Farming Garnets, Crystals and Gold Guide

Farming Garnets, Crystals and Gold Guide


We will go over all farming methods for acquiring garnets and crystals. We will be updating this as we find better ways to farm!!!

Farming Garnets

Completing Adventure Scenario

Each new scenario you do will give you garnets. Try to get 3 stars on each scenario to get all the garnets. If you have been unlucky with your natural 5 star drops, there are some awesome 3 star units (Fairy, Hatchling, Treant Reptilian Warrior) you can farm and train up to build an awesome farming team for heroic and mythic difficulty. Assuming you get 3 stars for each map:

  • Normal difficulty – 10 garnets per scenario
  • Heroic difficulty – 12 garnets per scenario
  • Mythic difficulty – 16 garnets per scenario

Completing Story Mode

Story mode not only gives garnets on various stages, it also grants you some good 4 and 5 star heroes. Avon’s song will give you the following:

  • Chapter 1 = 45 garnets
  • Chapter 2 = 60 garnets
  • Chapter 3 = 90 garnets

Daily Quest

These quests are a no brainer. I have listed below all the list of tasks you get to do to earn 10 garnets.

  • Check in 1 Time
  • Complete 5 Adventure Battles
  • Clear a Fairy Realm Dungeon 1 Time
  • Level Up Any Hero 5 Times
  • Acquire 1 Hero

Do this for 7 days nets you 70 garnets. Pretty simple and takes less than 15 minutes daily if you are fast and efficient.

Leveling Heroes to Max Level

Each time you max out the level of a hero, you will get garnet. This varies depending on the star level of your hero.

  • 3 star -> 3 Garnets
  • 4 star -> 4 Garnets
  • 5 Star -> 5 Garnets
  • 6 Star -> 6 Garnets

Occasionally, maps will spawn treasure chests, which can net you 10-30 garnets, depending on difficulty. I have gotten 30 garnets from Mythic stages. Keep a lookout for it while you are autoing. AI will ignore treasure chests!

The best experience area/mandolin is definitely Mythic 4-4. The run time will be slower since it requires good units to clear the map relatively fast. If you want the fastest way to max out 3 star monsters to get 3 garnets, you want to check out the method below…

Farming Crystals

Farming crystals is an absolute must if you want to:

  • upgrade your weapons
  • evolve your heroes by buying/farming soul bottles
  • Get more 3/4/5 star heroes

One of the best ways is to use the following setup. It takes only 7 seconds if you have the right characters. You will want to farm Heroic Ocean Vale 3-1.

You will want to find a strong Dark Nazdan attacker (as a friend) for the fastest times. Devnia Assassin gives +20% attack to dark units. This means your friend’s Nazdan will hit like a truck. Keep in mind that you can substitute Nazdan for any other strong attacker that has an AoE. The farm time will be slightly slower though. The reason why this works well is because of Nazdan’s AoE has a huge range.

Also keep in mind:

  • 3 star monsters sell for 5 crystals
  • 4 star monsters sell for 30 crystals
  • 5 star monsters sell for 60 crystals

And for each level a 3 star monster gains, it also sells for 1 more extra crystal. So for example, a level 16/25 reptilian warrior would sell for 20 crystals. You want to level them to about 14-16 instead of max level. Since it only takes 6-7 battles in Heroic Ocean Vale 3-1 get them there. If you try to max them, it takes way too many battles and is not as efficient for farming crystals.

However, if you want garnets over crystal, then go ahead and max out the monsters before selling them. Also, there are other stages that are good for this method. Below is a table created by ginebros and he explains how he farms and why it’s worth it.

Optimal Farming Spots

Difficulty Stage Clear Time Exp NÂș of enemies Mandolins Tips Wanted
Normal 1-9 15s 790 4 3
Normal 2-8 40s 1010 5 3
Normal 4-1 15s 1600 5 3
Normal 4-4 15s 1630 5 3 Best crystal/mandolinRECOMMENDED
Heroic 2-5 40s 2430 5 4
Heroic 2-8 38s 2610 5 4
Heroic 3-1 7s 2800 3 5 Best exp/time, 3* acc
Heroic 3-4 18s 2810 5 5
Mythic 1-9 150s 3840 5 6 def
Mythic 2-1 90s 3840 6 magic
Mythic 2-5 84s 4200 6 4* weapons and acc magic
Mythic 2-9 59s 4240 6 magic
Mythic 3-1 long 4500 5 7 phys
Mythic 3-3 no info 3840 7 phys
Mythic 4-4 73s 5030 7 Best exp/mandolin, 4* acc hp

Mythic Areas and Wanted Accessory Options

Difficulty Stage Clear Time Mandolins Mobs drop Enchant Weapons Wanted
Mythic 1-1 no data 6 magic 1 def
Mythic 1-2 no data 6 1 hp def
Mythic 1-3 no data 6 1 magic def
Mythic 1-5 no data 6 hp 1 def
Mythic 1-8 no data 6 magic, phys def
Mythic 1-10 no data 6 magic 2 def
Mythic 2-3 no data 6 1 1 magic
Mythic 2-5 no data 6 2 1 magic
Mythic 2-6 no data 6 1 hp magic
Mythic 2-8 no data 6 magic 1 magic
Mythic 2-10 no data 6 hp 2 magic
Mythic 3-2 no data 6 1 1 phys
Mythic 3-5 no data 6 2 phys
Mythic 3-10 no data 6 phys 2 phys
Mythic 4-2 no data 6 1 phys hp
Mythic 4-5 no data 6 hp 1 hp
Mythic 4-10 no data 6 phys 2 (one rare) hp

With this, you can decide where you want to farm for accessories and possible leveling spots for crystal farming.

Farming Gold

Farming gold in this game is pretty straight forward. Aside from completing daily, weekly and monthly quests + achievements, there are a few good ways to farm more gold.

  • Sell weapon and accessory drops
  • Farm wanted dungeons whenever they appear after you grind adventure mode
  • Farm treasure map on Saturday, also known as the gold dungeon (1 to 2 am, 7 to 8 am, 1 to 2 pm, 7 to 8 pm Pacific US Server)
  • 9k gold from completing daily quest

Again, the best and fastest map for gold is Heroic Ocean Vale 3-1. It’s easy for beginners to start farming that map once you can get a friend with a good 6 star Nazdan. You will get a lot of 3 star accessories and also 3 star reptilian warriors/archers. This method is also great for fast gold because you can sell a sixteen 3 star accessories for 45,000 gold pretty quickly, but it’s not the most efficient when it comes to spending mandolins.

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