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Top 10 Bleach Brave Souls Characters (2018)

Top 10 Bleach Brave Souls Characters (2018)


Bleach: Brave Souls is a gatcha game with a very large cast of available characters from the popular anime and manga Bleach. With such a large roster of characters released over the course of the games run there have been several changes in terms of what “the best” characters are.

This list is going to go over 10 of the best characters for 2018. These characters are in no particular order and are judged in terms of their stats and usefulness in certain events. (Raids, Senkaimon Quests, Brave Battles, etc.)

Number 10. Orihime Inoue (The Bond)

Orihime is a Heart unit with a good Stamina pool and SP Stat. She’s a ranged character that can be set up for a pretty decent NAD build.

But with her strong attacks, she’s great for SAD as well. Especially due to their overall AoE capabilities and that her second one gives a Barrier effect.

Her Special also acts as a heal. This makes her great for Senkaimon quests and raids, even more so because of her killer and Human affiliations.

Number 9. Ryuken Ishida (The Lost Agent)

Ryuken Ishida is a Heart unit with a high base HP and Attack stat. He’s recommended to be used in a NAD (Normal Attack Damage) build.

Specifically setting him up in a Chappy NAD build because he benefits highly from this. Why is that? He is a ranged character.

The fact that he is a ranged unit with such a high NAD potential is a huge selling point. This is especially useful in PvP making him a great choice for Brave Battles.

Number 8. Kenpachi Zaraki (Thousand-Year Blood War)

Kenpachi is a Mind unit and unlike most other Kenpachi units this one is pretty versatile. He can be built as a Chappy NAD character but he can really benefit with a SAD build as well.

SP is his highest base stat and he has several abilities in his 6-star tree that boost his SAD potential. Frenzy increasing the number of hits on his strong attacks and Devastation giving a 40% damage boost for his Special.

Plus he has a transformation when using his Special which increases damage for his strong attacks as well. Also,  building him in SAD makes him a great PvP character.

Number 7. Ulquiorra (3rd Anniversary)

3rd Anniversary Ulquiorra is a Power unit and has one of the highest SP stats in the game. There is no doubting that this character is still one of the best despite some of the heavy hitters that have been released after it.

He’s a great character for both NAD and SAD builds and can also be a decent Hybrid build as well. He’s especially good for Raids having a Barrier on his second strong attack and his third being a charge attack.

He’s got some decent AoE with his Strong attacks which can be helpful in a SAD build or be good for crowd control with NAD. Either way, this Ulquiorra is an overall beast whichever way you build him.

Number 6. Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto (One-armed)

Genryusai is a Technique character with a high base Attack stat. This version of Yamamoto is most definitely designed for Chappy builds.

His base attack is really good and he has Flurry as a 6-star increasing the number of attacks when hit. And all of his Strong attacks inflict burn.

So when running him with Chappy you only need his strong attacks for that lasting Burn effect. The rest of the damage comes with his normal attacks which get even better with his Long Range effect.

Number 5. Yasutora “Chad” Sado (The Bond)

The newest version of Chad is a Speed unit and surprisingly one of the best units in the game right now. He has great Attack and SP for base stats.

Chad is a character that can run both NAD and SAD builds. He has Flurry giving him the extra attack on Normal attacks while also having Berserker giving a 30% increase on strong attack damage.

Making him a Chappy build is a smart move because of the heavy damage he can dish out with Flurry. In PvP, you cannot go wrong running a Chappy Chad.

Number 4. Kisuke Urahara (Thousand-Year Blood War)

Kisuke is a Technique unit with a great SP stat. He is a really good SAD unit having abilities like Frenzy, Long Reach, and Devastation.

He can dish out some pretty heavy damage with his strong attacks. Especially with his 3rd Strong attack being a full-screen radius.

What makes him so great though, especially in raids, is his Special attack. When used it activates an auto-revive on the team.

This basically means if you die while it’s active you’re immediately revived upon death. It’s a complete game changer and makes him a great Raid and Senkaimon unit.

Number 3. Yhwach (Thousand-Year Blood War)

Starting off the top 3 is Yhwach. He is a Mind unit with a good SP stat and he is arguably one of the best Mind units if not the best in the game.

He is a Chappy unit with no doubt, he can be built for SAD but his damage potential in NAD is undeniable. His strong attacks inflict Paralyze when used normally and when transformed they inflict Weaken, both of these are beneficial when running Chappy.

But what is so good is that he is a ranged character and when transformed his normal attack combo is extremely fast. During PvP with a Chappy build, he is extremely hard to beat.

That isn’t saying he doesn’t make an amazing SAD unit either. But with his range capability and transformation, he is one of the best Chappy units out there.

Number 2. Ichigo Kurosaki (Thousand-Year Blood War Bankai)

TYBW Ichigo is a Heart unit and has one of the highest if not the highest base SP stat in the game. He is a very versatile unit being both a great NAD and SAD character.

He has a 20% Bruiser effect for his normal attack damage but also has Frenzy which increases his strong attack hits. What’s so good is that his second Strong Attack acts as a buff.

When buffed his damage potential increases by quite a bit. When running either a Chappy NAD or a SAD his damage capabilities really benefit when buffed.

His buff also acts as a transformation changing up his strong attacks in small ways. Overall, for Raids, PvP, Senkaimon quest, this Ichigo is one of the best you can get hands down.

Number 1. Yachiru Unohana (Thousand-Year Blood War)

Yachiru Unohana is a Heart unit and probably has the highest attack in the game, if not the highest it’s very close. She’s been one of the best attack units since she was released and there has been almost nothing that tops her.

She is the best Chappy unit in the game for two reasons. Reason number one being her insane damage output when equipped right.

She has Flurry giving her a bonus attack on a normal attack. And when given the right Chappy build (Golden Chappy, Chappy, matching Att, etc.) her damage can outclass nearly every other character.

Reason number two is that she has a healing ability. Being a healer while having such great damage is a massive bonus.

For PvP, you can’t go wrong with her. There are so many PvP teams that are just Unohana and they sweep fully equip teams with no issue.