[War of Crown] General Leveling (Progression) Guide for Beginners

[War of Crown] General Leveling (Progression) Guide for Beginners


Welcome to the War of Crown game progression guide! We will be going over what you want to look out for in the game as you level to become stronger.

General Leveling (1-20)

Through just playing the game, you will get free 300 garnets to start your first multi summoning session in the game. You have to get through the tutorial to start summoning that 1st 10 heroes. Now the key is to ensure you get at least 1 natural 5 star out of the summon. Based on my experience, your odds of summoning in this game seems to be:

  • 5 Star – 3%
  • 4 Star – 25%
  • 3 Star – 72%

So keep re-rolling until you land a good natural 5 star. Below are some that you should consider rolling based on an experienced player’s advice (oncewasblind) for PvE:

  • Eldin – The King of mages, but drastically differs per element. He’s either heavy offense or mid offense with good support. Either way though, he deals pure death from a distance. Fire and Water have especially slow charge speed. Fire’s is mostly negated by Communion though.

  • Arendel – Due to the tactical nature of this game, tanking needs to be done indirectly, which Arendel does better than anyone else, by giving a team barrier and a passive defense buff. His Fire and Dark versions lack these skills, turning him into a tanky brawler instead.

  • Feria – The support Queen. She’s able to save your allies from iminent doom, and can even take a hit herself with her Block skill. Her wind version, in particular, is extremely powerful, able to save your team members time and again. She’s a monster in PvP.

  • Edgar – Tanky DPS. He doesn’t really give any protection to your team though, just some crowd control. He’s a reliable front-liner that, in the right element, can dish out solid damage. Think of him as a jack of all trades brawler that shines everywhere, but never too brightly.

  • Nazdan – The best overall DPS in the game. Nazdan is the only character in the game with potentially 2 large AoE skills. His teleport movement helps him close in on targets and make quick escapes, and the 20% lifesteal on his basic attack ensures that he’ll stay in the fight.

  • Garred – Garred has the best single target damage in the game. He’s unusual in that every skill he has is useful, but the standouts are Savage Strike, which at level 3, stuns 100% of the time for 2 turns, and Bloodbath, which does 130% to a single target (and some line AoE).

  • Eshirite – Enter your generic hero. And while his starter Fire version is exactly that, if you dig a bit deeper and you’ll find his alternate versions have true potential. Not only is he a capable damage dealer, Indomitable Will makes it incredibly difficult to finish him off.

  • Lyilis – Generic heroine, used either as an AoE DPS with her Light version or as a sniper as her Wind and Fire versions. Water and Dark’s passive boosts basic attacks by 20% for your whole team. But if you’re fully leveled, you’re rarely going to be using basic attacks.

Noticeable Natural 3 Stars

You will also want to farm the following:

  • Fairy (Support) – The fairy might seem like nothing special, but she is an awesome support. She provides +20% AoE hp/defense buff for nearby allies. She has an AoE heal. She is easy to farm and skill up. You can get her at Elven’s Border 2-1 by repeatedly farming that map.

  • Treant (Tank) – This guy is some you sent to the front lines to take damage. The biggest thing about him is his 30% hp regen per turn. Stack him with health and defense items to reduce damage taken to soak up damage vs monsters with high attack. Send him to the frontlines while your DPS units dish out damage. A great underrated unit for beginners. You can get him by farming Elven’s Border 2-2. Update: With the new update, Treants no longer dominate the PvP arena now. However, they are still very useful for PvE content.

  • Hatchling (Ranged DPS) – This dragon has % health damage, meaning it scales well in tough maps in mythic stages where enemies have a lot more health. He is also ranged and has AoE damage, which makes him perfect to be in the back line dealing % damage. You can get him from farming Titania 4-7.

  • Reptilian Warrior (Melee DPS) – His leadership skills give him some tankiness with increased 12% hp to a specific element. He has single target armor break, allowing your units to dish out more damage to one unit. His passive gives 30% defense penetration, meaning he will do more damage even if the opponent has more defense. You can farm him via Ocean Vale 3-1.

  • Monkey Elder(Support) – A great support that is overlooked due to it being slower than the fairy. That means he won’t buff right away as other units are generally faster than he is. He does give more attack/defense boost (30%). He can also heal very well. He is worth getting if you need another decent healer. He is farmable via Elven’s Border 2-8.

Now once you have assembled the 4 above, it is time to level these farmable monsters up as they are a lot easier to get to 6 stars compared to any natural 4/5 star. Most will try and get their natural 4/5 star heroes to 6 star, but farming for their materials will take way too long.

If you lack in any of the roles in DPS, Tank, Support/Heal or Ranged DPS, you can substitute any of the natural 3 star monsters mentioned above.

Top Farming Spots (Farm Gold and Crystal)

One of the best spots(fastest) to farm is definitely Heroic Ocean Vale 3-1. It has 3 monsters only and you can either get the Reptilian Warrior or Archer.

You will want to find a strong Dark Nazdan attacker (as a friend) for the fastest times. Devnia Assassin gives +20% attack to dark units. This means your friend’s Nazdan will hit like a truck. Keep in mind that you can substitute Nazdan for any other strong attacker that has an AoE. The farm time will be slightly slower though. The reason why this works well is because of Nazdan’s AoE has a huge range.

Also keep in mind:

  • 3 star monsters sell for 5 crystals
  • 4 star monsters sell for 30 crystals
  • 5 star monsters sell for 60 crystals

And for each level a 3 star monster gains, it also sells for 1 more extra crystal. So for example, a level 16/25 reptilian warrior would sell for 20 crystals. You want to level them to about 14-16 instead of max level. Since it only takes 6-7 battles in Heroic Ocean Vale 3-1 get them there. If you try to max them, it takes way too many battles and is not as efficient for farming crystals.

However, if you want garnets over crystal, then go ahead and max out the monsters before selling them.

Here is a chart of optimal farming spots for War of Crown. Made by Ginebros.

The story mode is a great place to get some decent natural 4 star units. You want to complete story mode 1 (Evon’s Song). You can get Fire Devnia Officer(30% physical attack bonus), Wind Devnia Assassin, Light Arin and Light Kalito (Tank) pretty easily with a decent 4-5 star team. Light Arin is someone you want to pay attention to.Story Mode

  • She can revive your dead allies while also getting passive regen every turn. She may not be needed for easy maps, but she will be vital for mythic difficulty and also useful for future events where monsters can 1 shot your DPS heroes. Keep her leveled and be ready to upgrade her when the time comes around.

Re-rolling For Optimal Heroes [No Brainer]

Now if the list mentioned at the start of the article was too complicated or confusing for you to decide, then read below for mine.

With the initial 300 garnets you get from the start, you get to do a multi-summon for 11 natural 3-5 star heroes. Now based on experience, you will more or less get 1 natural 5 star from it. So if you wish to re-roll if you don’t get a natural 5 star, feel free to do so. if you want to learn how re-roll works, check out this post. I suggest going after:

  • Dark/Light Nazdin – Their leader skill gives defense penetration and attack increase. They have AoE attacks and hits hard. One of the best units as a leader. Rejoice if you are able to pull him!

  • Wind Feria – Has effect accuracy leadership, invincible shielding for an ally with life leach and heal based on her attack. That means squishier targets can be fully healed. A great unit to have. (via eil1323)

Evolving and Leveling Heroes (Materials)

To upgrade your heroes, you will need to get some materials to evolve them. There are fruits and souls that you will need to collect.


You can gather fruits in various stages of the adventure map. to check out the places you can farm various fruits, check out this post here. I will post the summary below:

  • Crude Fruit(Fire) -> Normal 1-2, 1-5, 1-10
  • Crude Fruit(Water) -> Normal 1-4,  1-8
  • Crude Fruit(Wind) -> Normal 1-4
  • Crude Fruit(Light) -> Normal 1-8, 2-5, 2-7, 2-10
  • Crude Fruit(Shadow) -> Normal 1-10, 2-4, 2-10
  • Elegant Fruit (Fire) -> Normal 4-2, 4-5
  • Elegant Fruit (Water) ->Normal 3-2, 3-5, 3-10
  • Elegant Fruit (Wind) -> Normal 4-2, 4-7, 4-10
  • Elegant Fruit (Light) -> Normal 3-2, 3-3, 3-7, 3-10
  • Elegant Fruit (Shadow) -> Normal 3-7, 4-7, 4-8, 4-10
  • Radiant Fruit (Fire) ->  Heroic 1-4, 1-8
  • Radiant Fruit (Water) -> Heroic 1-5
  • Radiant Fruit (Wind) -> Heroic 1-4, 1-8, 1-10, 2-1
  • Radiant Fruit (Light) -> Heroic 1-5
  • Radiant Fruit (Shadow) ->Heroic  1-2, 1-10, 2-3


Souls can only be gotten from selling heroes to obtain crystals from the shop and doing Land of Elements in Fairy Realm.

These dungeons appear for 1 hour at specific times of the day. So far, in my time zone it is:

  • 3-4pm Pacific Time
  • 11-12am Pacific Time
  • 3am to 4am Pacfic Time

They also drop Greater Void Souls. The drop rates for those are low though. Feel free to submit the times you find for these dungeons.

As mentioned above, the other alternative is to buy standard soul of element bottles via the crystal shop. Not the best use of your crystals but it is worth it if you want to level up

You are limited to 20 per week, and it gets refereshed. Keep in mind that you get standard soul potions for each element. You can use them to either fuse or dismantle by heading to the equipment section and click on material dismantle/fuse icon.

To farm for crystals, you want to head over to Fairy Realm to fight Evonyangs. They are the level up materials you use to quickly level up your characters. It doesn’t matter which element you do. The important thing to know is that:

  • 1 and 2 star monsters sell for 1 crystal
  • 3 star monsters sell for 5 crystals
  • 4 star monsters sell for 30 crystals
  • 5 star monsters sell for 60 crystals

Each day gives you various elements:

  • Monday – Light
  • Tuesday – Fire
  • Wednesday – Water
  • Thursday – Wind
  • Friday – Dark
  • Saturday – Light/Fire/Water
  • Sunday – Shadow/Wind

This is a good way to rack up crystals quickly if you are able to do the 3rd difficulty relatively easily.

  • Standard Soul Bottle = 90 crystals
  • Dwarven Hammer = 30, 60 and 90 crystals respectively for 3, 4, 5 star versions. These are used to upgrade your weapons.

That brings us to the next section.

Upgrading Items

Now I recommend that you do not upgrade anything that is not natural 4 stars or higher. Just use base natural 3 star equipment until you get a hold of natural 4 star weapon or accessories. Upgrading a weapon costs quite a bit of gold, and can get expensive if you upgrade too many.

To farm for good weapons, you want to do wanted missions, which appear occasionally when you complete adventure maps. There are 4 areas:

  • Wolf Den
  • Keukegen Den
  • Claws of Terror
  • Stormy Peaks

Each of these areas will provide different items to farm. You can get decent 4 star equipment you can use to strengthen your hero.

I suggest you only upgrade the weapons for your best heroes. If you are running a natural 3 star team (Fairy, Reptilian Lizard, Hatchling, Treat etc.), you should still invest in the Fairy with good equipment. She is vital in healing and keeping your team buffed up. I have mine at 6 stars and she makes the DPS heroes deal some serious damage while keeping them alive at the same time autoing.

Understanding Skills and Team Building

To build a good team, you will want to prioritize certain stuff. To build a well balanced team, you will want at least 1 support. That would most likely be the fairy. As for DPS, you have plenty of options. Depending on who you pull, you will want:

  • 2 Melee DPS, 1 Ranged DPS, 1 Support -> works great for faster runs. Unless your team gets annihilated easily, this is the best for auto, especially if you have Nazdan.
  • 1 Tank, 2 DPS, 1 Support -> Slightly slower runs, but your characters die less.
  • Full DPS – Only works well if your characters can 1 shot most enemies. Doesn’t work for mythic stages unless your equipment is top notch…

Arin will also be given to you as a free character, utilize her alongside your starters Eshrite and Lylis. They are good characters to use to get you pass normal mode.

Building a Free to Play Mythic Team

4 max level 6 star tank Treants will do the job for farming mythic. The element doesn’t really matter. Since they are easily farmable on Elven’s Border 2-2, you can build this team in no time. Now I am not sure if they will nerf them soon, but have fun while it lasts! Keep in mind you also need 4 star accessories to do well in Mythic.

Note: With the buff of 4/5 star units, Treants are no longer a necessity. However, they are still useful for tanking though!

Hero Innate Stats

Credit to patootsies

Melee DPS (Nazdan, Deathmond etc.): 0% Crit Damage but Increases Crit Chance

  • 4 star: 5%
  • 5 star: 7%
  • 6 star: 10%

Ranged DPS (Lyilis, Tulkin etc.): 0% Crit Chance but Increases Crit Damage

  • 4 star: 15%
  • 5 star: 20%
  • 6 star: 25%

Assassins (Lycian, Sin etc.): Increases BOTH Crit Chance and Crit Damage

  • 4 star: 10% / 15%
  • 5 star: 12% / 20%
  • 6 star: 15% / 25%

Mages (Kalias, Eldin etc.): Def Penetration Instead of Crit Chance & Damage

  • 4 star: 10%
  • 5 star: 15%
  • 6 star: 20%

Tanks (Edgar, Kalito etc.), Supports (Arin, Feria etc.):


Welcome to the War of Crown wiki & fan page.

We will be releasing guides, and character updates regularly.