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The Ultimate FTP Farming Guide 2019 v2.4 – Marvel Strike Force

The Ultimate FTP Farming Guide 2019 v2.4 – Marvel Strike Force

By ValleyFlyin

A big thanks to ValleyFlyin for the information in the video above.

The Ultimate FTP Farming Guide

Phase 1

Phase 1 of this process is all about getting started when you’re brand new to the game. At the end of Phase 1, you should have an Arena team, a good Raid team, a Blitz team that can win on the high tier of Blitz, and on an added bonus do some of the block party missions as well.

Who you should farm is any of the Defenders. Punisher(HeroesCampaign), Jessica Jones(VillainsCampaign), Daredevil(Arena Store), Luke Cage(Blitz store), and Iron Fist(Nexus, Cosmic, Mystic). Each of them is farmable in different areas.

There are also bonus characters you can aim for as well. Yondu is a great one to get from the Hero Campaign because he comes with several tags such as Villain, Mystic, etc. and that’s going to make it easier to farm some other things later in the game.

Mordo is another good bonus character and you’re farming him for a similar reason as to Yondu. The same thing also goes for Gammora.

Of course, you’ll need more than that to beat some of the campaigns and that’s where it falls into RNG which can be a little annoying. Once you get to Heroes 5.6 you don’t have to worry about farming to much there because there aren’t many more Heroes passed that point.

Villains 4.3, Nexus 5.6, are just gonna give you an extra node to farm Kree Oracle and SHIELD trooper which you should be doing in the Raid store at this point. And Cosmic 1.6(2.6), you want to at least get to 1.6 but ideally, 2.6 is the goal because it gives you an extra node to farm Kree Cyborg and Kree Reaper.

How long you should stay in phase 1 is debatable but most definitely after you get your Defenders to 5-star. It’s really important to get your Defenders team to high tier because it makes it so much easier to get through some of the later game stuff with that one team and making farming easier.

Phase 2

Once you have that and you clear the Phase 1 stages you can move onto Phase 2. In Phase 2, you’re going to have a Kree Minion team because it unlocks one of the best leaders in the game, Nick Fury.

You want to get that minion team because you want to get Fury and the minion team will give you a pretty good Raid and Blitz team. You’re gonna start farming all of the minions you can in each of the game modes.

Other than going for the minions and maybe working more on Jessica Jones which might be a thing you want to focus on getting your Medic. She’s also available in the Heroes Campaign but also in the Villains Campaign you want to be farming someone every day for the objectives.

In Nexus, Cosmic, and Mystic you can get those nodes for Reaper and Cyborg but you really wanna get the Kree Noble. In the Arena store, you’re gonna shift from Daredevil and go for the SHIELD Security.

He’s gonna be the Tank and he’s pretty much in every version of the SHIELD Team. If you’ve already got Daredevil and Mordo at a good place I’d also start working on Drax because he’s’ important for later.

Now, with the Raid store you’re gonna wanna make sure you get Oracle even though you can farm him nodes as well as Trooper. Rocket is who you wanna switch to if you have both Oracle and Trooper built up well.

You can also farm Ronin here if you want because he’s great with the Kree team and honestly makes it as good as it can get. And in Blitz store, you wanna swap from farming Luke Cage to Kree Royal Guard.

As you farm all the minions it’s going to unlock Nick Fury which is the ultimate goal here. But as an added bonus it is also how you unlock Iron Man which isn’t a priority but it is a nice extra.

Phase 3

In this phase, you are focusing on unlocking Star-Lord. You’re really gonna need to start building your characters up to 5-star in order to get Star-Lord so this is where a lot of the grind comes in.

Start with Yondu in Heroes Campaign, you’ll already have him started from back in Phase 1 and you can pick up his progress here and really push him forward. I think the team you want to go for with Star-Lord is the core Guardians team. Rocket, Groot, Gamora, Yondu.

You can unlock each of the Guardians in the different modes during Phase 3. And you want to focus on them but also go for the bonus characters as well that are listed.

Bullseye is one of the worst characters in the game but he will help you with the Payday event which will be helpful as well as Korath.

Mystique is good for the next phase where we’ll try to focus on the Brotherhood team despite everyone not being entirely farmable. But you can start on her because either Sabretooth, Pyro, or Juggernaut will become farmable and you wanna get them.

A big focus in Nexus is 100% Groot you’re gonna need him to get Star-lord. Arena Store is focusing on Drax and Deadpool for that bonus character because he’s a mercenary character.

The Raid store is all focusing on Rocket but immediately Ronin will give you more bang for your buck because you can slot him into that Kree team. And Gamora is the focus in the Blitz Store because she’s the final piece of that Guardians team.

You wanna make sure you have them at 5-star so you can at least unlock Star-Lord. Then you wanna make sure to build up your Mystic team in the background because that will enable you to unlock Storm at mystic 2.3 and she is a requirement for Magneto.

But if you get to 2.6 you could unlock Ms.Marvel and she can slip into that Defenders team replacing Punisher. But at this point, you are ready to move on.

Phase 4

At this point, you have a good team because of the Kree Minions, a Shield team with Fury, and you have Defenders which is another great team. So you’re looking pretty good but from here not everything is available to FTP players.

So we’re going to shift onto some other teams and one of those teams that is really good is the Avengers. You’re gonna start working on getting them Although Black Widow is not farmable and she is a key component to the team.

So you’ll start working on Captain America once you have your solid foundation built from the first three phases. Mystique is important to get to 5-star because it’s gonna help you unlock Magneto and get you one of the best offensive teams in the game, The Brotherhood.

Hawkeye is another great character for that Avengers team. But for Magento, you’re going to need Mystique, Storm, and Wolverine which you should be getting from your daily logins.

Once you have some of your characters built up you can switch to Scarlet Witch. She has that Avengers tag and she is very effective as a debuff.

One of the best characters in the arena store and fits into a lot of teams is Quake. She’s very well rounded and worth getting if you’re built up well enough and have gotten Scarlet Witch.

In the Raid store, there is not a lot at this point if you’ve gotten the previous characters from the other Phases. You can get the Hand Sentry at this point which isn’t entirely bad but you can also unlock Thor.

For the Blitz Store, you can work on any character at this point. But Spiderman is a good bet even though he isn’t a very strong character he still gives a lot of benefits in the long run.