Item Type: Item


"Great for minor repairs and seems to outlive its owners."


Bunker Alfa underground boxes:
Bunker Alfa Level 1 Wrench
Possible wrench location (Level 1)
- Level 1 - Shelf in the room with a Biter

Bunker Alfa Level 2 Wrench
Possible wrench location (Level 2)
- Level 2 - Locker in the room across the terminal, where Generator used to be, with Frenzied Giant in it.

Bunker Alfa Level 3 Wrench
Possible Wrench location (Level 3)
- Level 3 - Bottom box in a room with the most zombies, Spitters and Abominations, ones that trigger on lasers.

Green, Yellow, and Red Zone crates.
- Pine Bushes,Pine Grove - Seems to be a good place to get them from.

AI player bases (if not previously looted).
you can get wrenches in yellow and red for high chance to get one


20 Wrenches are required to craft the Gunsmith Bench.

5 wrenches are required to craft the Electric Generator. You will then require 10 wrenches to construct the generator and access the Watchtower.