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LifeAfter Profession Guide for Beginners

LifeAfter Profession Guide for Beginners

By Doomeris

A big thanks to Doomeris for the information in the video.

Professions Guide

In this guide, we’re going over all of the Professions in LifeAfter and what each of them does. Be sure to watch the video above for the full detailed explanation.


To go through the different Professions be sure to talk to Jessica in your camp. She lists all the professions you can go into and each has their own purposes.

The gathering Professions are such as Miner, Lumberjack, and Hemp Picker. And these professions are generally about gathering resources.

They’re not the best professions you can get but they offer something unique to each of them. As they level up they get a skill that gives a percentage chance to get a Profession unique item from resource gathering.

You can only get these resources from using the specific Profession so you want to use them at least enough to reach that point. The best place to go, Mount Snow, because it has tons of gathering spots for all three professions.

Out of all the professions, these three aren’t really the most important ones. The next one is Firearms Maker which is far better than the gathering professions.

It’s basically the crafting profession that lets you make products for weapons and repairs for them. You can even unlock the skills for making a UMP9.

A big thing to note is that to get some of the materials with this profession, such as Steel Pipes, you need the resources from the first three professions.

But doing all of those are gonna cost you a lot of time and grinding. So if that’s not something you’re into you can focus more on it costing you gold.

But going into the games market you can buy the resources you need instead of grinding for them. Things like Silicone, Broadleaf, and Jute Stem.

The best way to make money in the game is going with the Armorer profession because they can make Leather. And really, the Armorer is probably the most broken profession in the game because of everything it gives you access too.

However, I wouldn’t suggest everyone going out and being just an Armorer. Having variety in your professions is an important thing.

With the Armorer you get access to getting a better backpack, armor durability, weapon durability, a rare chance of getting an extra product when making stuff. You can get a lot from the Armorer profession so it’s definitely one you want to focus on for a bit.

There really is no question about how important the Armorer is compared to the professions that came before. But there are still a couple left.

Next is the Furniture Maker which is basically meant for building and repairing structures. So this profession is important for making your bases better.

Sadly, the most useful things to come from this profession are the first two skills. It’s not really worth what it’ll cost to level this one up to its max.

The last three Professions are Rifleman, Sniper, and Warrior. And overall they’re all kind of lackluster and disappointing in terms of usefulness.

They each help you deal more damage in combat by a little bit but nothing drastic or game-changing. These professions are 100% PvP based so if you’re not playing the game for PvP do not even worry about any of these three.

Rifleman mostly focuses on dealing more damage in combat, slightly healing you, and the last skill crippling enemies. Sniper focuses on the more long distance damage giving more the further away you are, dealing damage over time with bleeding, and making the “Hold your breath” mechanic a bit better. And Warrior is just kind of useless compared to the other two so don’t even worry about it at all.

As you level up your professions you will reach different tiers of them. Like going from Miner I to Miner II and so on.

Keep in mind as stated before, the first three professions aren’t the most important because they’re all basically the same. Lumberjack is probably the easiest because you can find trees anywhere in this game.

When it comes to what Professions you should choose to focus on it very easily comes down to Firearms Maker and Armorer.