Item Type: Weapon


"Pole weapon used for hunting and self-defense."

The Spear is a basic weapon that can be crafted early in the game.



The spear is the cheapest weapon to make in the game. It does low damage and has an average attack speed. The usefulness of the spear is that it is cheap to make and great for killing Roamers. If a player was to sneak up on a Roaming Zombie, the player can do 30 damage for a sneak attack and finish off the zombies without taking any damage.

The spear is very useful in green zones, however it is not a good weapon for fighting fast zombies.


Crafting Location:

  Weapon Stats
Damage 10
Attack Speed 1
DPS 10
Max Hits
Sneak Attack
Level Unlocked lvl 1
Crafting Points Required?
Crafting Points Amount 1
  Used In:
Not used in anything...