defensive tiles.

Also note that these maps give more incentive to split the enemy team, always keep that in mind.


New Special maps – Defense


5 new special maps got introduced. Each of them requires you to stay alive during a few turns. Note that if you kill all the enemies, you’ll win even if the turn count didn’t reach the end.

The first 2 maps have chokepoints, bring a strong defensive unit (preferably with distant counter) and a healer (Physic helps).

In the third map, you’re stuck in an island in the middle, and you’ll face ranged enemies and pegasus riders.

These maps give you 12 orbs (quests included).


Other changes


The difficulty of the 8th and 9th stratum was rebalanced, which will make the leveling of level 35 heroes less painful.

New sorting options were added. You can sort your heroes by Skill Points and Hero Merit.

Tips were added during the loading screen.

And last but not least, Feh will now make a sound every time you click her!


Upcoming content


Two previous Grand Hero Battles will make a comeback. You’ll be able to fight Ursula and Narcian again.

The third gauntlet (featuring mages) will start on May 12th.

Celica’s banner should be released soon (likely as a replacement of the Path of Radiance banner).

A “bride” banner was datamined too, though we don’t have many details yet.

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