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Diablo Immortal – Chinese Gamer’s Reactions

Diablo Immortal – Chinese Gamer’s Reactions

This is a discussion from reddit of their reaction to the release of Diablo Immortal:

I was curious how did Chinese people react to Diablo Immortal, since they are the target audience. What was the reception in there? Did they like the announcement? No one covered this on reddit or anywhere else yet, and so I decided to make research and see what’s going on. Please note I used online Translators, to preserve the meaning and the context, not necessarily the grammar.

One of many articles:

“Diablo: Immortal” is a world-class quality flagship game jointly produced by Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase. As the official Blizzard hand tour, but also a new work of the Dark series, the game not only inherits the classic dark painting style and magnificent world view, restores the smooth combat experience and immersive exploration fun, but also come out on mobile platform, creating a new story plot and play. Here you will explore the peace of the land of refuge without…

The situation is different when I searched for minor indie fan base portals, or smaller informative outlets / sites. Those do report on what was happening in the west. Out of 14 articles I found and translated, about 5 of them did mention the disappointment in some minor way:

Foreign players are very disappointed with the diablo team’s new game, they said on the forums: “We want a Diablo 1 or 2 remaster, or Diablo 4, or even if you give us Diablo 3 add content, but this game really disappoint me.” And “We waited so long to hear that there was a hand tour? It’s better to tell us something new or not”. There are even players who compare them to EA to poke fun at Blizzard: “Good try, EA, but I’m not that easy to fool” and “I’ll keep an eye on the money I have at hand”.

At present, the game has not had any online related news, but in the face of the tide of poor reviews, how will Blizzard and NetEase deal with?

Another one:

“Forbes” impurities summed up the five reasons why Diablo: Immortal caused players to be angry, arguing that the designer’s response to player discontent was the main reason for angering the fan base. Blizzard has released “Diablo: Immortal” for nearly a week, but the sprawling poor reviews and antipathy are felt by the player’s anger.

Most of the articles I found were rather positive towards DI. This is not a surprise really; we are talking about a country known in the past for propagandas, omission of uncomfortable truth, influence people’s opinions and mindset, and all that stuff. I was surprised, however, to find a couple of articles to even mention any disappointment of foreign gamers, and to report that to Chinese readers.

It is very interesting to see that they are actually not too hateful unlike the US crowd.