Yami Marik

Yami Marik, is Marik Ishtar’s second personality created by his own inner hatred and pain. In the show, he serves as the main antagonist of the Battle City Finals arc after Odion falls into a coma, triggering his possession of Marik’s body.

His signature card is Lava Golem, a 3000 ATK monster with a 1000 LP burn effect that need to be Special Summoner on enemy’s side of the field by tributing 2 monsters they control.

Yami Marik Yu Gi Oh

Yami Marik Skills

As you level up Yami Marik in Yu Gi Oh Duel Links, new skills will be available. See Level up rewards for Yami Marik.

LP Boost γ

Increases starting Life Points by 2500, reduces hand by 2 cards.

How to Get: Level 13, also obtained by Seto Kaiba while dueling Level 30 Rex in Duel Gate

Draw Sense: DARK

Can be used each time your Life Points decrase by 1500. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random DARK ( LIGHT, WIND, EARTH, FIRE, or WATER )-attribute monster.

How to Get: Yami Bakura level 13

Right Back at You

Can be used in the Main Phase of your next turn following the turn in which you took battle damage. Select 1 face-up monster on your field. This turn, the selected monster's ATK increases by half of the battle damage received in the turn you last took battle damage. This skill can only be used once per turn.

How to Get: Yami Marik Level 20 Reward

Shadow Game

At the end of their respective turn, each player will lose LP equal to "100" times the number of cards in their own graveyard.

How to Get: Yami Marik Drop Reward

Level Up Rewards

As you level up Yami Marik in Yu Gi Oh Duel Links, you will receive rewards. Here we show what rewards you recieve at each level.

Level 215 × Gems
Level 3Card : Dark Energy
Level 4Skill : LP Boost γ
Level 5New Deck Slot
Level 615 × Gems
Level 7Card : Viser Des
Level 8New Deck Slot
Level 925 × Gems
Level 10Card : Relieve Monster
Level 11Card : Mask of Weakness
Level 1235 × Gems
Level 13Skill : Draw Sense: DARK
Level 14Card : Bowganian
Level 1550 × Gems
Level 16Card : Coffin Seller
Level 1760 × Gems
Level 18Card : Mask of Weakness
Level 1975 × Gems
Level 20Skill : Right Back at You
Level 21Card : Hidden Soldiers
Level 22100 × Gems
Level 23Card : Drillago
Level 24100 × Gems
Level 25Card : Masked Beast Des Gardius
Level 26150 × Gems
Level 27New Deck Slot
Level 28200 × Gems
Level 29250 × Gems
Level 30300 × Gems
Level 31100000 × Gold
Level 32200 × Gems
Level 33Card : Revival Jam
Level 34250 × Gems
Level 35Card : Legendary Fiend
Level 361 × Jewels
Level 37200 × Gems
Level 38Card : Lord Poison
Level 39250 × Gems
Level 40Card : Helpoemer

Duel Drops

In Yu Gi Oh Duel Links, when you duel Yami Marik, you have the chance of getting drops. Yami Marik must be at a certain level for certain drops to occur.

Can drop between level 30 and 40

card drop
Revival Jam
card drop
Masked Beast Des Gardius
card drop
Gil Garth
card drop
Dark Jeroid
card drop
Byser Shock

Starter Deck

The starter deck contains relatively average cards to help you learn dueling and learn about the basic mechanics of Yu Gi Oh Duel Links.

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