How to Reroll Fast on War of Crown (3 mins Reroll NOX)

How to Reroll Fast on War of Crown (3 mins Reroll NOX)


Before reading this guide watch the video above. This guide is to lay out all the information in the above video in a step by step format to help make it easier to understand.

How to Re-roll War of Crown on NOX

Step 1

First thing you do is leave the game to the main menu on NOX. Next you go into settings and make sure that the Root access is turned on.

Step 2

Next thing you do is head into the File Manager. Make your way into the folders in this order, “Data”, “Data”, “Gamevil”. Once inside the folder delete the file “shared_prefs”

Step 3

Once the “shared_prefs” is delete open War of Crown and you will be back at the default setup screen where you’ll need to put in a name and go through the tutorial. Skip the tutorial because you won’t need it.

Play through the first few levels up until the point where you get your first summon and ta da! If you don’t get something you like just repeat this process and keep at it until you get something good.

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