Blue-Eyes Synchro-Control Swarm

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Use this deck with Arkana and the   A Trick Up the Sleeve skill.

Uses Arkana's skill to always have Cosmo Brain for Azure-Eyes synchro summon on turn 1.

Main Deck

Protector with Eyes of Blue Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
3 1R

Protector with Eyes of Blue

Bingo Machine, Go!!! Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
2 R

Bingo Machine, Go!!!



A decent starting hand would consist of:

1. Any normal monster card preferably *Dragon Spirit of White*. NOTE: You can get Dragon Spirit of White from Bingo Machine, Go!

2. Any lvl 1 tuner, preferably The *White Stone of Legend*

3. Cosmo Brain (from Arkana's skill.)

Turn 1 start:

1. Dump Spirit of White to the Grave to Summon Cosmo Brain. If you don't have DSoW, activate Bingo Machine, Go! to get one from the deck.

2. Activate Cosmo's effect to send itself to the Graveyard and special summon Blue-Eyes from the Deck to the field.

3. Normal Summon White Stone of Legend.

4. Synchro Summon into Azure-Eyes in Defence position

5. Activate White Stone of Legend's effect to get 1 Blue-Eyes from the deck to the hand.

6. Set whatever tech cards you have for your match-up.

Next turn, during standby Phase, activate Azure's effect to special summon Dragon Spirit of White from the the GY and banish 1 backrow on the field.

If Spirit of White get's targetted by an effect, activate its own effect and special summon the Blue-Eyes you got from White Stone of Legend's effect.

For the tech cards:

Wall of D is a staple, Floodgate is good against Fur Hires and Masked Heroes and most of the meta.

Cosmic Cyclone isnt needed as you have a free banish from Dragon Spirit of White, but Cosmic Cyclone can still be tech'd in against Amazoness.

You can remove 1 Silver's cry and 1 Ancient Rules for these tech cards. Additionally, if you opt to put 2 Floodgates + 1 Wall of D, you can remove TTH.

Only run 2 Silver's cry because it often bricks when its run at 3. You don't need Silver's cry at all to do your turn 1 combo.

You can run Bingo Machine, Go! at 3, but remember that in drawn out games, this card will be useless as you will have most of your Blue-Eyes already in your hard or GY.