Blades of Spirit Card Pack Guide

Blades of Spirit Card Pack Guide


Blades of Spirits

Blades of Spirits is the 8th mini box to be released in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links. The cards it contains focus heavily on the Six Samurai and Harpie Dancer deck builds.

Aside from those two specific decks, Blades of Spirits is full of different monster cards that work very well with some other cards that have already been released. There are a few Elemental Hero cards in this mini box along with some Hazy Flame cards.

In this guide, we’ll go over some of the better cards in this Mini Box and what makes them stand out. We’ll focus on the cards that are the best for strategies, combo plays, or overall good uses.

Great Shogun Shien

Great Shogun Shien is a high priority card for the Six-Samurai and works best with any deck surrounding that archetype. With its effect, it can be special summoned from your hand if you have 2 or more Six-Samurai monsters out.

This makes it very easy to get this powerful monster on the field. Especially since Six-Samurai cards are easy to get out in multiples at a time due to their own effects.

So right off the bat, Great Shogun Shien has a high chance to be summoned early on but what really makes him devastating is his secondary effect. If Great Shogun Shien would be destroyed you can destroy a face-up Six-Samurai monster instead.

This essentially makes Shien an indestructible card if you’re running a full Six-Samurai deck. As long as you keep playing Six-Samurai monsters on the field you can keep Shien out indefinitely

That secondary effect makes him an extreme force to be reckoned with and one of the best cards in this Mini Box. There are so many different card combos and strategies you can do with him too but unlike a lot of cards, Shien is really one you can straight brute force your way with.

Elemental Hero Neos Knight

Elemental Hero Neos Knight is a fusion monster between Elemental Hero Neos and any Warrior-type monster. The fusion requirements for this card make it easy to summon by having the second requirement be literally any Warrior monster.

What makes this card devastating is its effect regarding the Warrior monster used in the summoning. It gains half the attack of the Warrior monster adding it to the base 2500 ATK points.

So planning out the fusion beforehand, you could use a Warrior monster with a high attack point value like Gilford the Lightning and add 1400 ATK points to the base 2500 ATK giving Neos Knight a total of 3900 ATK.

Now the big drawback of Neos Knight is its secondary effect. It can attack twice per battle phase and that sounds awesome, but if it attacks or is attacked your opponent takes no battle damage.

So Neos Knight is not a damage dealer what so ever but with its potential high attack and double attack per battle phase it is a field clearer. Neos Knight is able to keep your opponents field empty by destroying any monster they play.

By doing so you can summon other monsters to deal the damage for you while Neos Knight keeps the field empty for damage to be dealt. That’s his main function and what makes him so good is his ability to keep your opponents field empty.

Neo-Spacian Dark Panther

Neo-Spacian Dark Panther is typically best used when paired up with other Neo-Spacian cards, especially Elemental Hero Neos. But Dark Panther does have other uses when dealing with its effect.

Once per turn, Dark Panther can choose one face-up monster your opponent controls and its name and effect become that of the selected monster. This effect is what makes Dark Panther useful all depending on the kind of cards your opponent has.

If your opponent has a monster listed on a fusion card you have, Dark Panther can take the place of one of the required monsters for that Fusion. It can also copy cards like Cybernetic Cyclopean giving it an extra 1000 ATK when your hand is empty or Sorcerer of Dark Magic to obtain his effect to negate the activation of trap cards.

Dark Panther is nothing but utility when it comes to use and it’s 100% situational but there is always a place for it to be used. He works best in Neo-Spacian themed decks, but there is a place for Dark Panther in any deck if used correctly.

Copy Knight and Temple of Minds Eye

Copy Knight is a trap card that really only works if your running Warriors in your deck. But if you are it is a must have because of how useful it is.

When a Warrior monster is summoned you can activate Copy Knight to create a token with the same name and level as the summoned monster. It has 0 Attack and Defense and that can be seen as an issue, but for strategy sake, it really doesn’t matter.

Copy Knight is basically an instant reinforcement card for Warrior decks. Copy Knight is basically a free normal summon letting you technically summon two monsters in one turn.

So it’s a great set up to get out your stronger Warrior monsters the next turn especially when paired with other traps to keep Copy Knight on the field long enough. It’s really good for Gilford the Lightning whose effect destroys all monsters on your opponents field when tributed with 3 cards.

So using Copy knight when summoning a Warrior while already having 1 other card on the field gives an immediate 3 monsters to use. It’s just a good trap card for setting up tributes or throwing outa defense when in desperate need.

Next to Copy Knight is Temple of Minds Eye. These are the two most useful trap and spell cards in this Mini Box, at least on an opinion basis.

Copy Knight is great for setting up defense whereas Temple of the Minds Eye is great for regulating damage. It makes all battle damage 1000 from any card dealt.

Which means no matter what the difference between monsters ATK the battle damage is always 1000. Which basically means destroy four monsters and you’ve won outright.

Temple of the Minds Eye makes for a great set up when dealing with opponent monsters. And Copy Knight helps with the added defense and summoning set up.

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