Abyss Encounters Top 5 Cards

Abyss Encounters Top 5 Cards

Abyss Encounters

Abyss Encounters is the 10th full box in Yugioh Duel Links. It introduces the Alien and Gishki archetypes while having a heavy focus on Water attribute monsters.

The banner monster is Water Dragon Cluster. It is a powerful monster that can only be special summoned with a Bonding spell or trap. Below we’re going to go over the best 5 cards in Abyss Encounters based on their individual use and combinations with other cards.

Slate Warrior

Slate Warrior is a 4-star monster with a high attack value of 1900. Its effect is what makes it so good but also a massive drawback because of it being a flip effect.

When flipped, Slate Warrior gains 500 ATK and DEF. If it’s destroyed by battle the attacking monster loses 500 ATK and DEF.

So here’s the problem, Slate Warrior needs to survive a turn being face down before it can flip and use its effect. Slate Warrior only has 400 DEF so it’s easy to destroy him.

The key to Slate Warrior is planning ahead. Know what you’re going to do to keep him on the field for one turn before you even play the card.

Honestly, any card that delays an attack or forces another target is all you need. Have something like that and you’re looking at a 4-star monster that can have up to 2400 ATK naturally.

Archfiend Emperor, the First Lord of Horror

Archfiend Emperor, the First Lord of Horror is a powerful fiend card. Having 3000 ATK and 2000 DEF, but he can be summoned without a tribute which will half his ATK/DEf making it 1500/1000.

If you summon without a tribute, Emperor is destroyed during the end phase. There really is no benefit to normal summoning Emperor unless you’re desperate to get an attack in or have straight shot at victory cause your opponent is below 1500 life points.

Emperor works just fine tribute summoned and he is a great and powerful Archfiend monster. By himself, just having his high ATK makes him a great card but his effect makes him all the better if you’re running a full Archfiend deck.

Once per turn, you can banish 1 Archfiend monster from your hand or graveyard, then destroy 1 card on the field. This gives Emperor great field control every turn making it difficult for your opponent to keep monsters out or lay down any traps.

If you’re running Archfiends then Emperor is a must. But honestly, even if you aren’t he’s a monster with 3000 ATK so he can be used in any deck if you’re looking for a heavy hitter.

Archfiend General

Another great Archfiend card is in this box but this one is more limited than Archfiend Emperor. Archfiend General is a perfect Archfiend support card because of its first effect.

By discarding a General you can add 1 Pandemonium field spell from your deck to your hand. Pandemonium is the essential Archfiend card that pretty much ties all of the archetypes strategies together so being able to get it so easy is a massive positive.

His secondary effect is where his limit comes in. Archfiend General is destroyed if he’s on the field but Pandemonium is not.

The reason for this is him being a 4-star with 2100 ATK points. That is very high for a non-tribute monster so he has a pretty high drawback.

But the thing is, you don’t “have” to be running Archfiends to have Pandemonium or General in your deck. Really all you need are those two cards than literally anything else.

A good strategy is simply putting two generals in your deck, heck put 3 if you got them it’s a 4 star with a high attack. Then use one to discard and get Pandemonium then play down your other Generals.

From there you can play whatever strategies you normally would with your deck. All this does is add a high attack monster that requires no tribute to summon.

Damage Diet

Damage Diet is a great utility trap card with a very simple effect. When activated it halves all damage taken in the turn it was used.

Once used, you can banish it from the grave to half all effect damage done the turn it’s banished. So as a one time card it’s a pretty decent stall card if used correctly.

Typically, you want to use Damage Diet when you know you’re in a tight space and need some time to get better cards out. If you got nothing but this trap you can at least protect your life points by a little instead of taking the full force of an attack.

This trap is just a great utility for those who need to stall. Honestly, if you got the room putting two of these in a deck is not a bad idea. Just gives you two separate turns of halved damage to work with when you need it.

Mokey Mokey and Mokey Mokey SmackDown

Okay, so these two cards take the same slot because they basically require one another to be used. Mokey Mokey is a 1-star fairy type that is otherwise useless by itself.

But paired with Mokey Mokey Smackdown you are looking at a monstrous effect. When a Fairy-type monster is destroyed while a Mokey Mokey is on the field, all Mokey Mokey cards become 3000 ATK til the end of the turn.

So there are two ways you can utilize this. You can either run a deck with a lot of Fairy monsters in it or simply just put 3 Mokey Mokey cards in your deck. Here’s why.

Manage to get all 3 Mokey Mokey cards out they are gonna be destroyed by any other monster that is a given. Use Smackdown and you’re looking at 2 monsters with 3000 ATK on the field in the same turn at the same time.

That right there wins you a duel if your opponent’s field is mostly empty or they got sloppy and didn’t prepare any defenses. It can take some planning to get 3 cards this weak on the field without being destroyed but that’s what stall cards are for.

Cards like Astral Barrier or Bottomless Shifting Sand can be used to keep them alive. Honestly, BSS is probably the best trap card for this strategy really because it destroys the monster with the highest ATK at the end of the turn.

And that will never be Mokey Mokey until Smackdown is played. So with some thought put into it Mokey Mokey with Smackdown can be a major upset in a duel and really turn the game if used correctly.

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