Card Trader List: Ranking and Review

Card Trader List: Ranking and Review


This article will be about the most important cards that can be acquired in the Card Trader right now. All the cards will have a ranking according to its value for PvP and PvE. For each card you will find an explanation why it has that ranking and how to use that card, that way you can see where you can spend your hard earned gold for the decks that you have in mind or your farming needs.


  • SS-Ranking Tier


Card Name//Rarity

Rating Explanation

Riryoku [UR]

Mostly used in farm decks to reach the 10,000 damage points duel assessment score. It can be also used in beatdown decks like Dino Deck, so you won’t have to fear if the opponent has a Mirror Wall and you will also deal a lot of damage. Two copies of this card would be enough for any farm deck and one copy for pvp beatdown decks.

Mythical Beast Cerberus [SR]

Used in farming decks, you can achieve a high damage boost thanks that this card attack raises for any spell card used in the game. This card and Riryoku are used together to farm level 40 legendary duelist like Yami Yugi or Rex Raptor for example. Two copies of this card would be enough for a farming deck.


  • S-Ranking Tier


Card Name//Rarity Rating Explanation

Kaibaman [UR]

This card Kaibaman has strong synergy with Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Blue Dragon Summoner, so it can be used in Last Gamble decks until you are able to use Joey’s skill and special summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon from your hand.

With backrow help like Enemy Controller and Champion’s Vigilance, this card allows you to create a strong PvP deck mostly F2P friendly.


Gravekeeper’s Oracle [SR]

One of the strongest cards in the current meta in a Gravekeeper’s Deck. It’s effect that can be special summoned only tributing one “Gravekeeper’s” card makes it versatile and combined to it’s other effects to reduce by 2000 the opponent’s monster cards or to destroy all the face down monster cards in the opponent’s side, makes it a must have card if you plan to make a Gravekeepers Deck.

Has high synergy with Gravekeeper’s Chief and can be in your hand from the deck with the Gravekeeper’s Recruiter effect.


Thunder Dragon [SR]

It can be used to thin your deck with its effect to add the other Thunder Dragon cards in your deck to your hand for the cost of tributing one in your hand. It can help to use it as tribute to ritual summon Relinquished, as fodder to use Keith Switcheroo skill, to destroy a minion that has a Mask of the Accursed or to avoid a 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom effect.

It’s also used in auto duel Twin Fusion Dragons deck. Just remember that you need 3 copies of this card to fully use it’s effect.


  • A-Ranking Tier


Card Name//Rarity Rating Explanation

Embodiment of Apophis [UR]

While it is a trap card, its effect is that can be activated and sent to the monsters row with decent stats for a defense position. Can be used as tribute fodder or due that this card is treated as a normal monster, can be used along Order to Charge to destroy an opponent monster or with White Elephant’s Gift to thin the deck.

Used in decks like Bluff Trap, Chain Reaction, Venus Shine Balls and beatdown decks.


Twin-Barrel Dragon [UR]

While it has good attack stats, its effect can change a game allowing it to destroy a card if the two coins land in heads. But this card shines in a Joey’s Luck on Your Side deck, allowing you to destroy any of the opponent’s cards without the luck factor. Can be also used in Machine decks and also it’s a good card for autoduel in low stage levels.

Delta the Magnet Warrior [UR]

If you were some of the few lucky ones to have Magnet Warriors drops, this cards can boost your deck a lot allowing you to send 1 “Magnet Warrior” from your deck to the graveyard when it’s summoned. Also, if it’s sent to the Graveyard, you can discard 3 “Magnet Warriors” from your Graveyard and Special Summon Valkyrion the Magna Warrior.

Can be used in Last Gamble decks or Switcheroo/Restart decks. Helps to thin the deck and to summon Valkyrion on the field if you don’t have the 3 different “Magnet Warriors” needed to summon it.

Blue Dragon Summoner [SR]

Used in decks like Blue-Eyes Kaibaman, Two Fusion Dragons, Dark Magician, etc; Helps to thin your deck while also bringing to your hand Dragon, Spellcaster or Warrior monster cards from your deck.

Helps to stall in Last Gamble decks and improve your chances to special summon Desert Twister for example or to have Blue-Eyes White Dragon in hand along with Kaibaman before using the skill. Those are strong competitive decks and it’s recommended to have 3 copies of this card.

Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon [SR]

Often included in beatdowns decks that run the Thunder Dragon cards. Can be an early threat for the opponent thanks to Thunder Dragon effect. It was included in Dino Decks and had a decent winrate. Now it’s mostly used for auto duel decks in higher stage levels.

Polymerization [SR]

This card is needed for all the decks that runs fusion monsters. Now there is Fusion Substitute from Chaos Compliance box but this one is still the one that everyone uses and that doesn’t need gems to acquire it.


  • B-Ranking Tier


Card Name//Rarity Rating Explanation

Hammer Shark [SR]

It has good damage and with help of the  Umi field spell card, can boost its attack to 1900. Its effect can help to use it along level 3 or lower water monsters to special summon them.

It could be a problem to lower its level due that can be stealed by the card Possessed Dark Soul, also this card effect can only special summons monsters from your hand and not from your deck. Good addition to Mako water decks.

Bazoo the Soul-Eater [SR]

This card can be used in beatdown decks due its effect that can boost its damage up to 2,500 by banishing monster from your graveyard, this card gains 300 per banished monster up to 3 per turn, also its effect last until the end of your opponent’s turn. The only downside is that can be easily countered by any card that changes its battle position like Enemy Controller or Windstorm of Etaqua.

Guardian Statue [R]

A good card that is often included in Clowns decks. If it’s allowed to be for more than one turn in the field, when flip summoned it can return 1 monster from the opponent monster field to its hand and then you can flip it down if you want to use its effect in the next turn.
This card was used also to farm Pegasus when its event was still running.

Lucky Iron Axe [R]

Great card for beatdown decks. Also if it’s destroyed by a card effect while its face-up, you draw 1 card. Can be helpful against Harpies decks, Wild Tornado+Storm combo or any removal card.

While boost the damage of your monster card, it does nothing if the monster equipped with it is destroyed, so maybe it won’t see so much use in PvP but can help in PvE.


  • C-Ranking Tier


Card Name//Rarity Rating Explanation

Wonder Wand [SR]

It can be used to boost your spellcasters monsters and also to thin your deck. Best combo would be using Blue Dragon Summoner to look after another card and get 2 from the deck. This mechanic was used in the Exodia event to look for the Exodia cards faster while also drawing more cards.

Flash Assailant [SR]

Can have 2000 attack easily thanks to Duel Links speed duels. To always keep that damage you need to run more spell/trap cards than monsters and it could be a problem if the opponent destroy this card. Often used along Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight.

Victory Viper XX03 [R]

If this card destroys a monster, it can boost its damage by 400 or spawn a token with the same stats as this card. Often used with Power Capsule and support cards to activate its effects.

If you were able to spawn tokens, can help to summon 1 tribute summon monsters such as Machine King or B.E.S Big Core. The downside is that has low attack stats and to activate its effects, you needs to destroy a monster with this card.


  • Honorable Mentions


Card Name//Rarity Rating Explanation

Card Trader [SR]

With this spell card you can make your own Switcheroo skill in your spell/trap card row. The downside of this card is that can be easily removed if you expect to use it long term in the duel, it takes one space from your backrow and can only be used in your Standby Phase.

Cyber-Stein [R]

A card that can be a problem for anyone that isn’t prepared when its effect to special summon monsters from the extra deck is activated. The downside is that you need to pay 5000 life points to use its effect.

That’s not a problem in Duel Links thanks to the characters skills like Tea Gardner Life Cost 0. The problem is that you need to be with 1000 life points or less to activate the skill and if this card is destroyed before activating its effect, you have no other way to win the duel unless your opponent doesn’t attack you.

Jar of Greed [R]

This card helps to thin your deck and it’s also used in Odion Chain Reaction decks. Not to much to say about this card but sometimes can draw that card that you need to win the duel. Also can be set in the field to make the opponent think that is another spell/trap card.


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