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How to Download and Play LifeAfter on PC

How to Download and Play LifeAfter on PC

By Doomeris

A big thanks to Doomeris for the information in the video above.

How to Download LifeAfter on PC

LifeAfter can be downloaded and played on the PC. And in a lot of ways, it gives you an advantage over player against those on Mobile.

But there are some downsides to playing on PC. The game is meant for a mobile device so it’s not optimized well, you will lag constantly, and there are a few other cons as well.

You can have a beast of a computer and still be dealing with lag issues. But in some aspects, it is easier to do some things on a PC than it is on Mobile.

You get the game through NOX which is a Mobile emulator. In NOX, you can create keybinds for each control in the game.

You can make your actions in the game whatever key you want them to be. Whatever is most comfortable for you cause you’ll be binding both keyboard and mouse as well.

One of the best things to do is to change your operation mode. Make it so when you move your mouse you can move the screen without moving the analog stick.

It will make moving around a bit more fluent and easier for the PC. It’ll also make dealing with the lag issue a little bit more bearable.

It’s also a personal preference but you can make all the buttons and HUD completely invisible. By changing the size and transparency of everything you can make your screen pretty but bare of any buttons or the HUD.

Now, if you want to play the game on PC and mobile there is a way. What you need is your email and what you do is bind your email to your NOX player.

If you don’t use the same Email for your Mobile account and on NOX then you can’t play the same account on both PC and Mobile. If you link the account then it will automatically log you into your account you had from your mobile.

Same for Mobile, in the game you have to bind your game to your Email to keep the data saved to that Email. Then once you switch back and forth you’ll have it easy.

The last thing is setting your graphics for the game. You want to make sure you’re not overclocking your PC by using graphics settings you can’t support.

The video above shows a good setup of what you should stick too. Know what your computer can do before you try to set anything too high otherwise the game may not run at all.