Paradox Brothers

In the show, Para and Dox were hired by Maximillion Pegasus to work as Eliminators at the Duelist Kingdom tournament. The two dueled as a team against Yugi and Joey, using their Labyrinth Wall to constant change the field. It was the first tag team Duel in the anime/manga.

The Brothers where defeated when Yugi fuses his Summoned Skull with Joey’s Red-Eyes B. Dragon with Polymerization to form Black Skull Dragon.

Paradox Brothers Yu Gi Oh

Paradox Brothers Skills

As you level up Paradox Brothers in Yu Gi Oh Duel Links, new skills will be available. See Level up rewards for Paradox Brothers.

Level Up Rewards

As you level up Paradox Brothers in Yu Gi Oh Duel Links, you will receive rewards. Here we show what rewards you recieve at each level.

Level 210 × Gems
Level 3Card : Invigoration
Level 4Skill : Elements Unite!
Level 5New Deck Slot
Level 615 × Gems
Level 7Card : Remove Trap
Level 8New Deck Slot
Level 925 × Gems
Level 10Card : Labyrinth Wall
Level 11Card : Magical Labyrinth
Level 1235 × Gems
Level 13Skill : Restart
Level 14Card : Wall Shadow
Level 1550 × Gems
Level 16Card : De-Spell
Level 1760 × Gems
Level 18Card : Magical Labyrinth
Level 1975 × Gems
Level 20Skill : Thunder, Water, and Wind
Level 21Card : Wall Shadow
Level 22100 × Gems
Level 23Card : Magical Labyrinth
Level 24120 × Gems
Level 25Card : Wall Shadow
Level 26150 × Gems
Level 27New Deck Slot
Level 28200 × Gems
Level 29250 × Gems
Level 30300 × Gems
Level 31100000 × Gold
Level 32200 × Gems
Level 33Card : Labyrinth Wall
Level 34250 × Gems
Level 35Card : Monster Gate
Level 361 × Jewels
Level 37200 × Gems
Level 38Card : Ante
Level 39200 × Gems
Level 40Card : Lost Guardian

Duel Drops

In Yu Gi Oh Duel Links, when you duel Paradox Brothers, you have the chance of getting drops. Paradox Brothers must be at a certain level for certain drops to occur.

Can drop between level 30 and 50

card drop
Labyrinth Wall
card drop
Labyrinth Tank
card drop
DNA Checkup
card drop
Damage Gate
card drop
Dimension Gate
card drop
Extra Gate

Starter Deck

The starter deck contains relatively average cards to help you learn dueling and learn about the basic mechanics of Yu Gi Oh Duel Links.

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