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Use this deck with Yami Yugi and the   Destiny Draw skill.

This is my ultimate dragon deck to stall and summon as much powerful monsters as you can

Main Deck

Extra Deck


To use this deck , what you have to see in your hand, is if you have any monster (expect kaibaman and blue eyes) summon it. Then try to level up armed dragon or get blue-eyes to get on the field. I could get five-headed dragon so that's your ultimate goal. Try to get blue-eyes ultimate dragon on the field. Use dimensionhole to save your weak armed dragon and use destiny draw to get level up. If you have level up , take damage to try and get blue-eyes as well as armed dragon. Take away 1 armed dragon ( 3,5,7 and 10) off the deck and try to get metalmorphosis and enchanted javelin and/or golden apples. You can use kaiser sea horse as a stall card as well as blue dragon summoner. If your luck is terrible, and you can't do anything to much, Take away 1 kaibaman. You can use mountain (field spell) to boost your monsters attack. I recommend adding a slifer sky dragon . If your a pro i'm going to make a better deck. THIS IS FOR BEGONNERS.