Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide


Welcome to the Fire Emblem Beginners Guide. Here we’re going to cover the Battle System, and the Story line, what Orbs are and what they’re used for and how you can obtain them. How to summon new units, what the PVP system is about, and how to obtain more feathers.

The Battle System

The battle system for Fire Emblem is turned based with the player moving all available units first, and then the AI responding on their turn. You can freely move characters in any order to set up a plan of attack or defense. Tap and Drag is the standard method for moving your characters and for attacking. You can also tap your unit, and tap what you would like to attack.

There is a auto battle system as well which is useful for when you are farming stages later in the game, that has the AI control your units for you. The draw back to that system is that it doesn’t always move the units in a proper order, and you can wipe on harder maps.

There are several types of units but the most basic system is the Color / Type advantage.

Several different times of terrain can increase the difficulty and strategic value of units, such as water that only flying units can cross over or some impassable walls that allow you to funnel enemies into your stronger units.


Orbs are the summoning currency in Fire Emblem Heroes. You can acquire orbs through several methods, the primary method of obtaining orbs will be by completing a new maps stage for the first time. Additionally you can get orbs from either doing Quest or Special missions. If that isn’t fast enough for you, you can also put money into the game and buy Orbs with real money.

Orbs are used to summon new Units, which range anywhere from 3 to 5 star units of various colors


Summoning is the best and main method for summoning new Units for your team. You will get anything from 3★ to 5★ units when you Summon. Summoning starts off at 5 Orbs a unit, and slowly decreases in cost for each time you summon units.

The color of units you can get from summoning is randomized each time you start a summoning cycle. Summoning from a specific Banner (The large Image with certain characters), has an increased chance of getting one of the 5★ units shown in the picture.


Story mode consist of several Chapters, each chapter has 5 parts, and each part awards you with 1 orb the first time you complete it. There are 3 level of difficulty – Normal, Hard, Lunatic.

Occasionally there Paralogue will open up, and you can go through addition maps for a side story. Playing a stage will take Stamina, the higher difficulty that the stage has, the more stamina it will start to cost. This is main way you will level up your characters.

Training Tower

The other method of gaining experience will come through the training Stratum missions.

The Training Tower has multiple missions of various difficulty levels for you to use a a method of gaining quick XP, anddd additional Crystals and Shards so you can boost character levels.


PVP currently consist of an Arena style layout. Where you take a team of four against multiple difficulty levels of AI controlled enemies. Playing matches in the Arena requires you to use Dueling Swords as a unit of energy to play through each round of opponents. If you go on winning streak, you can increase your Arena score which will allow you to obtain more rewards once the Arena season has ended.


Feathers are used to merge allies and raise their star level. There are several ways to earn Feathers. You can either get feathers through the “Greeting” of people from your Friend’s list or by tapping on units on the main throne room that have a heart animation.

By doing and turning in completed quest. And the other way to gather feathers is to either send home units, which sacrifices a unit for the currency or the best way to gather feathers which is to do Arena PVP. In the Arena pvp the higher your score goes, the more feathers you can earn.

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