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DFFOO Global Tier List (Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia)

DFFOO Global Tier List (Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia)


Welcome to Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia global tier list! Special thanks to the community for this wonderful list. This gives you a very good guide on the current top characters in the meta. The are ranked from 0-100, with 100 being the best.

Tier List

TerraMagical DPS, Debuffer100
Sephirothhysical DPS, Physical BRV Shaver, Debuffer95
SazhOffensive Support, Ranged DPS, Ranged BRV Shaver92
EikoBRV Battery, Healer, Magical BRV Shaver, Offensive Support86
CloudLauncher, Physical DPS86
ZellPhysical BRV Shaver, Physical DPS, Ranged DPS, AoE82
FirionPhysical DPS, Ranged BRV Shaver82
KingRanged DPS, Ranged BRV Shaver81
Warrior of LightTank, Ranged BRV Shaver81
KujaAoE, Magical DPS, Magical BRV Shaver80
LennaHealer, Defensive Support, Debuffer, BRV Battery, Ranged BRV Shaver80
PapalymoMagical DPS79
VaanMagical DPS, Debuffer78
TidusDebuffer, Physical BRV Shaver, Physical DPS77
VincentRanged BRV Shaver, Enchanter, Debuffer73
CidRanged DPS, Ranged BRV Shaver73
RydiaMagical DPS, Magical BRV Shaver, Offensive Support, Enchanter, AoE71
SerahOffensive Support, BRV Battery, Magical BRV Shaver, Debuffer71
QuistisDebuffer, Physical BRV Shaver, Physical DPS70
KainRanged DPS, Ranged BRV Shaver70
PrishePhysical BRV Shaver, Magical BRV Shaver, AoE70
YangAoE, Physical DPS69
RamzaOffensive Support, BRV Battery69
LightningPhysical DPS, Physical BRV Shaver69
SeymourDebuffer, Magical BRV Shaver, Magical DPS68
YunaBRV Battery, Defensive Support68
WakkaRanged BRV Shaver, Debuffer68
Y'shtolaBRV Battery, BRV Shaver, Debuffer68
SquallPhysical DPS, Physical BRV Shaver68
SetzerDebuffer, Magical BRV Shaver, Ranged BRV Shaver, AoE, Offensive Support68
AerithHealer, BRV Battery, Offensive Support67
FarisDebuffer, Physical BRV Shaver, Ranged BRV Shaver66
ShantottoMagical BRV Shaver66
GarnetMagical DPS, Enchanter, Offensive Support, AoE65
BartzPhysical BRV Shaver, Debuffer64
ShadowRanged BRV Shaver64
VanilleDebuffer, BRV Battery, AoE64
RemDefensive Support, Healer63
SeiferAoE, Ranged DPS, Ranged BRV Shaver, Debuffer59
ZidanePhysical BRV Shaver59
ViviMagical BRV Shaver59
GalufTank, Physical BRV Shaver59
AsheOffensive Support, Magical BRV Shaver, Debuffer59
MariaRanged BRV Shaver, Ranged DPS, AoE, Healer58
KefkaDebuffer, Magical BRV Shaver, Magical DPS57
ThancredPhysical BRV Shaver, Physical DPS55
IrvineRanged DPS, Ranged BRV Shaver, Debuffer, AoE54
AceMagical DPS, Magical BRV Shaver54
TifaPhysical BRV Shaver53
LayleLauncher, Magical BRV Shaver53
CelesTank, Physical BRV Shaver, Ranged DPS52
EdgarPhysical DPS, Ranged BRV Shaver, Debuffer, AoE52
BalthierRanged BRV Shaver52
HopeBRV Battery, Defensive Support52
PalomMagical BRV Shaver, Magical DPS50
CyanPhysical BRV Shaver, Physical DPS50
CecilLauncher, Ranged BRV Shaver, AoE50
AuronPhysical DPS, Physical BRV Shaver, Debuffer49
KrileMagical BRV Shaver, Enchanter, BRV Battery48
EdgeTank, Magical BRV Shaver48
SabinMagical DPS, Magical BRV Shaver, AoE48
LagunaDebuffer, AoE, Ranged BRV Shaver47
RaijinPhysical DPS, Physical BRV Shaver, Buffer, Enchanter46
PeneloOffensive Support, Healer46
FujinBuffer, Enchanter, Physical DPS, Ranged BRV Shaver45
Onion KnightPhysical BRV Shaver, Magical BRV Shaver45
SteinerPhysical BRV Shaver, Physical DPS43
LionPhysical BRV Shaver, Ranged BRV Shaver, Debuffer43
SnowTank, Physical DPS43
YdaPhysical BRV Shaver, Physical DPS41
CaterRanged BRV Shaver, Magical BRV Shaver, AoE39
YuffieRanged BRV Shaver, Debuffer25