The World of Radiance Update

The World of Radiance Update

An update got released on 04/26/2017. It featured a new banner with four very awaited heroes, and a tenth story chapter which introduced new mission objectives, and a batch of new quests.

Let’s dissect everything about this update together!


World of Radiance Banner

This update brought 4 new heroes from the game “Path of Radiance”. The only hero from the Tellius series (ie Path of Radiance and its sequel Radiant Dawn) was Sanaki.

These four heroes are Ike, Soren, Mist and Titania.


Ike is a Red Infantry Sword user who has a built-in distant counter in his blade Ragnell.

He also has a new skill called Heavy Blade, which further reduces the special cooldown of Ike by one each time he attacks, if his Atk is superior than his enemies’. This, alongside the ability to counter from any distance allows him to use his iconic special, Aether, more often.

His last skill is Swordbreaker on his B-slot.


Soren is a Green Infantry Mage. His tome has no effect, and his special is Growing Wind, which deals area damage before initiation.

He brings on his A-slot a new skill called Watersweep. It prevents him from making any follow-up attack, and if he’s faster than an opponent using a tome, a staff or a dragonstone, it will prevent any counterattack.

His last skill is Fortify Res, on C-slot.


Mist is a Colorless Infantry Healer.

There is not much to say about her. She has Slow (inflicts -6 Spd), Recover (heals for 15 but slows special counter), and her Special is Miracle.

Her C-skill is a new one, Spur Def/Res 2, which gives Def/Res+3 to adjacent allies.


Titania is a Green Cavalry Axe user. She has Emerald Axe, Reciprocal Aid, Armored Blow and Guard.

Guard is a new B-skill which allows Titania to increase the Special counter of her enemy by one at the beginning of a combat if her HP is above 80%

These units are overall not great, so if you don’t feel very connected to these heroes, you should rather save your orbs for later (or for the Hero Fest Banner, which I’ll talk about later in this article).


Chapter 10 of the Story Mode

Alongside these new heroes came a new Story Mode Chapter to introduce them.

Just like the other chapters, this one features 5 parts.

Part 1

This is the first “Reinforcements” map. In order to win, you’ll have to stay alive during 6 turns. Note that Ike has a seal called “Embla Ward” which prevents him from taking any damage.

Part 2

This one is a classical mission.

Part 3

You’ll have once again to defend yourself during 6 turns. This time Titania has the Embla Ward.

Part 4

This is the last defense mission of this chapter. Ike carries once again the Embla Ward.

Part 5

This time, you’re the aggressor : your objective is to defeat all the enemies in 6 turns. If you take too long, you’ll lost and won’t be able to use a Light’s Blessing.


World of Radiance Quests

These new quests all require that you clear each level with all your team members alive by the end of the mission. Each one also requires you to bring a specific unit type, respectively a Sword, Lance, Axe, Sword and Lance user for missions 1 to 5.

The part 2 should not be a problem.

For the defense missions (part 1-3-4), you’ll appreciate having units with distant counter. Having rather tanky units helps, and bringing a healer is an option. Also don’t forget assists like reposition.

Each of the defense missions also feature an enemy with the Embla Ward, so you’ll have no other choice than walling it. Titania in the mission 3 can be tanked quite easily with Red units since she has an Emerald Axe. But for Ike though (in missions 1 and 4), you might appreciate units like Subaki, or Triangle Adept Nowi.

If you’re still in trouble, you can resort to Light’s Blessings to cheese the quests. You have two ways to do so.

You can manually use it on the last turn and wipe enemies / get to safety. Or you can setup your team in order to be sure that they will all get wiped during enemy turn, and then use a Light’s Blessing.


Hero Fest Event

I’ll end with a note about something that isn’t really related to the World of Radiance. Two days after the release of the World of Radiance banner, another event went live : it is the Hero Fest.

A new banner featuring Ryoma, Azura, Hector and Takumi got released, and SP gain are doubled!


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