Equipment Upgrading Guide [Weapons and Accessories]

Equipment Upgrading Guide [Weapons and Accessories]


Welcome to the equipment upgrading mini guide. We will be providing details on how to enhance your equipment. Keep in mind that all of the materials for upgrading or enhancing equipment can be found via the Abandoned Mines(1 hour limit) in Fairy Realm. They are available Monday and Friday at hourly intervals.

Edit: The new update gives you daily entries to the dungeon instead of a specific time. Thank goodness!

  • Abandoned Mines 1 – 2★ Dwarven Hammer and 2★ Chalice of Heroes
  • Abandoned Mines 2 – 3★ Dwarven Hammer and 3★ Chalice of Heroes
  • Abandoned Mines 3 – 4★ Dwarven Hammer and 4★ Chalice of Heroes

Enhancing Equipment

The easiest and most efficient way is to use the chalice of heroes, which gives bonus experience when upgrading equipment. Save it for 4/5 star equipment you really want. Save your chalices to upgrade 5/6 star weapons.

Keep in mind that you can only use weapons to upgrade other weapons, and the same goes for accessories.

Enhancing accessories will grant bonus random stats to the equipment. We have seen the following stats added so far:

  • Action Charge Speed
  • Magical Attack
  • Physical Attack
  • HP
  • DEF
  • Max HP Increase Rate %
  • Physical Attack Increase %
  • Magical Attack Increase %

For weapons, you will see critical rate increase % occasionally.

Pretty sure there is more and we will add more when we see it.

Materials Requirements

The way weapons gets upgraded is simple:

  • 3★ -> 4★ = 3 star weapon x3, 20k gold
  • 4★ -> 5★ = 4 star weapon x4, 40k gold
  • 5★ -> 6★ = 5 star weapon x 5, 60k gold

You can substitute the weapon by buying Dwarven Hammer from the item shop. Also, you can only use weapons of the same type to upgrade.

  • 3★ Dwarven Hammer -> 30 crystals
  • 4★ Dwarven Hammer -> 90 crystals
  • 5★ Dwarven Hamer -> 360 crystals

The only thing is that you have to farm crystals from either adventure maps or completing the fairy realm maps. When you sell monsters, you get the following:

  • 1★ and 2★ -> 1 crystal
  • 3★ -> 5 crystals
  • 4★ -> 30 crystals
  • 5★ -> 90 crystals

Now I do not recommend that you sell any 4★ or higher monsters for crystals since they are much rarer to come by.

Keeping Your Weapon Substats

Sometimes, when you re-roll and get some really good sub stats such as:

  • Critical Rate
  • Critical Damage Increase
  • Hp% Increase
  • Physical ATK% Increase
  • Magical ATK% Increase
  • Def% Increase

You will want to keep those. However, it will cost you gold. For each substat you want to keep when upgrading a weapon from 5 star to 6 star will cost you a grand total of 240,000 gold. Make sure to click the check box that says “Keep Random Bonus Stats”.


Accessories cannot be upgraded to the next star level. You can only attain up to 5 star accessories so far. The best place to get 4-5 star accessories with magic enchants is going to be wanted missions. You can get wanted missions easily by just clearing adventure map. One of the best farming spots is definitely Heroic Oceanvale 3-1.

You can also do any mythic stages to get 4 star items for fast upgrades.

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