Beat Wanted Missions [3 Star Enbanu and Lycan Tutorial]

Beat Wanted Missions [3 Star Enbanu and Lycan Tutorial]

Welcome to the Wanted Mission guide! We will be going over these special missions that pop up when you complete regular adventure mode.

General Stuff

So you can’t really choose which wanted mission you want to participate it. It is completely random. Element of the boss is random too! Could be fire/water/wind/light/shadow. There are some specifics though. Mainly, you can get:

  • Normal – Only 1 star wanted missions (only gives 3/4 star accessories)
  • Heroic – Only 1 and 2 star wanted missions (mostly 4 star accessories and the occasional 5 star accessory)
  • Mythic – Mostly 2 and 3 star wanted missions (mostly 4/5 star accessories and some stellar 6 star accessories from 3 star wanted missions)

The best places to farm Wanted Missions are places you can clear fast. Heroic 3-1 is a great spot for 1/2 star missions.

For Mythic(strictly for Enbanu/Lycian) adventures, you will want to farm 4-4 if you can. Otherwise:

  • 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-7
  • 2-3, 2-7
  • 3-8

Enbanu (Tutorial)

The Enbanu is a sturdy tree that hits like a truck. He primarily have 2 attacks. The first one is a ranged hard hitting single target attack. The other is a large range AoE that hurts and will kill all your characters if you don’t have enough defense and health to survive it.

Team Setup

The key to winning here is simple:

  • Have a character be fast and have more than 260 action speed gauge
  • Bring a tank to soak up the initial single target damage (Light Arendel – who is free 5 star tank from Hero’s Song, available at level 18)
  • Farm Fire Zilean (preferable) and Dark Zilean
  • Have a high combat rating (6500+) Fire Zilean friend
  • Bring Light Kalito (no need to level him – mainly used for reducing attack power to suffer less damage)

Your main damage dealers are going to be 3 Zileans and their burns. Fire Zilean will lead with the 25% magical attack bonus for fire attackers. The key is to stack the burn damage. You will need Arendel’s defense buff with shield to survive Enbanu’s map wide AoE attack. You also need to make sure to cast Kalito’s attack power debuff on Enbanu. As long as your 3 Zilean’s survive the attack, you will be able to kill Enbanu after he uses his map wide AoE attack.

For items, you will want at least 4 star accessories:

  • Arendel -> look for action charge speed sub stats (try to get over 270+)
  • Fire/Dark Zilean -> Get as much magical attack and hp sub stats

Alternative Team (Auto)

Treant as the Tank, and the Zileans for damage. The key is to have over 260+ action charge speed for Shadow Treant(227 innate action charge speed) to make him go first. Equip him with accessories that give bonus action charge speed.

The rest of your team just needs enough damage to kill him before he launches his map wide AoE attack, which will wipe this team out if they don’t have enough damage.

Recommended Combat Rating for all = 6k+

Lycan (Tutorial)

The Lycan is a fast and hard hitting wolf. Unlike Enbanu, this guy has a company of 4 other wolves. Now, the good thing is, you just need to kill the Lycan to finish the map. You can also use the same setup as Enbanu to win.

Team Setup

Now the key to winning is to ignore the small wolves and go straight for Lycan. All your mages will need to be at least 6500+ combat rating with 5/6 star weapons and 4 star accessories.

Next up, you want to position Arendel in the center so Lycan will hit him first. Have your Fairy cast the team +20% buff and Arendel with the shield buff to all allies. Then move your Zilean’s to the high ground for bonus damage.

When Lycan is low on health, he will start using his stealth mode, making him untargettable. You can counter that by moving Arendel to a nearby small wolf and use his adjacent AoE attack to hit both the wolf and Lycan to remove his stealth.

After that, proceed to pummel Lycan with burning attacks from your Zileans. He will be down in no time.

If you don’t have enough damage, Lycan will cast an AoE attack buff that will cause the small wolves to deal a lot of damage. By then, it will be game over if you cannot kill him by then.

Focusing on the small wolves are not a great idea because Lycan can revive them after a few rounds. So do not waste your time.

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