[Top 10] Valkyrie’s Rage Cards Worthy of Spending Your Gems On

[Top 10] Valkyrie’s Rage Cards Worthy of Spending Your Gems On


Hello friends and welcome to the Top 10 Valkyrie’s Rage Cards list. This is going to go over the top 10 best cards in Valkyrie’s Rage and give some good card combinations to make them more useful. Let’s get started.


Number 10. Angel 07

Angel 07 is a high level effect monster so we’re starting off this list strong. It’s a 7 star monster with 2500 ATK and 1500 DEF.

Now it’s level and attack alone are more than enough to put it on this list but it’s here because of it’s effect. Only when Angel 07 is tribute summoned it gains this effect. The effects of Effect Monsters cannot be activated.

That effect right there is a massive over powered problem for anyone running mostly effect monster. Angel 07 can completely lock down a deck just by being summoned properly.

By removing all monster effects (yours included) it becomes a game purely based on monster attack with spell/trap support. And this is perfect if you’re running a deck with any 4 star monsters with over 1500 ATK.

Get Angel 07 out and fill your deck up with low level heavy hitters. Axe Raider, Battle Ox, Two-Headed King Rex, that’s all you need to over power with this card.


Number 9. The Unhappy Girl

The Unhappy Girl is our 9 slot and is kind of a risky card to play with out the proper support for her. She takes this place because of her useful ability.

While she’s in attack mode she cannot be destroyed by battle and any monster that attacks her cannot change their battle position or attack while The Unhappy Girl is in the field. So she can completely lock up your opponents side of the field just by being played.

The big issue is that she has low attack so even not being able to be destroyed your opponent can still get damage in, tribute their monster for another, then attack again. So you wanna eliminate any chance of damage and lock them up.

This is where Gravity Axe – Grarl and Black Pendant comes in. Equip cards are The Unhappy Girls best friend anything that raises her attack to at least 1000. From there you’re pretty much set to just stall the duel until you draw your heavy hitters and sweep.


Number 8. Tenshin

Tenshin is our number 8 and once again only on this list due to his effect. On his own he’s nothing special as a monster with his low attack and defense.

But remember the Unhappy Girl? Yeah she’s kind of the whole reason Tenshin can become a power house and is the lead runner for this strategy.

Tenshin gets a boosted 400 ATK for every 2 star on the field, that includes himself. So throw The Unhappy Girl at him, another 2 star. Actually let’s throw 2 Unhappy Girl’s at him and fill the field.

Tenshin on summon goes from 800 to 1200 ATK, then play two more 2 stars (Unhappy Girl) and that boosts him up to 2000 ATK. Having a field full of 2 stars makes Tenshin go from a useless monster to a legit power house.

And now we get to the reason for the double Unhappy Girl. Because of her effect while in attack they can’t be destroyed by battle, opponent monsters can’t change their position, or attack again afterwards.

So you lock up the field with Unhappy Girl and let Tenshin plow through everything your opponent lays down. Only real managing you have to do with this strategy is boosting your Unhappy Girls attack to save you from any unneeded damage.


Number 7. Veil of Darkness

Number 7 is Veil of Darkness and it’s only purpose is to feed one powerful monster to make them an even more powerful monster. There are other strategies that Veil of Darkness works for but the cards for it aren’t yet implemented in Duel Links yet so we’re going to focus on the one key monster. Shadow Ghoul.

Veil of Darkness is a continuous spell that makes it so ever draw phase if you draw a Dark monster you can reveal as many as you want, discard them, then draw 1 card. You can probably already tell where this is going to go.

Shadow Ghoul is a 5 star monster with 1600 ATK and an effect that gives him 100 ATK points for every monster in the graveyard. Veil of Darkness creates a power buffet for Shadow Ghoul that can make him unstoppable in attack.

Fill your deck with only Dark Attribute monsters, no others make sure they are only dark. Get Shadow Ghoul and Veil of Darkness in your hand then play them.

Once they’re both on the field just let your deck do the work for you. Draw, discard Dark monsters, draw again, increase Shadow Ghoul. The duel will be over before you even know it.


Number 6. Physical Double

Our number 6 slot is taken up by the trap card Physical Double. This card is great for creating some last minute defense or offense when you have none.

It also gives you an extra hand for summoning more powerful monsters. Physical Double basically copies one of your opponents monsters and summons a token on your side of the field but its destroyed during your end phase.

That’s just fine because it’s not going to stick around long enough to meet the End Phase. Once you activate Physical Double and get your token you’re going to use it as a method of tribute.

Make sure you already have a monster out before hand then use Physical Double. You now have 2 monsters you can tribute summon for a 7 star or higher. You’re welcome.


Number 5. White-Horned Dragon

White-Horned Dragon takes up our number 5 slot and his usefulness can honestly depend on the type of opponent you have. On his own White-Horned Dragon is a powerful monster with 2200 ATK so he’s good to have with just that but his effect really pushes him over the top.

When White-Horned Dragon is Normal or Special summoned you can pick up to 5 spell cards in your opponents grave yard, banish them, and gain 300 ATK for each one. So as you can tell this can become very helpful depending on who you’re playing.

If you wait til your opponent has a graveyard full of spells then you now have a White-Horned Dragon with a wopping 3700 ATK. Nothing is going to top that regardless of equip cards making White-Horned Dragon currently one of the highest attacks in the game due to his effect.

And what’s even better is if you use Cost Down then White-Horned Dragon becomes a 4 star that you can just play with no tribute. So not only is he easy to get out but he is a powerful monster that only gets stronger.


Number 4. B.E.S Big Core

Big Core is our number 4 and I will start by saying he is very situational but his usefulness still deserves him this spot. Big Core is a 6 star with 2300 ATK and an effect that’s pretty impressive.

When he’s summoned Big Core gets 3 counters on him. As long as he has counters on him he cannot be destroyed by battle. But every time he battles a monster he loses 1 counter and if he battles with out a counter he’s a destroyed.

So his effect gives him a good 3 turns of damage dealing before he’s taken out. But there is a way to extend this 3 turn limit.

He only loses counters when he battles a monster meaning that in 2 direct attacks he can win you the duel. So you just have to keep monsters from attacking him right?

Remember the card we just talked about? Our Number 5? White-Horned Dragon is Big Core’s best friend and the two of them work so well together.

Cost down is your friend here especially since you can have up to 3 in your deck. Get White-Horned Dragon out first and try to get at least 1 spell card in your opponents graveyard for that attack boost.

Once he’s out get Big Core out and then just plow straight through. With these two monsters out there won’t be 3 turns for Big Core to lose his counters.

Use White-Horned Dragon to take out any monsters that are summoned protecting Big Core and let Big Core be your direct attacker. You’ll win the duel within those 3 turns.


Number 3. Mirror of Yata

And now we reach our top 3 cards in Valkyrie’s Rage. These 3 cards are all based on their utility to other cards and less to being good on their own.

Mirror of Yata starts this trend by being the ultimate Spirit card support. By equipping Mirror of Yata to any spirit monster they lose their return to hand effect and if they’re destroyed by battle Mirror of Yata is destroyed instead.

This card is a must have for anyone running Spirit cards because you are free of their annoying effect that makes them so ineffective. Spirit cards are great, Mirror of Yata makes them better.

But what’s even better is it keeps your spirit monsters from being destroyed by battle. But once it’s gone you’re stuck with the horrible spirit effect. Let’s find a way around that shall we?

First off have 3 Mirror of Yata in your deck, if you’re running Spirits you’re gonna need more than just one obviously. Next is a card we’ve mentioned before on this list for another cards strategy on this list. The Unhappy Girl.

You’re not going to lose your Mirror of Yata because your Spirit monster is never going to be attacked. Play the Unhappy Girl before your Spirit monster and let her lock up the field.

Once your opponents monster is stuck in their position and can’t attack you’re free to play your Spirit and destroy that monster. Now when the next turn comes around chances are your spirit monster is going to be attacked.

There is one great defense against having your Spirit monster lose their mirror and its risky but it can pay off. Play Magical Hats, Unhappy Girl and Magical Hats is going to be your main combo.

Unhappy girl will lock the field when your opponent goes to attack. Magical Hats will shuffle your spirit monster in with two random cards from your deck and for the turn your opponent has to randomly pick which one is the monster.

Spirit cards are highly difficult to use and Mirror of Yata makes them just a little bit easier. That’s why it’s our number 3.


Number 2. Sky Scourge

Our number 2 slot is given to one of the strongest Fairy cards in Duel Links. Sky Scourge is a power house that is a major pain to actually get on the field but once its out it’s going to  hit like a train.

In order to even play Sky Scourge you have to remove 3 Light Fairy Monsters and 1 Dark Fiend monster from your graveyard to special summon her. It’s a high price to pay so Sky Scourge is really only viable in a Light/Dark or Fairy/Fiend deck.

Now Sky Scourge is on this list simply because of what it can set up with its effect. Once per turn you can remove 1 face up monster from play and on that turn Sky Scourge can’t attack.

That’s fine we don’t have Sky Scourge out to attack just there for that remove effect. Sky Scourge is going to be our wall sitting with 2400 ATK points.

Let Sky Scourge remove cards every turn and keep your opponent from attacking cause chances are they don’t have something over 2400 ATK and if they do they won’t have it out very quickly.

With Sky Scourge playing defense and removing cards you are free to let loose your army of monsters. Fill up your other 2 monster zones with any low level high attack monsters you have.

IF you’re running a light/dark or fairy/fiend deck that maybe a little difficult so any monsters with decent attacks will work. Once they’re out you’re going to focus on buffing them with equip cards.

Once you’re set up keep Sky Scourge as defense to clear your field and have your other two monsters focus on direct attacks. Once Sky Scourge is out you pretty much control the field so it shouldn’t be a problem running to victory after that.


Number 1. Soul Exchange

Our number 1 card in Valkyrie’s Rage is Soul Exchange a very simple spell card with a helpful effect. There really is no ultimate strategy for this card to make it number 1 but it takes the spot because of how universally useful it is in any deck.

Doesn’t matter what kind of deck you run whether it’s a attribute theme, monster type theme, archetype, doesn’t matter. Soul Exchange is still going to be utilized effectively.

Soul Exchange effects allows you to tribute 1 of your opponents monsters on the field along with one of yours to summon a monster from your hand. So you’re basically able to summon a 7 star or higher monster by giving up only one of your monsters instead of two.

Only down side is you can’t conduct your battle phase the turn Soul Exchange is used. But honestly that’s an extremely low price to pay for being able to clear a monster from your opponents field and play a power house from your hand.

Soul Exchange is one of the most universal cards there is much like Monster Reborn. It can be used for any deck and strategy and that’s what makes it number 1.

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